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Scripting – sugggames
Animation – snare
Snare: In this game you defend against green rioters who are trying to take down your stadium,
Create units with the buttons in game by using the keyboard or mouse,
HOLD CTRL TO SHOW HEALTH. Free spawning units come every now and then, but otherwise earn points by killing enemies, hold off for as long as you can and unlock all the rioters!
Wait a while to let the game get going,
This was pretty rushed but enjoy

Sugggames: Instructions are ingame, dont be discouraged if you dont do well at first, it takes a bit of luck as well.


Can you answer one thing?

What was the bouncing ball doing there? Also great game. I just wish they waited a little less to attack. Somtimes it's boring waiting to watch them stand

I like to be nice in reviews but...

I'm sorry. This game is just garbage. You say you need some luck but that is hardly fair. I've seen a single green take out about ten of my guys and I'm stuck with nothing left to defend. It's just completely pointless.

Fix it so the blue guys attack more often then maybe luck will play a part rather than be the overall decider of how well you will do because at the moment you need almost a million-to-one chance to survive for any decent amount of time.

Good, but....

The your units barely ever attack the enemy. I had guys with chairs, and they were able to kill my guys with the standard guy because noone on my team would fight back.


Teh panic button does not work....


I dunno whether I was doing something wrong but my guys refused to attack, they just stood there and got killed. Is there a button I have to press to make them attack or something?

Sugggames responds:

its luck man, you cant complain that your one guy isnt atacking enough, there sno challenge if there isnt a bit of chance. i reccomemd spawning multiple units.

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3.71 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2006
3:26 PM EDT
Strategy - Other