Anarchy Face 19: Souless

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Finally the greatest flash animated character has returned. Due to consistant Demand from fans worldwide the entire team has worked hard after the success of the Anarchy Face Game and brought you the newest finest Anarchy Face Since God created mother earth.


Why DID this survive so long?

Just terrible...

I believe in Anarchy!

Anarchy is NOT violence! Anarchy is to live without rules and rulership! To live free and do whatever you want! Anarchy is Freedom! its still a good movie.


I've got a big ass Anarchy symbol in black all over my left shoulder. I know what Anarchy is, I believe in it. Sadly, the ideal these days has been used by punk rock bitches to use it as a symbol for mindless violence.

Still, good vid, thought provoking. Nior Anger Man, or Psycosis Man would have been a better title as this has nothing to do with Anarchy.

Keep on doing your thing man, don't let anyone tell you what you can and can't do. That, my friend, is the true, sole spirit of Anarchy.


bad. just very bad. also next time don't have such a horrible intro. it seemed to drag on forever.

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Destroya responds:

If this Animation you speak of is so bad why did it survive the newgrounds portal....I guess this must mean....


The intro annoyed me... I could have been working on my own flash.

Come to think of it, I could make an entire flash animation during your intro. It almost seemed like an excuse to play that whole song.

A. Because you actually think people would like to listen to it.
Or B. Because you don't know how to edit sound. So you worked around it by draging things on.

Lots of panning etc.... I draw with a mouse to, but the drawings seemed to jaggy. You your brush with the smoothing at 30 to 50% It works great.

I would like to be a dick and put 0, But it was ok at best.

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Destroya responds:

The whole song? You twat.

Anarchy Faces Hates you!

Shadeprint: Ooooh, you got flamed!
Enyx: Served!

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3.02 / 5.00

Jul 12, 2006
3:41 PM EDT
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