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!! UNCLE FUCKA !! (fixed)

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ok im fucking sick of it!! if you dont like my video then FINE. just go blow a monkey. you dont need to give so many reasons of why you dont like my video.. i mean shit. like i read some guy named kurts. kurt wrote "blah blah i dont like it blah blah i fuck men blah blah BLAH!!!" HE IS SUCH A DICK. THERE IM DONE SO IF YOU DONT LIKE MY VIDEOS THEN _______________FUCK YOU !!!!!_____________________________________________A P.S.A. MADE BY YOURS TRULY DAVID

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you have killed my love for that song.

with that disterbing artwork (damn.)


It looks exactly the same as the first version, and in your authors comment's you say you don't want to here what people have to say but if that is the case, why would you post your work to a public place like Newgrounds, the purpose of which is to get your stuff seen by people, if you don't want them to be able to see it, then you should just delete it, so only you can see it and rate yourself.

all audiences!?

nuh! dont think a 4 year old can watch this...

It was half way decent .

Ok i really like the song uncle fucker and your video almost ruined it for me. Some advice is DON'T MAKE IT SUITIBLE FOR ALL and the animation was not even half way ok. really sorry.