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The turtle insanity is back and with a new guest, Blockhead.
Blockhead voiced and animated by mike swain

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love everything about it

especcially when Mike gets really scared of leo when he says he will kill him lol

This was really Art

Starting with the choice for the backround music till the God<-> Bambis Mother Question it was really brilliant.
It wasnt just stupid or only random.
It was random with something to think about it, like most of Swain works.

Most People rating and reviewing this submission didnt have the education to understand every single detail of the work.
The Reference to the renaissance artists(not only the picture Michelangelo is Painting, the helicopter hat).. and so on.

There is much hidden criticism of the original series in this work.
Many references of good plot points of the orginal series, people never understood when they watched it as kids.

All in all it shows you didnt just made a random Flash.
You gave it a few thoughts and then made a random Flash.
People screaming there is no plot in this flash need more bad Hollywood films and less education, that they can show their stupidity
in every review they are writing.

Maybe iam overinterpreting this work.
But i think it has a few good thoughts behind it.
I really would like to hear what you thought by some parts, because there ARE some Thoughts behind this work.

Still i didnt understand the elf thing and why god helps the turtles but not Bambis Mother.
Yeah thats a real good questions :D

Graphics: 9 very impressive Artwork, you are gifted
Style: 10 unique with some references to Ren and Stimpy
Sound: 6 could be better
Violence: 3 a little bit but not enough to scare the kids
Interactivity: 0 Its a film, not super mario
Humor: 10 Truly Brilliant

Overall: 9

Sorry for you that most people think "to rule them all" Jokes are better than this work, but most people are dumb as hell.

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rocks is 41.5 of a jiffy, aloid pickled hunch back evil banana pirate penguin, lucus team rocks!!!!

yea u are probaly saying "?,"" "or okay... wat ever" that is wat i thought of this good flash

could be better.......

This was an unusual clip. I would've given this a 4 or 3, if it had not been for Blockhead's timely appearance. Why the heck were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles naked? Not that I like the show, but WHY, MAN?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?1?!?ONE?oNe /OnE?

&quot;I found this humorous&quot;

Random Gold! Its a new ugly!!

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Credits & Info

4.04 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2006
11:05 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody