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The Reign of the PSP: II

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Alright, no more revolution, wii is in now, and the reason i didn't use the ds is because the ds has already been made, and mario couldn't have invented something that's already been made.


Well yet another two hour to make movie, but this one devolps a plot, i made it entirely today.

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Ha yeah that was interesting, the psp is awsome i love it, as for the animation it was abit random but thats what i liked about it, made me chuckle abit, anyways nice animation.


geez! even the nes or snes could own the psp!

the wii is the greatest games console ever! better than the psp, ps2, ps3, xbox, xbox 360. the wii would own the psp in that fight!
and in the fight the psp was bigger than the wii...
i've watched both "the reign of the psp" movies, but
it isn't exactly a reign if the ds sold more than the psp.
but this second entry had a storyline, and was actually quite good... it showed that nintendo is better than sony and microsoft...

wii will win

this will be a fierce battle but the wii is many more powerfulls, and ore vicios than that crappy psp ^.^

hail the mighty wii

wii is way better than psp and dont say shit like how would i know it hasent came out yet becaus i played it at the nintendo fusin consert.psp barly has any games.idk what you people see in it. its nuthing out of the ordanary nuthing new nuthing extreem.

nintendo is the nex SEGA bitch!

ok if n e 1 has done there research then they would know that sony made the sound chips for the super NES and that nintendo and sony were goin to make a Super Playstation but nintendo pulled back and now they are paying the price, if you dont believe me then google it and if the nintendo wii isnt better than a handheld than thats a problem!