SMB: Ultimate Parody #1

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Here's a Mario Blooper/parody flash that pokes fun at Mario Bros. Parts I and V, and other misc. things, such as Terminator 2. There's not much else to say except for enjoy and vote fairly! :)


not bad not bad at all

the only funny scene was when the goomba pop up and said WELL FUK U MAN lol in other words not a bad flash........(*0*)WELL FUK U MAN

(( neat ))

this was entertaining the old style mario was neat aswell as the other sprites, but it was also funny and entertaining so nice work on this one.

Somewhat on the size, but not by much.

this was notbad mario rocks.


Haha nice.

Never did expect a Mario Parody to a Mario series tribute but you pulled it off really good,i got some good laughs and overall you did a really good job on this to make it look like the exact series you we're paroding,great job.

I'll try to be sensible about this.

Obviously, some people do not understand the word PARODY. He clearly explained that he PARODIED off of certain movies, and flashes, so techincally it isnt stealing since he announced it in the first place. I just hope you got permission from theu guy who made those flashes if you could parody it.

Graphics- A bit meh, i never really liked nintendo SMB1 Graphics, considering all it was was like, 5 or so diffrent colors.

Style - You parodied off of some movies. And you took a bit from Sebastion_Lopez(?) SMB outtakes a bit, Plus Mario Brothers. Plus its sprites, not much style considering there pre-made. However its was good

Sound - Not much sound....and the ones that were there sucked (music)

Violence - Not much of that eithr, besides burning in lava.

Interactivity - You mauled the NG preloader. Awesome.

Humor - I actually found this movie to be quite funny. Especially Princess Secret =D

Overall - A pretty decent movie, just rather plain. need more things going on. pretty much bread and butter type stuff here..but then again, thats the sprites used so blah.

Also i was reading through the reviews and i came across one very interesting review from Wario2k3!

"You are stealing content and concepts from several sprite flashes. Get a life and come up with something on your own."

Hate to burst your bubble, but lets break down the review. "Stealing content"...thus meaning sprites. Last time i checked, sprites belong to there prospective owners, Sega, Capcom, Nintendo etc.... You make Sprite movies yourself, as do I. Thats stealing content from games...so.....duh. "Concepts from several sprite flashes" It was a parody....of course your gonna have to steal the concept, idiot.
"Get a life and come up with something on your own"
Coming from the guy who steals from robot chiken, and fart jokes.....while using sprites....and if hes not doing that hes collabing with some one.....riighht...

Ahh, the Ignorance of overated artists.

P.S improver yourself man, you can do better


whats wif mario dyeing in lava

man ova the last few weeks i just c mario dieing in lava anyway make this better

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3.23 / 5.00

Jul 7, 2006
5:50 AM EDT
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