Melon Destroyer II

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::UPDATE:: Sorry but I think the high score list is malfunctioning while on this site... Please visit http://tinyurl.com/l3gtk for a working high score list. Sorry!
Destroy as many Mr. Planters as possible before you die!
Controls: HOLD Left/Right/Down/Space to Move Left/Right, poke Mr. Planters with your cane and use Specials. Please read the controls in game aswell!

This is pretty much my second game. Needless to say it was a PAIN IN THE ASS to make. I hope you enjoy it...

PS: No, I was not high when I came up with this.

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Well, the graphics were okay, the special attacks in particular were nice.
It's just that the whole game has one big flaw, no two big flaws which makes the game not fun.
1. When you press an attack button, you have to keep holding it for the attack to do it's work.
2. You have to keep holding for too long.
Number 1 has caused several special attacks go to waste because the moment you release the space bar again the attack is gone even though you didn't finish it. The 'normal' attack suffered from this too.
I guess it takes getting used to it, but I'd rather have a game where I can get in immediatly.

Pretty good I guess.

Though I would change alot of things I would mainly change the attack speed rate. The slow movment and slow reaction time to when I hold the attack button is pretty anoying. Other then that good job on the game.

NigmaNoname responds:

Thanks... like I said before, it takes practice. Everyone so far whom I know and have showed the game reacted the same way you have, but after a while learned that you need to get used to the controlls and then it gets more entertaining.

Anyways, thanks.


kinda mediocre. not quite there yet. very very slow reaction of play and sluggish at best. still kinda funny i guess... mr. peanut definitely sucks.

NigmaNoname responds:

*Sigh*. Honestly, have you ever opened up flash once you your life? Better question, did you actually play this game more than once without giving up? I'm getting a feeling every person who is giving this a low rated review played the game once then gave it. Everything requirs practice, even this game, even if you feel it's 'mediocre'. I'v worked my ass off making this game this week, and the least you could do is play it 2 or 3 times. As for "sluggish" and "slow reaction"... maybe you should check your internet speeds? I find nothing of the sort myself.

Death to mr. Peanut

Not bad could of been more better.

hey reply me. what you think it should be better for this game to improve more. i think more actions buttons. thats my opinion. you?

NigmaNoname responds:

Hrmm. Being the creator, I wouldn't have submited this flash untill I figured it was good enough. That said, although theres obviously always room for improvement, I am currently satisfied with the game. I don't think I should have added more powerups. I don't think this game is the best game ever, nor do I think theres no room for improvement, but since I submited the way it is, I myself cannot think of anything that I could have done to improve it at the current state it is. The game is currently how I invisioned it to be when I thought of the idea.

Really fun

To those who said it was too hard, I blatantly disagree. Given, I'm on the TLDR and have been playing through the beta, but I just got a score of 350 or thereabouts and I'm doing fine. It takes a lot of practice to learn the timing of the weapons but once you do it's a blast!

NigmaNoname responds:

What he said...

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4.51 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2006
8:33 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler