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Third episode of the series! Enjoy!

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I still like the idea.

__The Good__
The level three icon was shaded very well. Good style to this flash and the music was great. Also the randomness of this flash just makes me smile.

__The Bad__
That Tank is still there, you should really ad something else in there. Also whatever those things that were sticking out of the ground didn't look good there. You should also take some time on outlining the level icons.

__Over All__
Over all this flash was alright. The graphics were decent and so was the style. I'm still loving that song! Next time you make a flash like this be sure to add some more things and do better on the outlining! Good job making this flash, keep up the good work.

TheSoulMan responds:

Yeah, the tank and the background are pretty shitty :(


A nice level here. I saw some pretty good shading here. You were able to make notice that he made a fist by putting shadow at the palm. Very nice. LOLWTF. Random yet funny.

What were those black things juding out of the ground. They kind of got in the way of things.

TheSoulMan responds:


ok one..

level 3 wasn't anything special, pretty nice level nothing intresting happened.

the graphics were pretty good in this one. the song is always good along with the sun. the tank is also a nice little bonus.

well this episode was kinda boring, besides the tank there wasn't much going on.

pretty good episode

TheSoulMan responds:


And three...

Moving down the line to episode three. A few changes here... the fist seemed a little less carefully drawn than the other icons, but it had a nice rough edge that kind of made it a little less generic and plain, so I didn't mind too much. Same great song, same great moveable sun, same great tank... but new subliminal message this time! Yay. I was hoping those would change. :)

Looking forward to watching the rest!

... and Tom says I typed this review too quickly, so I'll also point out that I miss seeing the lollipeople in these. I wish they were dancing around on the sidelines or something... that'd be a nice touch.

TheSoulMan responds:

Lol, that "it's been a short time since you wrote your last review" sucks.

Level 3...

~The good~

Level three is a cool symbol, indeed. I liked the colors, the dragable sun, the tank, and everything else mentioned before. This episode doesn't really offer anything new, exept for the exeption of the subliminal messages being a little different.

~The bad~

The level three fist wasn't drawn very well. The shading looked choppy and the fist just looked smaller than it should be. Also, the problem with the song not looping is still in this.


TheSoulMan responds:

I like how you vote 4 always :)

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3.36 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2006
1:41 PM EDT