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Bake a cake

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OMG i loved this XDXD it was funny as hell!!! 5/5

richiesmom responds:

Thanks man

That was... entertaining...


The graphics and style weren't bad in this flash, and the sound wasn't, either. The pre-laoder was pretty good, too. This flash was pretty funny, too. At the parts where the guy was lip-syncing the words, it was pretty well-done; and so were the expressions on his face; :)


I didn't like how it just basically looped at the end. It just stayed as a (basically) still image... maybe you should fix that.


richiesmom responds:

yeah... thanks for the comments

Oh god

I love this flash and this song you deserve 10's all around.
Mmmmmm ya.

one of the most uncreative pieces of crap...

you put in a crappy person moving from one side to another with a stupid cake floating and smiling while you play that shitty song... ever heard of the word creative? look i'll say it slow... cre-a-tive, you know its when you make something that maybe looks cool or even does something.


richiesmom responds:

sorry you didnt like it ill try harder next time i geuss...

fyi u cant blam something that already passed.........


I gave you a 10 ONLY because you was able to sneak some Nick Jr. content on newgrounds. LMAO, I did vote 5 on it, but i either vote 0 or 5 on all flashes in judgement. From now on I'm voting 3 or 2.

LMAO @ ppl who like this song, turn to nick jr. whenever it comes on, you'll see the song i guess... Dumb-asses. LMAO. See whatever else you can get in here from Nick Jr. Damn, you people... are dumb....

richiesmom responds:

Thank you and your 3 or 2's will be a appreciated

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3.63 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2006
5:08 PM EDT