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Dailytoon #212

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happy birthday PJ

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Silly but entertaining.

I found these to be funny and silly, and some good use of the flash, you should add abit more clips besides just the two, but it was funny and made me laugha bit, nice job.

Funny and silly.


oh hay der sam

ah, sam, a belated happy birthday to you my dear friend. i liked the zombie milk, that scene was pretty trippy, and i liked the music that accompanied it, as we fly through the tunnel, with a spinning man in the front. how do you do it sam, oh how! the first movie was a little long with that same loop, but i decided to watch it all the way through, heh. (good golly that was long!) the second toon touched me deeply, as the richard nixon sun set, and a baloon floats off in the scenery. the music was quite tranquil. as soon as i began crying at the loss of the richard nixon sun, the moon came to make everything better, and that put the smile back on my face. im not sure if it was quite over, but i let it sit for a while. hopefully i didn't miss anything exciting afterwards ;)



I guess the menu was pretty good, and the font you chose was pretty good, too (for the style of the movie)...


Both parts of this movie were exceptionally boring. I ended up closing the widnow off on the first one and watching he second one. This flash could use some improving.


It wasn't that great as usual.

But since it is Sams Birthday and this is dailytoons I'll let you off with a 10. And I'll vote 5! Aren't I sweet? :)

Happy Birthday PJ, although I don't know you.

The music in this flash is pretty weird but good. The beginning menu music sounded all stacky and fuzzy. I like the Randomness in this flash, very weird and creative. The first clip, Movie One was very weird. The spelling was damn and the randomness was pretty Random. The second clip, Movie Two, was slow and the birds looks like arrows. I really like the Randomness in this flash. Overall, this flash was Decent. Decent Work! Responses are gladly appreciated. :)


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