Dailytoon #215

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Jeb is a ruthless slave owner in the pre-Civil War South. His short temper, coupled with his long whip, make life a living hell for his slaves. Lately, however, Jeb has been much more gentle. He has been eagerly anticipating the birth of his first child. Little does he know, he is about to have the shock of his life.

This heart wrenching tale is brought to you by F00D and the Star Syndicate. Compared to other dailytoons, this flash has a much more somber and serious tone. I hope you enjoy this refreshing change of pace.

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I really don't get the ending. Well, the image at the end. This was actually very nicely animated. I'm glad you depicted this realistically. Well, I'd think a plantation owner would want more slaves. Then again, he would want to be the father.

I was confused as how only TheStarSyndicate was credited. It really was just one author! I'm glad I didn't have to watch a bunch of movies. This vaguely reminds me of JeremyLokken. That's a cute baby.

it would have been more realistic if...

if you made it so that he kills the slave if that where to happen in real life he would have killed the slave the wife and the baby not just whip the slave i see the genre is drama not really much of a drama if you know whats going to happen at the end in the begginning but aside from all of that good animation and decent gaphics.

well done!

I really enjoyed this toon. I thought the name Jeb for a farmer was a good idea and Tthe story line wasnt half bad. Keep up the good work because I will be expecting more from you guys.

hey mambo

wonderful daily toon f00d. i love how you named the farmer jeb. some good graphics, of course. a wonderful story, told by the great f00d. that baby was pretty dark for a mixed baby :P so take that jeb, how you love that baby that's not yours huh? some nice detail put into jim's back. i enjoyed listening to the voices, and imagining you doing them (mainly the black woman). j00bie at the end was the greatest grand finale i have ever seen, and a swell crab too.

good work f00d, congrats on getting another portal award :)

There was only one funny part.

That nig(g)er got what was coming.

It made the flash.

j00bie shouldn't steal the spotlight from a slave being whipped.

TheStarSyndicate responds:


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Jul 15, 2006
7:07 PM EDT
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