Attack of the evil TV

July 7, 2006 –
September 7, 2011
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*update* Okay everyone! Everyone complained about the sound and lack of subtitles, so here ya go! The filesize is bigger now X.x but not so much fuzz in the speech and now you shall know what NIGHTS says! Subtitles! W007! and i fixed the FF7 part too. with the name switching. yes. watch. now.
Okay, here's the idea:
Rock is playing video games when Blues comes home and decides it's his turn. During their arguing, the TV sucks them into itself, trapping them into any show playing. Unfortunatley for them, the only one who can help him is Zero, who is so conveniently drugged out of his mind! XD What will happen to them? Will they escape? Or be forever trapped in the world of Television?! duhn duhn duhn...


This movie is hilarious please make more

this is awesome nice work!


haw haw blues got rhaped xD but why zero is always drugging?

XD hahahha i love it it was so fucking funny xD!!

but not the best i would have loved to see them in more stuff and zero brought in sooner but i like the personallitys you gave them but zero seemed drugged what happened there? but anyway good job loved it and i hope to see more like it... but make zero less retarded please if you would but still great video

epic super and fantastic :D

this made my day but i have a question.was zero based off of zero in megaman?

Blues:"I have NO choice but to watch Asian Women in... TINY MINISKIRTS!"=
Col. Mustang:"All female officers will have to wear... TINY MINISKIRTS!"
Yes, I know both lines.
I'm a nerd.

the animation was very good and its funny

You spin me like record round round!
Oh mah Gosh my dad has a CD with this song! And...Well, I like it xD
Andthis one is sooo funny! Your Zero is cool...And drugged! XD And that Blues! What a perv! Haha! xD

This is going on repeat, for like ever. Most epic Zero I've ever seen.

I actually really enjoyed this. There's not a lot to complain about, in all honesty.

"no choice but to watch asian women in 'tiny mini-skirts'"

Seriously, I love how you put all the Megaman characters in casual clothes (though I had a hard time telling who Protoman and Megaman was Megaman has black hair Proto has brown but who gives a shit. I love the idea of the concept and don't worry the second one gets better.

That said I really hope you find the time to do a third!

Yeah, so funny...

lolz zero danceing at the end got it a 10 star

Blues got what was coming to him. XD;
And Rock sounds like a girl. :p

is Rock really a girl? because at part 2 Blues said that she sounds like a chick

this vid was so freaken funny u should make more then just 2


Oh god I feel sorry for Blues.


if u really are like the lacey in this flash than i feel really bad for who ever blues is based off. lol 10/10

your a great animator man very funny!

MAH DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

had me ou oh ou slowly faints away cough and laughing 4 long periods of time too funny

That video.. SOOOOO FUNNYYY!

This is such a good animation. The first time I saw it i couldnt stop luaghing. You should keep doing more like this one.

Hold on, I'm not done laughing yet, Jesus Christ... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh God that was great! 10/10, all my 5 r belong to this, yadda yadda! Great animation, expertly drawn, very well written, and fucking hilarious! This video should get 100/10 and all my OVER 9000 r belong to this! Now if you'll excuse me... I need to return to laughing! XD

this is the best megaman movie that has no sprites in it i love it

Nice Meat Spin reference. For all who don't know where that has been made in the video it's where Blues gets it on this that guy.

Always getting the short end of the stick.... or in the case of the porno the short dick of it...... (Boo!) Oh come on I had to

Funny,i would like if you make a Final Fantasy AOTE TV the game,
But the gAy man has raped Blues. :(

I particularly liked the random dancing guy in the preloader and the Final Fantasy bit.
Chickawooo \(>o<)/

i had to cover my mouth so i wouldn't wake up any one XDDDD!!!
awesome work :D!!

i had to cover my mouth so i wouldn't wake up any one XDDDD!!!
awesome work :D!!

thed thing about protoman RUINED my childhood though!!! it's score? IT'S OVER 9,000!!!

nuff said

This is the best thing I have been looking for. It is awesome

it one of the animations that i can keep looking at even when its been 4 years aprox since i saw it, really good


Hey big boy

nuff said XD


nice vid!

