Cat and Hamster

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<<update>> thank you very much for all the comments! some people either loved it or hated it. i thought that was very interesting, haha. after reading over everyone's comments, i fixed some bugs that were frequently pointed out to me. here are some of the things that were improved:

1. a preloader-- which is absolutely essential
2. the frame rate is quicker-- the animation smoother. this also makes the animation shorter (less boring, as some put it, haha)

thanks again for the helpful comments. let me know if you feel this was an improvement.

--my first flash animation. please leave anything constructive.


Good job!

Well, I think this is really good for your first shot! You have a unique style and I like it. I loved the way the cat looks, just super cool. I really didn't like the hampster, but I guess that was kinda the point, so good job!

The sound was pretty bad, static and stuff just didn't sound very good.

I think it moved a little slow and was kind of boring and predictable. As soon as it opened and the hampster came out I was looking at the shovel and thinking; "Okay, so when does the cat bash his brains in?" Maybe I was being a little too critical and the humor just took its time getting to me because about 2 or 3 minutes later I kind of chuckled to myself thinking "So does the cat always bring a shovel along in case something happens to piss him off?"

So good job on your first cartoon, overall I liked it just needs a better story but you were probably more worried about the animation than the story for your first one. I eagerly await more of your toons!


I've known this girl for a few years and I know her art is great. She's made me laugh on numerous accounts and I think I got most of the humor in this cartoon.

I honestly didn't think of what was going to happen...but enjoyed the pool of blood.

For your next cartoon, I suggest "Dr. Silky goes to the Disco." Will there be love?! Will he get jiggy with it!? WHO KNOWS!


^^Good Points^^
Hey, this isn't that bad at all. The best part about it is the graphics. The drawings are pretty average, but the animations are very detailed, and similar to the way human would do things, right down to it. Very good animations, I am quite impressed. I wouldn't mind seeing some more episodes with these characters.

^^Needs Improving^^
It's just a little uneventful to me. There is only one major event and really no minor events at all captured in this movie.

Didn't really like it.

I didn't really like this, a bit boring for me. Some things got me an awkward laugh, but thats all. The graphics weren't spectacular either.


Nicely done. I loved how the shovel was so conveniently placed. Very nice animation and the story was short and sweet. The movie itself was really predictable because the shovel was in plain sight, but it was still funny. I think the pool of blood at the end really did it for me. Anywho, nice work and I hope to see more from these two in the future. Cheers.

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3.23 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2006
8:12 PM EDT
Comedy - Original