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The turtle insanity is back and with a new guest, Blockhead.
Blockhead voiced and animated by mike swain

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Great graphics

Everything reminds me so much of Ren and Stimpy's style of graphics. Even the screeches and fog horn. But MOST of the jokes were nothing more than potty humor and the constant cursing took away from it. I did like some of the gags, the opening with Mikey painting on his back like the real Michaelangelo and comparing his hands. Even the 6 pack of beer abs were cool, but the not walking and hammer joke, the pizza on the wall and other jokes were just plain stupid. You have a lot of talent. With better voice acting and some decent gags, you could have a top 100 flash. While I love TMNT, the gags and voice acting were very poor. Maybe try cursing a little less and use a little less randomness and you'll get a much higher rating.



I don't understand how people can say that this flash was terrible. It was really good, well yes maybe the voice acting was bad but the whole thing was really good. I'm givin' it a 4 and screw all others that think this is shit.


It takes a certain skill to present something completely and utterly random and retain some measure of humor throughout. It requires timing, great gags (usually aimed at pop culture or something along those lines), and of course, a great execution. Sadly, this film lacked all of that, and tried to get a cheap laugh using ridiculous (though stangely good) animation and twisting our nostalgia of a show we all grew up on. Frankly, it was just very bad.

I found it interesting that you threw a warning at the beginning of the film to try and keep people like me from complaing about this stuff. It's like you anticipated viewers with half a brain would be able to figure out that this film isn't very good at all. Your target audience sure gave you the response you wanted, though. And I suppose I should be happy for you. Still, since this is on front page, I thought it would be good. Sadly, not even the legendary Blockhead could save it for me.

Interesting art, strange but oddly suitable voice acting, but this just isn't very good. People do use a plot in their work for a reason.


That was great and all but the voice acting killed it...

The cussing kind of killed this.

The cussing kind of killed this. It just didn't seem to fight the characters that well I don't mind it at all as long as it makes sence... Then again you said not to whine about senseless ness. This was just kinda subpar for you you have done better plot wise the graphics on this one are the best you have ever done.

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4.04 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2006
11:05 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody