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Damn You, Mr. Ladyboy!

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Author Comments

The saga continues - Mr. Ladyboy continues to aggravate me.

Featuring my first ever attempts at lip-synch. I tried to synch to the timing, but have the shapes be more emotional, as I'd have ideally liked the voices to sound.

Took 3 hrs, 8 min.

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not bad

this one here is cool too, but i still think that a lot of its potential is gone bceause its so short. i understand that its meant as a comic-style animation, but that can be its own worst enemy. what you should've done is maybe combined all 3 of them into 1 animation, but overall, it was an alright one.

LuckyLollipopLad responds:

The 3 are seperate productions and should stand alone. I personally feel their brevity adds to the humour.

Glad you liked some of it.

wow....tat isnt good

i dont think i should've even watched that.... ok, heres some tips for your next one:
1. Make it longer!!!
2. Use a persons voice, not the computers.
3. LONGER!!!!!
4. There is no story here, who is Mr. Ladyboy anyway??

LuckyLollipopLad responds:

1 - no

2 - In future, I'll act as myself. Mr. Ladyboy will probably still be 'acted' by Speakonia.

3 - no.

4- ryanestrada.com/168/index.htm

Read the commentary from hour 95. There's the first few DYML comics in there.

I'll probably add something in a future installment to explain it a bit.

5 - seriously, no. It's meant to be the same 3 comic panels, adapted into an animated form. The series will always follow a strict pattern - I'll just change the first 2 lines, the last remaining the same. It's an exercise in experimenting within constraints.

Seriously though, I think there's a place on NG for ultra-short animations like this.

There are some things I'll improve and maybe you'll like a future installment more. But they'll all be short.

I loved the graphics

Even though I cant give you good overall cos of them. Too short.

LuckyLollipopLad responds:

Woah - thanks!

Maybe you'll enjoy something else I make in the future then.

Anyway, thanks for giving your opinion.


Your style of drawing is amazing but it was way to short, very pointless, and not very funny. Real voices would also be nice. As the last poster said Keep on flashin'!

LuckyLollipopLad responds:

I downloaded Audacity (a free program for recording stuff) just now. But I have no mic, and using a headphone as a mic produces practically unusable results.

In terms of length and writing... it's meant to be what it is. Don't bother watching any others in this series.

Amazed you liked the graphics so much though. Thanks!

Hopefully you'll enjoy some of my other future things.

Stay funky!


i once reviewd " i like to eat " telling you that it was awsome....now, i can say, this once awsome, too. i love your kind of drawing....keep on flashin'

LuckyLollipopLad responds:


Will do!

You may or may not also enjoy 'Haiku'.