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Milano Day - Sketchenads

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Happy Milano Day!
Sketchenads means Sketches and Ads if you didn't get it. We've been working on this for a while and are glad that it's finally out. Enjoy!

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yep, this is bullshit, but it doesn't deserve a 0

because bullshit is good shit!

randomness on the highest level

where can i join?

Join in milano crew!!!!

oh yeah today


Great job, although i did kinda lose count of the amount of flash shorts that were in here, so good job on the variations. My favourite sketch had to be the one that you used twice with the guy knocking on the kids head, i mean it was done with no emotion so quickly that although the thought of it may have been disturbing, watching it play out on screen wasnt so. The sounds varied so much but for the most part they were nicely done, i would love to see this done again sometime. Overall although it was pretty much a promotional flash for the milano's it was well done.

(Hamy_jamy isn't even suppose to be here today)

Oh well...

like jack said, worth a 4.0

But hey good job Orunitia =D

Good to have you in the Milano Crew

What the---

Omg, anyways... great collab.