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Phoenix Wright zero pt.1

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Author Comments

EDIT 20 June 2008!!!
Hi everyone. Sorry that I haven't been able to respond to any of you, I don't logg in here so much. Anyway, due to actions in the real world outside my controll I don't think a second part will come. I hope you all understand :)
PS: My english has become much better now ^^

WARNING: Bad sound quality.
WARNING: Spoilers.

Uppdate 1: To everybody. I know there is alot of grammar errors in this movie and I am really sorry for that. My english is really bad :(

I will go through the movie and try to fix the errors as fast as I can. Promise :)

Yay, my first flash on NewGrounds and also my first sprite flash ever. Here is a sprite movie based on the game "Phoenix Wright".
In the game you are a defense laywer that have to prove that your client is innocent. And to do that you must pressent evidence and catch witnesses lying. Really fun. Your enemy is the prosecutioner Miles Edgeworth who is doing everything, even illegal stuff, to get your client found guilty. Real bad.
In this movie there's a story I have made up myslef with some of the characters from the game. Who is the killer this time???
Plese visit my site on DeviantArt too:
Hope you like thie movie and please comment :)

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If Mr. Butz cut the fruit with the same knife, his fingerprints would have a reason to be on the knife! I'm smrt!

Not bad at all

This is ur first flash? It's really good, and yes there are a few hicups regarding to image and sound quality, but the story and the script to it is really well thought out, and u obviously know what ur doing.

If it wern'tfor the bad quality, I would have though that u had been doing this for ages! Good job!

Oh, and if the real Phoenix Wright game can get that close, when the Judge was about to find Larry guilty, then 1. It must be an insainly difficult game to play, and 2. It would be a really good challange!

Thx for making this, as I wanna get Phoenix Wright on my DS even more now! X)


I'm thinking of becoming a lawyer and this is a PERFECT example. I know you said there won't be a second one, but please make one none-the-less. I think I have it figured out though. The fingerprints got on the knife by Larry cutting the fruit. they also said that Frank came out of the right bathroom. However, they didn't specify which direction of view it was. So I've come to three conclusions. One, Larry is guilty, two, Frank is the murderer, or three, while everyone was gone, Cindy commit suicide. Case closed your Honor. And you too Mr. Egdeworth.

Review Time...


But, according to the evidence, your movie, created on the date of 07/12/08, was nearly perfect...too perfect. So, in order to prevent your enemies from becoming jealous, you stabbed Mr. Grammar in the back! In fact, I have proof! These are your fingerprints on the words "prof" and "papper", which should've been "proof" and "paper". Thought you'd get away with the misspellage like everyone ELSE on the internet, eh?

pretty sure

im pretty sure tht april did it because the cloth is pinkish purple,and because i doubt she commited suicide.and the knife they say has hes prints on it.its from cutting the fruit.

Credits & Info

3.68 / 5.00

Jul 12, 2006
2:46 PM EDT