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Newground Quiz

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Author Comments

This is the fixed version of the first one. Will respond to all reviews as usual. Say what I can do to make it better in reviews.


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pretty good

now thats some classic quiz that i just took

Questions about questions here...

I'd say you've got a few errors in the questions themselves, which I'll illustrate below:

1. Technically liljim is a moderator, since he's an admin, which allows moderator privalages.
2. Stamper's BBS colour is pink. It says so in the FAQ, because Stamper can do whatever he wants.

It's a good quiz and I like the fact that if you do get a question wrong, you don't have to trawl all the way through the previous questions, you've set a cutoff at every 5 questions.

I'm not too keen on the background, especially the white in the middle of the picture,as it did hide some of the answers from me. The music is a nice piece and it sounds good quality, although I never listen to that kind of stuff myself.

Are you planning on making a second quiz? If so, PM me and I can help you with some old skool questions.

HomerDough responds:


Very informative.

Well, i know quite a bit of answers to the questions, but there were also quite a few i didn't know. it was good because i learned some intresting facts if i got a wrong answer, and i also like how there was checkpoints so if i got a wrong answer, i wouldn't have to start from the VERY first.

The backgrounds were also nice, and the music is also pretty cool.
There was no real reward however, i found the link pretty amusing!
Great work!

HomerDough responds:

lol Thanks

Okay quiz but needs some improvements

[Graphics]- Some of the background colors were good at times, other times they got in the way with the text. The text at the top was interesting looking, but it doesn't have a Newgrounds feel to it. I think your idea of changing the back ground on each different question is a good idea because users could get bored looking at the same one. However I think the background colors should be solid overall.

[Questions]- The questions in this were pretty decent but some were just plain obvious, and some were not so obvious. Questions like "What movie had review crew pick on June 3, 2006" are just plain ridiculous. But you did start out with easy questions then as the questions went up so did the level of difficulty. I think you should have added some questions that are derived specifically from the newground FAQ and history of NG.

[Entertainment Value]- I found this quite boring. Mainly because the reward wasn't really a reward. Nothing to look forward to if you successfully finish the quiz. Next time add an actual award. I found some of the questions to be funny. Thats probably the only entertaining thing about this.

[Sound]- Music went well with this quiz. I think ParagonX9 is getting a little bit overused though. You also had an "on" and "off" button to this, which is a plus.

[Overall]- This quiz is pretty mediocre. There no real reward at the end, which basically gives you nothing to look forward to at the end. You should also add some more tracks to your next quiz. Add some backgrounds that don't interfere with the question text. Add some more questions that are relevant to the NG FAQ and Newground history. Maybe add some more BBS questions too. Overall very mediocre but with improvements it could be a well rounded quiz.

~Review Request Club~

HomerDough responds:

I was gonna make another quiz that'll be much better but it would just be a nuisance with everything.

Overall, good review and thnx

ions, but ove

+++ Cool tune.

+++ Some cool questions. I liked the one about the first daily feature and Tom's height (though the latter was too early).

--- Time-specific questions are annoying. The one that asked what was #1 when you made this. How should we know? It's of no lasting importance, even if you consider NG 'important'.
Also, I disliked the Yuyu/Littlefoot one as sometimes the correct answer changes (and I doubt it'll change in the quiz).

----- I really dislike quizzes that send us back after a mistake. Seriously. Learn variables. Keep track of our score and display throughout. Type 'correct/wrong' after each question depending on our answer. Maybe give a comment. Then we can mebbe run through it 2 or 3 times if we so desire to get it all right.

--- The checkpoint idea wasn't too obvious. You should maybe have had a message pop up, saying 'incorrect answer - sending you back to the previous checkpoint' or whatever. And have a checkpoint icon maybe pop up when we passed the checkpoint question.

-- poor design. The various fonts don't really sit comfortably together. Buttons are an ugly flat colour when beside those bgs. Doesn't go. Kinda too garish.

+++ I liked all the different bgs you had. How did you make them?

Some good questions, but overall sub-par. You could make a good quiz with a bit more effort.

HomerDough responds:

Great review. Thanks a lot I'll fix that

Credits & Info

2.76 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2006
12:18 AM EDT