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Bbqbeef Goes Deaf

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If you had to lose one sense, which one would it be? BBQBeefburgerman chose Hearing at first, so therefore the movie!

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wow this was weird but i can't say i liked it you should try making it make more sense as well as work on yuor graphics which were pretty bad :(


Threw me a blank.

I didn't really understand it and i didn't get a laugh from it either but the music was catchy yet that is really all i can say good about this BBQ-Man flash. =(


^^Good Points^^
Interesting storyline. It gave you a lot of options of what to make out of the storyline. The graphics were the best part of this. I liked the text box you chose, and the drawings were pretty fair. Not bad music either.

^^Needs Improving^^
I was quite disappointed with this movie. BBQBeef going deaf has to be one of the better ideas for a movie that I've heard of, yet you did nothing with it. Your character came up to his window, shouted some mean things at him then left. I was totally surprised that that was the end, and very disappointed at the same time.

Great Idea Though Of

That was pretty stupid, but it had a good idea to it. You could have added a little more to his deafness, like make his house go on fire, and since no one could hear he would probably meet his fry ancestors or something, I don't know I'm just adding stuff. Anyways great job.

l1fty responds:

i'm an engineer


I like it you did a good job on the anamation and the graphics kicked ass

l1fty responds:

Thanks good man