SMB: Ultimate Parody #1

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Here's a Mario Blooper/parody flash that pokes fun at Mario Bros. Parts I and V, and other misc. things, such as Terminator 2. There's not much else to say except for enjoy and vote fairly! :)



oh man that was funny
still i wanted to see the end of the princesses secret just to see an outcome
good work on this one


reasonably well made...but the humor is a bit too immature for my liking


I don't know if its because I'm easily amused, or the fact that
this parody was better than the originals. Thank God for Nintendo,
I don't want to live in a world without Mario parodys. I mean,
yeah, we probably wouldn't have wars or world hunger if Nintendo wouldn't existed, but yeah, I stick to what I said. What did I say again?

Whatever, some short "comments" on your movie.

- The graphics: Sprite... well.... yeah, Sprite. I'm gonna stick to that.
- Sound: It was an awesome mix of cool sound effects and music!
- Violence: There was violence?! Crap I missed it!
- Humor: Drama before Humor, awesome... A ten.

- Keep up the good work!

not bad mario flash

yah when I first turned it on I thought "ohhh great, another person who thinks they can do flash with sprites of mario.... BLAM" but then I watched it and it was not to bad... I think really though, it would have been beter if you just had the goomba part from scarface, and the last part.... but still, that was funny, never saw that done or saw it coming!! sound in here that was there was good execpt for one part, graphics, though sprites, you managed to use well enough and gave me a couple of chuckles but it is a mario flash... sorry, realitivly low originality but still very newgrounds worthy, protection 3/5


Cool man you made a very cool flash,make some more cas I'm "hungry"/"starving" to see god flash.
i saw some parts of this flash before but i don't know where.
Good job!
You're an my favs.
XD (whatever that means)

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Jul 7, 2006
5:50 AM EDT
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