(old)Mega Zelby RPG 4

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*I would suggest watching the other parts before this one!*
*If you notice the sounds begginning to go off a bit for some odd reason try pausing then playing the movie*

Alright, well this is the fourth part of the Mega Zelby series. It starts to explain the storyline a little but the huge part of the story will be explained on Mega Zelby 5 so look forwards to that. I hope to have atleast 20 episodes of this series. So enjoy and please leave a review. I may not respond to them all but I always make sure to read them.


Ok- but not really good

Not really good, but ok.

But when is coming a next part ?

I think not.

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this is amazing!

this is ''rpg'' but tell me where the mega zelby rpg
so is coming soon well tell what year when come?
and date too?

not bad

wheres the mega zelby 5 its already 4 years!!! please tell me

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dont want this

figured i find someone whos had enough passion to make a story out of several charaters like earthworm jim
but all u have to do is fight ? wtf

it gets annoying during the fights aswell since it takes to long to get on with the story
and when u think your done and the sotry goes on u have to fight again ? come on u can do beter then that

no fighting

why there is no fighting i wanna kick some bad guys butt

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Jul 12, 2006
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