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Full Spectrum vs Shadow!

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Yay Naruto! I figured it was about time for Naruto and Cubie to clash...so I formulated this and put it together in about a day...a few solid hours of work. Its simple but I think it came out pretty well. And yes...the credits are correct in saying theres voice tallent. I dont have all the voice files yet and i'll update it when I add them in...guaranteed in the next week or so at most. Also yes the subtitles are a bit fast. They'll be updated to match with the voices...so anyway-Enjoy!

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Ummm wow this movie sux

Dude omg, I thought this was a Naruto movie dis aint Naruto dis crap! A waiste of my time, I mean cmon outa all the dumb movies i seen this is the worst. I a'int eva commin back to this O.o its that bad.


What did you think when you did submid this?
It's not even worth my time!

Was this supposed to be serious?

just wondering, only because the shadow didn't fight back, i watch Naruto too, but not the English, the voices suck, and its a pretty good show, just not my favorite(i can see why a lot of people like it though....NINJAS!! who doesn't like ninjas!?), sound...all you used is music, sooooooooo....yeah, the best part was the graphics, just spend a little more time on the story and your flashes will be better

superlineman responds:

uhhhh...what story? there WAS no story nor was there meant to be one. I just made the flash cause i thought itd be funny (this answers ur serious question with a no). so..for the fact that this flash HAD no story and didnt need one, that should up ur score now...and sound will be improved. for any wondering getting voices in will take a bit longer. i already have Chibi me voices done, but Full Spectrum wont be in for a bit and i KNOW shadow wont be done for a good long time either as Campbell (the voice actor-also battosai810-check his animations out) is in england for awhile. so there will be improements, just not for a week or 2. i say i just raised yer score to at least an 8. no apologies are neccsary.

Nicely Done

Very well done. I like the graphics. They are somewhat detailed and it showed you put some work into it. The style is interesting because it is a fighting flash and all types of fighting rocks! Music was well placed and was appropiate for the scenes. Sounded like actual combat music. There was some violence in it, like when he did the sneak attack. That was about it. Not much interactivity, except for the clicking of play and the links for sites at the end. There was some humor. I like how the author comes into his own animation to tell you what's going on. The author is very well drawn by the way. I really would like voices in there, the subtitles are too fast, so I can't wait for that. Also I get to hear Cambell's voice in a role other than Sage. That I'm looking forward to. Overall, it was very well done and it's obvious to see you put a lot of time into this. I'm just glad there was no intro screen you had to sit through this time. Yea I know I wrote alot, but that's because its the middle of the night and I'm bored. lol Ok, well I'm done. I'm going to bed.

superlineman responds:


YAAAY! thanx for the...imence imput gamer!...lol yep...im soooo freaking tired right now i feel drunk..soo...im gonna watch my own cartoon again!

really cool

hahaha !!!11 eleven !!11 <---- that thing made me laugh hahaa

superlineman responds:

That was actually just me spazzing with the keyboard..and i saw it and thought it was funny...so i left it. good call i guess ^-^

Credits & Info

2.75 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2006
1:36 AM EDT