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'The Name Game Trailer'

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This is a pretty good story line when my friend chris and i thought of it i do like it and i hope you will like it its about a guy who calls people names and in the process they turn into what he calls them but what happens if he uses it too much????

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k i have a prob

i dont get a screen, all i see is blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank.
i dont know y but it is, it used 2, now it dosent. maybe it was a program i dont know, can u get another program or somethin. Oh by the way im givin u an 8 because it must be good.

Quite excellent!

I really can't wait for the movie. It looks awesome. Add some music, and it gets a ten. If the movie is as funny as the trailer then it could be as funny as Klay World: Off the Table. But I am DYING for the new CSI: Murder in Claymania short!

ClayWay responds:

teh CSI:Murder In Claymania Short ive started and will be finished soon.and as for the movie we don't even know if its going to come out july 2007.

not bad

i think this series has some promise, your plot and humor look to set, but perhaps some more work on your visual styles, mainly your having a brightly lit area, because it looks to dingy, and some stylised background props would look a lot nicer than household items
anyway, i'm looking forward to 2007 lol

ClayWay responds:

we don't even know about 2007...could be in november but july is the latest.

A couple of things.

1.) You are so totally ripping off Knox with the blue clay guys who have no faces. Come up with your own style of clay. One thats better than faceless blobs. There's people making clay movies 100 times better than what Knox does. Or at least use a different color of clay. Maybe give them some eyeballs. ANYTHING!

2.) Your flash-running movie player there was nice. But hoooooooo DOGGY the video quality was low! I realize you dont want a big file size, but this sucker's just a little over 1 meg. You could probably up the quality of the video quite a bit in flash and not go over the 5mb portal limit.

Other than that, woo for you.

ClayWay responds:

you so true about the quality but for some reason my max is 2mb

Hilarious But.........

Downright hilarious jokes and storyline but for the love of god please don't do this movie in claymation. if you cant't draw or animate in flash find someone who can because your movie will not be half as good with the weird play doh guys.

ClayWay responds:

thanks for the rating and but its not play doh its actual clay
its just the quality i had to set it down to decrease my filesize