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Chuck Attack!

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Any game that has Chuck Norris in it is automatically the greatest game EVER! Now you can play as Chuck Norris and destroy black ninjas.

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ok when will they make

when will they make a game thats like the real chuck norris like come on this chuck can DIE wat the hell sorry man ima gonna have to give a low review

Pretty terrible game

Extremely bad. The controls, and everything were awful.


Yet, things to improve:
More abilitys, some of your average kicks, punches, etc. and harder moves, i recommend some of these:
Roundhouse Kick
Finger Gun "Chuck Norris can take out a german fighter plane by pointing his finger and yelling Bang!
Auto Kill.

There ya go. Hope that helps.

Pretty awesome

It was a great game for the most part but i think as the levels get harder instead of just making them faster they couldve been harder to kill or something, and more types of attacks depending on where they are or something, and he moves a little slow.

nice game

teh only thing is that the front kick is too slow. and there was a huge flaw: Chuck Norris cannot be defeated lol