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BS! : Dice Game

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This is the dice game that was played in the latest Pirates of Caribbean movie (2).

Make sure to go through the tutorial and learn the game before playing. Once you know the rules, it should be fun.

***Please do not vote if you did not have the time to learn and play***

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Not baqd, not bad. Nice, simple graphics, but there is a problem with the rules. It said four fives, I called BS. It was revealed there were five fives. This means that it IS BS. You're saying there are four of them, not at least four.

Sounds picky, but there is a difference. That's how the game is played. If there are more or less of the number you called, you lose if called on it, as in the above example. Besides that, it is good.

Cool game

This way pretty fun, I really enjoyed playing it. The interface is really great too, sensible menus, beaut colour scheme, cool motion fading. The sound effects also came in just right. I found the way the tutorial explained it was a bit over-complecated as the game wasn't as tricky as the impression I got. I heard about the game from that thread in the BBS, and I'm glad I did. Keep up the good work.

changed my life

omg, this game is so awesome. It like totally CAHNGED MY LIFE. after playing this game, my acne cleared up, the opposite sex finds me more attractive, my sex life has improved, AND I was able to side-step the tricky little pieces of turd my neighbor's dog leaves in my front yard every morning.

I told ALL my friends about your game and believe me when i say you have quite a fan club in our little town. We're considering renaming our town to H3 in your honor. Your original work with the powerpuff girls brought me to tears due to its sheer genius. Please keep up the good work and remember that we love you and ALL your bs.

Feed me a cookie.

your most devoted fan,


Great Game

This was a really good game. It kept me occupied for quite a while and I will be back to play it some more. Great job! Thanx for showing this game, I was wondering what it was.

H3 responds:

thank you~
teach your friends ;)

Gotta try it

That game was fun as hell. Took a little while to get but its not all that hard to understand. And the AI isn't giving me many problems. I currently have it beat with a score of 34/32, its catchin up but lets see how long I can stay up top. Great game.