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it's a music clip i made for Nurit ,my perent's friend.
the song is in hebrew ,so just listen to the music and enjoy the animetion.

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This flash was pretty good length, and the graphics and style were pretty good, too. The sound was pretty good, and I liked the first 'play' button. You had a 'replay' buttno, too, which is a good thing.


Some of the animation got a little repetive, like in the guitar solo and when the fish was slamming against the glass. Also, mabye add a pre-loader, and have a music break...? Oh, and maybe you could improve mouth movements / graphics a little more...?


very good

nice gob, good to hear hebrew on newgrounds. not much chane of theis gettin blammed.

shaoolon responds:

well its nice to see some hebrew on newgrounds ass well. toda al habat datch!

Sababa shel sirton

nice job, nice hearing hebrew on newgrounds and especially in a movie who's not gonna get blamed
nice movie and nice music

shaoolon responds:

well its nice to see some hebrew on newgrounds ass well. toda al habat datch!

Not bad Not bad...

What did you use to create the graphics? it looks like you used something simplistic like MSFT Paint or something like that. If you did, you did well of a great job at it.

Some of the animation like the guitar player made it obvious of its loops you had him animated in; there can be mixed opinions about that.

Lastly I felt the fish hook and the fish in the end was a little confusing in its purpose - when he ignored the hook and swam up towards the man fishing; was he gonna kick his ass or something?

Oh well, out of the many simplistic and dumb reviews you may get, i hope you will take mine in consideration.

And after all of my comments, I want you to know you did a good job :) this is definetely a non-blam flash.


Make more movies, you obviously have more talent than the majority of the people that submit shit to the portal.