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Scripting – sugggames
Animation – snare
Snare: In this game you defend against green rioters who are trying to take down your stadium,
Create units with the buttons in game by using the keyboard or mouse,
HOLD CTRL TO SHOW HEALTH. Free spawning units come every now and then, but otherwise earn points by killing enemies, hold off for as long as you can and unlock all the rioters!
Wait a while to let the game get going,
This was pretty rushed but enjoy

Sugggames: Instructions are ingame, dont be discouraged if you dont do well at first, it takes a bit of luck as well.


Needs work

Could be an awesome game exacept for that fact that the blue guys dont attack. It takes the 6 seconds or so to throw a punch, for all of them. The rioters, the knife guys, pip dudes, e.t.c. The green guys throw about 3 hits in by the time you throw one!

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i loved it so many people to use to KILL
nice soccer ball thing

just sometimes the guys didnt attack..

fun style

great game

you can tell it was rushed a bit, but that doesnt take away the fact that alot of work was obviously put into it, i see alot of people complaining that they cant do it, or that thigns stop working, its strange how things that work perfectly for the majority seem to malfunction for a select few. And the fact that alot of these people cannot even understand that. It's not that complicated of a game, build units quickly and outnumber your enemy enough that your chances of attack are increased, and you can deal damage quickly.

soccor ball was a cool addition, it could have had soemthing to do with gameplay though.

I also like how the cars balance it out, if your doing too well. It keeps it from being a constant mob of 30 blues destroying the greens.

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Kinda like that one game that actually played well

Well this is the way I saw it, this game took no skill, no planning, and like you said it looked rushed. I noticed, after a lil while the player side wouldn't attack anymore after 45 secs. Which kinda kills the entire point of playin this game, I tried it 3 times, and the blue side would just stand idle while the green side would just roll over all the blue. More numbers better attackers, doesn't matter if they don't do a damn thing. So in all, this game blows, better luck releasing a hentai quiz game.

Sugggames responds:

Me and several test players have reached far past 300 seconds on our first tries.



The graphics and style were pretty good in this game, and the music wasn't bad, either.


The people took a lot of tiem to attack; maybe a faster reaction time would be nice. Also, as the alst reviewer mentioned, why was the bouncing ball there, and maybe make the game have multiple difficulty modes...?


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3.71 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2006
3:26 PM EDT
Strategy - Other