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The 10 Second Collab

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****DAILY FEATURE and FRONT PAGE?! thank you, to all that got us here!!! And thanks to the rest of you for watching and voting on our movie!!****

Artists on the NG BBS were put up to the challenge to create a skit or funny movie that lasted only 10 seconds. 9 artists responded, and with their creativity and ability, we bring you the 10 Second Collab.

Artists included are:

Me (-Evan-)

[Questions, Comments, Or anything else that you dont want to leave in a review? Feel free to PM!]

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lol i loved the last one that was epic lol


5 years old and still is funny as hell.


Almost everyone made me laugh!!

not very good.

The only one i found funny was the Sonic and Tails one... which is pretty sad.
Plus some of them pasted the 10 second mark, which is also sad.
sorry man, 4/10 2/5

It wasn't that funny

I think frankly that my favourite part of this whole collab is the spy music. Some bits of animations weren't that bad but overall it really wasn't that funny.