Dailytoon #210

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For the first time in daily toon histroy i bring to you a flash battle between a star syndicate membber and your average newgrounds viewer.

I'm glad ashford agreed to do these flash battles because it brings new life to the daily toons.

Ashford himself said after his first battle with starberry i would like to take on more stars head on.

You decide who the winner of this duel is in your reviews and the rest of the daily toon movies is just pretty much your average daily toon stuff.

enjoy the show.


Lols Metal Gear.

Lots of good ones here. Including the Mario and Sonic one. Keep it up guys!


thats awsom! the snake one! loL!!! cnt wait for more from you!


you know what you make weird animations and the rating thing said it would be adult themes and i hate stupid nerds who make porn movies but wtf there was no adult themes in this

you know what that was awsome 10/10

blube hippo sux

back to the static menu i see? this time it's been hue changed :0 way to keep newgrounds on their toes.

ham - i know newgrounds stats will get you laid, but not level 9. level 9 sucks :(
starberry - poor snake. another very moving cartoon by the master starberry. some more awesome character design, and the ghost of sevenstar lives on inside of all of us.
blube hippo - ludicolo dancing to depeche mode, wow. this is the BEST movie i think i have ever seen. i'm not kidding. seriously guys, this is awesome.
gost - that truely was epic. super hyper sonic would totally win :P and after watching that exciting battle, my prediction was true. quite epic.
ashford - yeah, die motha f***as, still. those stupid stars get what they have comming to them!!


It was slightly funnier and better then most SS flash's. I like the metal gear solid one the best.

But I think your efforts to "defeat" the star syndicate are pointless. This only gives them attention. That is what fuels them. The best way to fight the SS is to completely ignore them and vote zero on any flash they make.

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3.23 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2006
10:22 PM EDT