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Arskagarf TT 2

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Author Comments

Don't leave abusive reviews, my whistle level is high enough. I respond to them all anyway.

Parts by-
Italian Block
Water Block
Acorn Block

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I loved it. God I wish I made my part >:(

P.S. ItalianBlock your paert had good music :3

Arskagarf responds:

You still have to explain why you couldn't do anything.


^^Good Points^^
I'm really quite surprised at the 1.60 score this submission has. It's surprisingly better than most movies I've seen with that score! Block haters I suppose... Anyway, I thought Italian's part was rather humorous, it was my favorite. Arskagarf's part was pretty funny as well, as was water's part. Acorn's part was pretty well done as well, nice animations! Overall, another good TT from Arskagarf.

^^Needs Improving^^
Unlike most of the stuff from you guys, the menu really isn't that impressive graphically, which was the most disappointing part about this TT. Overall, very nice job though.

Arskagarf responds:

I'm glad you liked it. Italian did have a point though. I've joined so many groups, I'm what you'd call a whore. You're right about the menu too, it did need a bit of work.

It's odd, but…

It seems you make these kinds of flash to play the victim,you LIKE the attention you get from all this. Boo hoo, don't criticize me...


Arskagarf responds:

No, I made this flash because I am a member of the Block Band.

Also, Voting Power: 1.45 votes

3 for 3 seconds

*gives signal to allow you to rip on my noobness*

Honestly... What was the point of all that? i see an intro and 4 rather short clips.. TT? i take it that means Time Trial... (all i did was click on latest submission before reading the name) maybe if you put what exactly the time trial was for the reviews and ratings might be better.

unfortunately without knowing the rules for this particular TT theres nothing more i can say

Arskagarf responds:

You've made more sense than half the people that reviewed this. For that, I salute you.


As far as these strange (and in my opinion, pointless) menus with multiple tiny clips scync'd to music, this one isnt that bad, at least in a relative sense. One point I would like to make is that there really is enough of these "shape in the middle of random and objects/fruits gangs." If your group designations are that un-original the expectations for your flashes are already in the blam level.

I found your response to the last viewer abusive, and although I do hate people who talk in all caps as much as the next guy, insulting "Ultimate Destiny" is out of line. Although music videos may not require as much creative thought as say, a more artistically or comedically designed video, UD is well animated and the effort is obvious. I cannot say as much for this flash.

To summize my points: Clock/W.E ripoffs, auto blam...
3 seconds poorly animated movies within a movie, auto blam
Just some food for thought.... Best wishes to ye, hope to see some more flashes down the line.

Arskagarf responds:

Hey guess what, >:U

Somebody has to show those guys they can't leave abusive reviews. Also, nobody cares about your views on -ock groups. Atleast you weren't "LOLOMG WTF J00 CLAWKS R LIEK TEH GHEY" so I thank you for that.

Credits & Info

2.91 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2006
1:11 AM EDT