Dailytoon #215

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Jeb is a ruthless slave owner in the pre-Civil War South. His short temper, coupled with his long whip, make life a living hell for his slaves. Lately, however, Jeb has been much more gentle. He has been eagerly anticipating the birth of his first child. Little does he know, he is about to have the shock of his life.

This heart wrenching tale is brought to you by F00D and the Star Syndicate. Compared to other dailytoons, this flash has a much more somber and serious tone. I hope you enjoy this refreshing change of pace.

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One of the best DT's so far, for this season that is. It was graphically good and the ending was just hilarious. Good job on getting RCP.


P.S.- I wonder if I should make a "Review Crew Chaos 2" after reading AshfordGivens' and PsychoSonic69's reviews. :o

TheStarSyndicate responds:

lmao did you know the day this flash was released marks the one year anniversary of review crew chaos?

i dont get it

i dont really understand... was it supposed to be funny.
I felt bad for the black guy.
I didnt learn anything from that movie. I already knew that being a slave sucks. I already knew not to mess with other people's wives.
Can you give me a reason for this movie?
It was upsetting to watch, majorly cause i didnt see a reason for it.
Please Answer my question seriously
Sincerly Narae
BTW i gave it a 5 just in case i missed something

TheStarSyndicate responds:

the first part was supposed to trick you into thinking this was a serious flash, and it was a veiled parody on overly dramatic slavery movies (Glory). Then the picture at the end was my way of lightening the mood with a picture of my good friend Jeff and his favorite song!!!!


I am too lazy to watch it right now so i am going to vote a 10 for overall and 5 for... urgh...whatever, Its 5am here 3:27am here =/


Christ wow thats ALOT of toons... you have too much spare time on your hands... you should worry about that =/ j/k ^^

TheStarSyndicate responds:

lmao nah not really, dailytoons have hundreds of contributors. it isnt hard to scrape together toons, except TODAY WHEN SOMEBODY FORGOT TO SUBMIT ONE


oh my gosh first i was all oh! it kuntakinta all over again but then bam! hahahaha dont get me worng im not moking my own kind,but that was hella funny!!!!

TheStarSyndicate responds:

why thank you

only one word could justify that.

wow......... (ending was a good way of lightening the mood ure right)

TheStarSyndicate responds:


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3.67 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2006
7:07 PM EDT
  • Review Crew Pick July 19, 2006