!! UNCLE FUCKA !! (fixed)

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ok im fucking sick of it!! if you dont like my video then FINE. just go blow a monkey. you dont need to give so many reasons of why you dont like my video.. i mean shit. like i read some guy named kurts. kurt wrote "blah blah i dont like it blah blah i fuck men blah blah BLAH!!!" HE IS SUCH A DICK. THERE IM DONE SO IF YOU DONT LIKE MY VIDEOS THEN _______________FUCK YOU !!!!!_____________________________________________A P.S.A. MADE BY YOURS TRULY DAVID



uncle fucker sooooooooooooooooo absolutly rocks..............
loving it

unca f*cka

*clap* *clap* Clap*


First off, learn how to spell, please. I believe my 3 year old cousin can spell better than you. Second off, my dog has crapped better submissions than this. Your animation was horrible, if you can call it that, and I don't know what you were trying to do with the lip syncing, but you failed. Don't get me wrong, I know about the SouthPark Canadian design. I'm not ignorant. I also know that they didn't say a sentence when their mouth rises only once. This review summed up in one sentence : You suck. No, I'm not a flash artist, but I don't make crappy submissions and submit them for the hell of it. Until you actually start making quality flashes, don't submit anything else. K? Good.


*Lookin' @ thiz klown* u should be ashamed of ur-self!!!


Why are all your flashes rated "all ages"? Honest to god, you're going to get complaints from parents very soon! Do you not understand the rating system? Are you just too lazy to give it the rating it deserves? What's up with that? All your flashes should be rated M for Mature! Why? All your songs are Mature! Seriously, there's a guy out there who has less swearing in his flashes, andhe rates them T for Teen. Why? He understands the rating system instead of being an asshole! So, instead of letting parents criticize you, change your ratings before it's too late.

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3.15 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2000
12:30 PM EDT
Music Video