VERY FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!


'shouldn't you help them?'

'help them? heh this is so going on repeat for like ever!'

love that part awesome


megaman sucks at final fight 2

It never gets old

Definitely one of the funniest video I have ever seen. You have got great talent. I just love this video I think I watched it something like 100 times at least. Anyway, keep up the excellent work ^_^

Wootz! I love this! Keep with the excellent work!!!

i love the way it ends but i do have to say the three of them remind me of my friends and me just hangin out.

XD omg awsome

You touched my porn xD

that was somethin' :P
so that's how Rock, Blue and Zero 'll end up after retirement

It was the song at the end that won me over! I love that song!

Like a record baby right round!

what the hell was that was that a spof or something beause it looked like it was an anime or something when they did it

you got the "TINY MINI SKIRTS!!!!!!!" from the above show...................SWEET!

This series is easily one of the best megaman parodies out there besides Rick Mann

lol dont touch my porn lol great

To amazing for words

i love it its soo funny lolzzzzz keep it up

Well drawn and sorta fluidly animated. Liked the DDR pad thing and the fact that Protoman receives twice as many damage as Rock! XD

Btw, that loading dance seems familiar.......Tenjou Tenge?!

(owo) awsome i love it

It is as funny as hell, but It reminds me TOO much on not knowing how to animate. It makes me......angry

havn't watched this funny ass flash since I was in middle school.

do i detect fma in the beginning? like when mustang says. "when i become fuhrer there are going to be some changes, all female personel will be required to wear, TINY MINISKIRTS!!!!!!!" lol. that was one of my favorite moments. love the concept of the whole thing to. i liked the invincible ddr pad too. hope you make a number 3. ja ne. ( no i am not japanese i just like saying that.)

wow this is sooo funny i could actually watch it over amd over again

I vote 5 with 10 stars

I was pleased, great animation, and it kept me laughing through it. Great flash.

Was the first a reference to Shonan Bat / Paranoia agent? Good show...

The animation was good and the references made me laugh. But for some reason, i think the voice quality should increase. Overall, it was really good! I'm going to give it a 9/10

i like the vid and my sister keeps bugging me to play it over and over... we need more!!! :3


Always funny and love all the characters!

I like the part when is on the Final Fantasy TV...
I dont like soo much the end ._.


I LOVE THIS THING MAN or woman what ever you are T~T (totaly confoused now) oh and just so you know i stenk at spelling as you just saw T_T

To the guy below me that kid with the baseball bat is from "Agent Paranoia" if I remember correctly. Also great animation and very funny I like the whole concept and the characters are great. Keep up the good work

what is the name of the anime that baseball bat guy is from when they first get sucked in




i cant disagree zero when he said ¨MY PORN¨

8D... That was the funniest thing I've ever seen.. XD

Stop...Stop you're killing me HAHAHAHAH!!!!!! Nice animation!


wo thats realy good!!!

that p0rn part, they wouldn't have that problem if it wuz...YURI!!!!!
Funny none the less
keep on going!

blues deserved what he go,t but the ending was a bit much,and you add a street fighter part and maybe a sonic and mario part it would be hillarieus for blues to get his but kicked by sonic (or mario) then finishe him off with super sonic but make it so he is still standing THEN finish him off with with mario ( either kick him to mars with big mario or something with star mario)

tht was so funny xD i feel bad for blues tho x-x and zero got high kick ass xD

add a street fighter part

I know this will be embarassing to admit but this literally made me piss my pants from laughing too hard! SEQUEL! PLEASE!

