Mobile Weapon Episode 1

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This version is outdated, completed version here:
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/362199

In the world of Sios, people pilot large armoured mechs called MAWs (Mobile Adpative Weapons). Discover secrets and brave the dangers of Acero Isle in this first episode of an epic online adventure RPG.

This is a sequel to the popular Mobile Weapon: Zero.

Visit www.mobileweapon.net for updates and the full version (with more weapons, items, areas and characters) soon.

This version is still in BETA, but will be updated gradually.

Known issues:
- The game ends after getting Calisto. Will be updated later.



At least the graphics were allright, and even when my computer sucks, they rolled pretty neatly on it.

But everything else was plain crap. The gameplay was so boring that I think my brain suffered some major damage. Trying to move around by clicking was downright comical: sometimes it moved where I wanted, but before that I had to click the destination so many times. And usually the guy stopped on anything that was on its path, making my blood boil. Moving around using keyboard wasn't any better either: why couldn't have you made it north-east-south-west-like? Oh, sure, now it looks like Habbo Hotel, if that's what you wanted.

The difficulty was the real pain in the ass. The flying ring thingies were yawning, but when the horrible rust plate thingies showed up, I had to use all my repair kits and still I almost lost.

And I think there was something wrong with the code too: when I levelled up and spent all my points to reflex, it went way worse.

i know you could do better

i know this could be better i think that the first weapon you guys out there should get is double gun very powerful and i'm sorry that i have to say this it sucked sorry man and i completed it

It certainly is a beta

Nice concept. It'd be good if it actually worked. Come back with a working edition.


Worst rpg I ever played.

Sounds interesting

It sounds like a good game. The only problem is, I can't play it.

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4.01 / 5.00

Jul 14, 2006
4:35 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG