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Ball Kickup =D Xtreme

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***Please review***
***I respond to all***

Kick the ball as many times as possible without letting him fal to the ground! Kick the ball with clicking on it.
Changing some settings in the 'settings' bar can also help you XD.


funny, but buggy...

it was fun, but i found a few bugs:
-you can't click the instruction screen away when you click it
-if the ball goes too high (low gravity) it wont come back, probably because the left and right walls aren't high enough (you can try stopping it from going to high with a ceiling, outside the screen)
-if you want you normal cursor back, by clicking X, you cursor disappears althogether

you can try fixinh this, or just think: stfu, who gives a fuck, and use it to improve later games :P

anyway, nice game ;)

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Zerobeam responds:

Eeeuuuh, I don't give a fuck! :D This game is old so yeah. :D


my best score was 6 lol because sometimes when you click on the ball it won't fly up...T.T.
it was really funny that you could choose: different music, background, ball and levels, i did the gravity very low and clickt it flew in the air and never came down again XD!
great game keep it up!

Zerobeam responds:

Thanks for the review!

I had fun with this,

A fun bouncing game, good interactivity, the "GRAPHICS" could look smoother, it was fun and i played it a few times, some different styles of backrounds would be nice.

fun game.


Zerobeam responds:

Thanks for the review!


You rock the NG Party! Rock this party, dance everybody, don't stop move your body! ZeroBeam and Bertn are the best! Viva Berstn and ZeroBeam!

Zerobeam responds:

Thanks for the review!

Bill Gates VS The Mona Lisa! =p

Wow o_0
Wonderful, Realy the best kick up game I have ever playd! I love the backgrounds and the diferent cursors. The best cursor is the hand that boxing. =p And wenh there is a background and wenh you chose the hand cursor it is like a 'Kil Bill Gates Game' or a 'Kill Einstein Game'! o_0
And now wy I give a ? To ?:
-Graphics: An 8 for graphics because the backgrounds and the bals are realy good graphics. I also liked the cursors.
-Style: A 9 for syile because I realy love the Kick Up style! The bals are verry good. (How do you come at Pics like that?) The cursors are also a Funny style because wenh you chose the hand cursor every time you klick you here a 'Bounch'. There is another cursor that is moving hole the time... Verry difficult to kick the bal like that=p
-Sound: Super! Like I have sayd before of the hand, and the music is verry good to. Conratulations to Flash Kit users! I like the Rock loop and the techno beat is verry funny.
Violence: And here I am again with that F*cking hand: Wenh you use a backgound and chose that hand it is like a fight game (I have sayd this before at the begining '-_-)
-Interactivity: There is realy much to do in this game. It is much better then you other games like 'The NG Gallery' And 'Winzows BETA'! With much buttons and a gravety changer is this the best Kick Up Game I have ever playd before! Verry wel done!
-Humor: Verry good. Using Bill Gates and other famous persons as background and using funny cursors it realy made me lauch! There are also some funny beats into it and the 'Levels' are funny to. Overall: The humor is SUPER!


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Zerobeam responds:

'-_- lol, nice review!

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3.77 / 5.00

Jul 7, 2006
10:02 AM EDT
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