Deities Requiem - Ep2

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Animator & Writer: IceSage
Co-Writer: Cat42

This is the 2nd episode of Deities Requiem. Much better than the first. 2 Commentaries were made, and are on the website. The series should eventually progress better over time.


suck the animated series

you were right about that the voiceof cat42 which cannot be copyrighted cuz you would be able to get rich on suing people needs work the vocal lacked the story if u wanna call it that moved to slow while the only action was the typing on a keybard that beingsaid the art wasnt so bad and i would like to see more from you

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IceSage responds:

There's 2 additional episodes already up on Newgrounds. Which are much better than this I can assure you. (Although be it, not by much.)

I'm curious to know how "Cat42" can not be copyrighted. People use names in shows all the time and so far I haven't been sued because of my actual name being used in thousands of television series and movies. Did you know technically by law you're not allowed to make toast because it's protected by the US Patent Office? It's 100% true, you can research this.

Like said, I have 2 more episodes currently available on Newgrounds if you check my profile. I'm also working on a Holiday Episode which was suppose to be released on Christmas 2006... Yet, it's been half a year now and I'm only halfway through it. However, it's going to come out sometime very soon, probably within the end of this week, so keep an eye out on my now currently dead website, listed in my profile.

I hope you continue to watch this series and become interested in it, as I hope to progress it someday into something actually tolerable to the human eyes and ears.

If you have any questions feel free to send me a message or contact me on AIM.


Use a damn mic, fix the opening (pan is too damn long) and beat the bastard who does the voice of cat42 until he can voice act. He's ruining my good name.

IceSage responds:

Unfortunatly your name was never good to begin with, so I can't help you with that one.

Anyway, Mr... err... 2. Fourty? Mr.. uh... Well, Cat42...

You're lucky you're not getting sued. Cat42 is property of me, and Sean C. Davis. Mostly Sean C. Davis. Man, that Sean C. Davis guy, he sure is awesome! Unlike you, you pathetic worthless copyright stealing loser!

Anyway, time to go watch a flash animation. No no, not Lobster Man, I meant something GOOD!


Hey, this is getting better from the last episode. Still need to work on sound. I could barely understand what the old man was saying.

IceSage responds:

My microphone doesn't take too kindly to the muffling sounds of Grandpa. Grandpa sucks anyway so it's really not important what jibberish spews out of his mouth.

Thanks for your reviews!


For some reason the first one didnt work... but you said it wasnt good anyways. I got a chuckle outta the whole grow two inches spam mail thing.=P Not to bad.. I think you should add a BG music playing lightly.. it will muffle out the not-so-good vocal quality. My Mic does the same thing, bleh.

IceSage responds:

I sent you a PM earlier because I couldn't reply to reviews, it answers your question about why you couldn't see the first one. BG music was playing during the "Grandpa" sequence, and look how THAT turned out... O_o

Anyway, I recorded these on a built-in monitor mic, and for this second episode, edited the sound to become somewhat decent. Sean, the guy who voices "Cat42" uses a professional microphone, but I butchered the sound in the first version. (In this one, it should be fine.)

Thank you for your review!

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3.36 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2006
4:18 AM EDT
Comedy - Original