Deities Requiem - Ep1

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Animator & Writer: IceSage
Co-Writer: Cat42

This is the first episode of a webtoon called "Deities Requiem." The animation is based off a HORRIBLE black and white comic once hosted on "Keenspace" now called "Comicgen."
This episode, being the first, is also the worst of them all.

Also, I've seen a lot of submissions with stick figures and crap saying "This is my first flash movie" trying to make an excuse for why it's so crappy and composed of stick figures with no actionscript or even a preloader. Let me say, that THIS is my first flash movie, which goes to say that "This is my first flash movie" is not a valid excuse for having stickfigures set to white backgrounds.


that made me rofl



Good graphics and sound, and a very good sense of humour hopefully this won't get blammed.

Keep up the great work. :)

IceSage responds:

Thanks. If you thought this one was good, watch the 2nd ep. The 2nd episode is much better than this. If you have trouble finding it in the portal somehow, you can always go to the website. (Which also has some commentaries recently added on ep2.)

Thanks for the review! Take care!

Not too bad.

Problems -
1. The volume for each character was off, i had to keep turning up/down my speakers everytime someone spoke >.<

IceSage responds:

I apologize for that. I've fixed it in later episodes, and will continue to optimize the sound, but I kept this one intact for... posterity... err, or something. I think that's the word... Uhhh.. yeah. Plus I'm lazy. But not TOO lazy for I created something better than stick-figures, and I'm rather proud of that!

Thanks for your review, Kuoke.

pretty good

was quite funny :) loved the ending, graphics wernt all that but was still pretty good.

hehe, not bad

You need to work on the voices, but this had some good stuff in it.

IceSage responds:

Yep! Worked on the horrible sound, and I shall continue to! Thank you for your review!

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3.18 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2006
3:43 AM EDT
Comedy - Original