World Cup: Earth Defender

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So I was seeing these soccer kick up games that were getting really nice scores, and my quirky soccer sidescroller with a nice particle and physics system wasn't doing too hot. Not bad, mind you, but I spent three days on it - which is more time than it takes to make a kick-up game. In fact, I have kick up in my other game's menu (somewhat hidden)... So I made this in several hours with speed-programming: a kickup game. Well, more like kick-out... 'cause I decided I didn't want to have JUST another kickup game, I wanted something slightly original. So here it is: World Cup Earth Defender! Have fun!

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super funny game

the most no subject soccerball earth game i hav ever played also super funny

fun game

craftycraftsmen calm down this game isnt dissing soccer and the reason third world countries are so good at it is because it only costs a ball and 2 fence posts to play, and americans like to play soccer to... wen were 6 years old, then we play challenging sports like basketball, baseball , track and field, hockey, competitive swimming, football, ect. and we only the deep south still whaches nass car and the fact that your in eighth grade getting mad about how the earths population doesnt work the same way it does in this flash game, and if you thought it was so bad why would you rate it an 8 and its european not "we uropes" as you put it and if you live in america your not european your american dumbass


OK, that was weird.

It's good

It was pretty good.

get the fuck off my planet!!!

subject sez it all

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3.90 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2006
1:47 AM EDT
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