"...think war is funny?"

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Good Good!

Great graphics, very stylish and unique. Good sound and smooth animation. In difference from most animations this wasn't that funny, but moe of a serious movie, eh. Which i hadn't been expecting, but it turned out good anyway. Nicely done. Keep up the good work!



Well, like the last reviewer, I like the graphics and style in this movie. The moevements were very smooth, which ws also mentioned by the last reviewer. The sound was pretty good, too. It was easy to hear. It wasn't very funny, though. Also, maybe a beter background (also mentioned by the last reviewer), and make it longer (althugh I'm aware that this is a short).


Good for a short.

The drawings were good, but a background might have helped. The animation was incredibly smooth. And although the movement was fairly simple, it worked fine. The black lines in the background at the start didn't look exactly great as a couple of them just moved up and down.

The sound effects such as footsteps was in synch with the characters walking up and down, and the voices were also in time with the mouths moving. The voices also made the flash a bit funnier, although the solider was a little hard to hear.

For a flash about war there wasn't exactly a lot of violence. However, the character who went on a rant about war not being funny made some comments which could be cosidered violent, so it gave the rating higher than 0.

The play and replay button worked, but the replay button was a little hard to press since there wasn't a box around the text that could be pressed.

The angrieness of the guy was pretty funny. Beyond that there isn't really much to say. Other than the scribbled tree which was funny for some reason.

So to improve this just add a suitablly awesome background and make the replay button easier to hit.

heh not bad

the graphics werent half bad, the characters were well drawn. the voices were pretty god to.

well the whole movie was kinda short, mabye make it a little longer. there was also a lack of background, i could picture a desert Iraq-like background to go with this.

ok, but needs some finishing up.

Nice piece of work.

This flash was hilarious. Your characters had their own sort of unique design, and the voice acting was great. The only downsides to this were that the ending was a bit lacking, and that it had to end at all! Good work.

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3.57 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2006
11:08 PM EDT
Comedy - Original