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Basically, I think this should be sent into space to advertise Earth for the aliens.

Right right. This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time.

I made this on a very lonesome Sunday afternoon, unsure as I made it what it would become. It's basically a lot of clips of random stuff happening. If you've never seen a real person die on camera and don't want to start now, I wouldn't click "PLAY". There, I warned you, so no bitching about that.

Special Thanks to Ogrish.com, Yahoo video search, Limewire (god bless you), and other places I forget. God I must have broken so many copyright agreements submitting this.



with a little better defination this is a perfect represention of earth.


Yep, this sums up Earth all right, well the bad points anyway. It'd certainly scare off the wussy aliens.


^^Good Points^^
I love Korn, so I gave the sound a ten. I really was interested from the beginning of this film. The text you chose kind of set the mood. But once the movie actually started...

^^Needs Improving^^
Congrats, you can go around the web and find many different clips showing why you think earth is a terrible place. Seriously, I feel like I'm on ebaumsworld right now seeing this. It has no point, it's not funny, not entertaining, I hated it.

triplustwo responds:

Oh awesome! A review from the creator of 'VG Quiz 01: BofII'. Man I feel so humbled right now. Strange that two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT people would make the same ebaum reference, considering they're both COMPLETELY DIFFERENT people. Suppose it reminds you how small (and crappy) the world is, that two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT people can think on such similar wavelengths.


the video quality was all over the place, but the audio was good quality, thats the only good thing i can say

triplustwo responds:

Yarbles. Great big yarblockos to you.

i cant believe wot im seeing

this is very ameteur i dont understand why you would attempt something with that kind of story line firstly its not interesting and secondly actually there is no secondly, theres is a pathetically thou yes it pathetically failed in a bid 2 take sum votes off me

soz i wud quit while ur ahead

triplustwo responds:

What are you, Dutch? Learn English dipshit. Oh god you must enjoy primary school, bullying the other "socially challenged" children.

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2.36 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2006
4:09 AM EDT
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