Shooting People For Fun 2

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Here it is! 3 months of hard work!

Also check out the new Shooting People Dressup:

to those of you who asked: The deathcount was 35 including the preloader guy and the helipilot.

enjoy it!

11/17/2001: Work on ShootingPeopleForFun 3 started a few weeks ago and progress is fast.



If I was going make a violent animation, I would at least make a half assed attempt at good graphics. Why this is rated as a top portal movie is beyond me.




Here you are making a cartoon a full eleven days after the attack. And your patriotism is still with you? I pity you, and those like you. For instance: read below this and see the other reviews. People are no longer grading on quality here. If it's a pro America message, then it will get on the top ten. This all makes me ill. The events were horrible. The attack on America was a tragedy. But it has done nothing but bring our minds together in one though "America is Rad!" But you people don't understand. It's not. Be proud of America. Be scared of this clown we call president and his cabinet. They are going to get us in a whole lot of trouble. War on no one. Bombing innocents, etc. We are not united. Do you know your neighbor? It truly is Divided we fall. WE were divided on 9/10/01 and we were divided on 9/12/01. Everyone is just too afraid to speak what's on their mind.

So now I'll climb off my soapbox. But first... I have a simple plea. Please, Please, PLEASE go back to making cartoons about violence, turds, stupid comedy or rad action. Forget about the tribute to america bullshit. You do that, and your just capitulating the message the government wants you to hear. PLEASE! Think for yourselves. Thank you.

CartoonCrackpot responds:

What are you talking about? I started this 3 months ago! It had nothing, NOTHING to do with the WTC! I'm tired of WTC movies in the portal. And i'm not American, i'm DANISH!
This WAS a movie about violence! Not a tribute! Did you even see the movie? Stop wasting my review space with this dribble!

Dismally Mediocre

Well, that was stupid. I mean I like messed -up stuff to some degree. But that was sick and evil. Not funny in the slightest. And I was suspicious at the likeness to the WTC...

The animation and sfx were surprisingly good (the movie's only good point) but the artwork was laughablely crude. Bottom line:

Don't quit yer day job pal...

CartoonCrackpot responds:

what are you talking about? the WTC incident was two planes that crashed into two building causing it to collapse, this was a guy running around shooting people...not everything with tall buildings is about 9/11.


You missed 2 people and you threw 1 out of a window and used a rocket launcher on 2 people... THOSE ARENT GUNS... Almost a 10... youll get there... dont worry

CartoonCrackpot responds:

You're right, i should've called it "shooting and throwing and bazookaing some but not all people for fun"

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3.86 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2001
5:15 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature September 23, 2001