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Animation Tutorial 6

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I've been sitting on this tutorial for a while and I know I have already done character design but I wanted to go more in depth on the subject.

I hope this is appriciated.

( NOTE: I realize the music is messed up... The Main file is corrupt and will not let me fix the problem, sorry.)



Help is always good

I wanted to get into flash, but after reading this, i think it may be too hard... but I will try... thanks for the tips

Informative and helpful

I just bought a new Wacom Tablet that I've only been using for photoshop and opencanvas, but now that I saw this I thought that I should start flash again. Thanks!


dude you realy helped me. not by making me realize that i dont need graphics tablets, but reminding me they exsist. i had completly forgotten about them, and now that you reminded me i will buy one right away! (runs out the door gets a graphic tablet and start drawing like crazy) I know that now i was not sopouse to need any tablets, since that tuturial should have teatched me about drawing with the mouse but the problem is that i suck at mouse drawing and there are no malls in my town. anyway thanks for reminding me.

Great tutorial

A must for budding flash artists out there, this really provides an excellent insight into drawing and animating (in flash), especially for newbies.

Awesome Job!

Your animation style is awesome, I love your character design, that's really all I needed help with, and going to the mall is a great idea to get some basic shapes down.

Whenever you do your next tutorial, please put FBF movement in there, showing how to realistically move the characters.

I loved it, great job, you helped many people. :D

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Jul 11, 2006
12:16 AM EDT