BAZ shorts Ep 7

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thanks for your reviews in episode 7 and i took into account what i had needed to improve..the length is now long but in a short length estimated time 1 minute and the walk cycle is no longer choppy! so please sit back get some popcorn or snacks and enjoy this quick flick of death! and please do not be offended by the fact of the fireman and death i mean nothing of this its just the humor of BAZ being killed :D
constructive critisism is advised!


The most difficult to score/review yet

Oviously you are moving into a different league as your Flash skills develop more. I am glad you are being rewarded by better scores.
Personally I do think it is better overall and I gave it 3/5 for the first time! (sorry that means I lowered your score slightly, as usual!).
I personally don't see the appeal of making them longer, as other reviewers say, unless you put more jokes in them- but what do I know, your scores are better than mine!
Please have look at our flash- Ibby's Hair Restorer- you have the chance to get your own back in a review!
Best wishes,
IceDragon64 of the Dragons and Spirits

Haha it was very funny

Your style its quite good, the animation needs some work but its still good. The idea is original, maybe another music casue that one wasnt too good. Keep it up!

flashTEK responds:

Thanks for your review! i apreciate your commitment and i am greatful! :D


I like your style, make better walking animation and put a better song in, and you've got yoourself a darn good car2n! funny ending lol

flashTEK responds:

Thanks for your review! i am working on the walking and so it is written so shall it be done!

Needs some work

the legs and walking man.... need some work i know i could not do better but still i liked the flash though hope it doesn't get blammed! nice work!

flashTEK responds:

Thanks for your review! blammed!? as if! this series has lived and will never die! but i appreciate your simpathy and thanks! :D

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3.44 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2006
11:32 AM EDT
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