Awsome Characters, Awsome Jokes and you also gave the characters good ...uh... character LOLXD AWSOME JOB FOR THIS YOU GET MY HAPPY FACE =D YAY

u hav a cool series here by the way make a 3 please

"Aren't you gonna help them.
Screw that, this is going on repeat, forever."
I just can't stop laughing.

asain woman in tiny miniskirts XD

O.O i think i died and whent to heaven for animators cuz that was the most awsome flash i ever saw lol rai long gown looks good on him muahahahahaha

this is staying on for like EVER!

YOU TOUCH MY PORN -_- haha lol :D

This is one of my all-time favorite flashes.

Dude im like toatlly high man lol and MY PORN you know some funny shit

Good everytime I see it.

Make part 3 i love your animations and This one expessially X3

no matter how many times I see it XD

This is f'n funny!!! I lol'd so many times its not funny! oh wait,it IS funny!

for all you noob-ish ones out there,
when blues(protoman)said "tiny miniskirts"
it was an audio clip from a full metal allchemist.
soury had a noob secound there.


dude you got something starting here


lol nice make another

i've seen this befor cant beleave im seeing it again -_-!

the ending is so fucking halarius

in tiny mini skirts!!!

I was about to ask why Rock sounded like a girl... then I read the thing. whoopsy!

" I have no choice but to watch asian women in... TINY MINISKIRTS !!!!!"

awesome ending!!!
-put my porn in, OH GOD NOOO!!!
-This is going on repeat, for like EVER!!!

Streets of Rage kicks ass not to mention Genesis. Good work guys

This is hilarious!!!Nice animation.


my fav part is when blue gets raped.

That was hilarious. I loved the ending because that is totally something i would do. "Screw that, this is going on repeat for like, EVER!" Also, i like the DDR mat. :3

Rivals Egoraptor's flash!

zero got stoned blues got laid and then they repeated it forever XD its just so funny i cant stop laughing

This is one of my alltime favorite flashes ever. The animation is amazing, the comady is hysterical, the sound and music is just awsome. all in all, its a really amazing flash. please continue this series1

I can talk Blues porn anytime I want, besides he's too busy getting fucked by a big naked guy, with a huge penis. I think it's funny how Rock was scared seeing it, but Zero was laughing. What was that show when Rock hit Blue when Blue was talking about him or something like that? What really ponders me the most is how this flash has both a first place and a second place on the same day, and they're both daily, interesting. Anyway, I'm going to continue touching and watching Blues porn, since it's my porn now, *evil laugh*, sorry finders keepers, losers get fucked in the ass by a big naked guy with a giant penis. Anyway, I can't wait to see more of this. You have done an awesome job. Keep up the awesome work.

Kickass bro

lolz that was the awsumist

Blues: Hey, Zero, put my porn in.
Zero: MY PORN!!!!

This has to become a trilogy! It's amazing!

Someone finaly uses megaman content in movies!!!!!!!

If my computer made a virtual hand i would of put it in here....but....I broke it...

I love this video. Itz awesomeXD

That was funny
"Put in my porn!"
No,my porn!"
"Just put it in,zero"

That is probably one of the most incredible things I have ever seen. The meatspin song at the very end was just a cherry on top :D 5/5 10/10 Great work!

YAY I LOVE THIS SHOW and could you make one ware zero finds the rama gun

Some points weren't very strong on humor, but most of it was very funny.
The Second one turned out better... how about another?

I've seen all you're work, and while its amazing, this is most surely the best.

the idea may be old, but thx to u, the whole thing gets some fresh wind in its sails.

if you got a tv with real people in it, like this flash, u don't need drugs.
howz that zero!? ^^

.....its wonderfully random

poor blues he is getin raped!!!

I love you hikari!
you and WX...

best thing i seen all day

this rocks dude you need to make a sequel!!!attack of the evil 3 and it is obvious to be attack of the evil TV 3 because there is attack of the evil tv 2!and they still wont be able to escape!!!!!hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 1

That was absolutely beautiful!!! Its going in my favorites!

ITz owsom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
moar plis moar


A quality flash..


For an eternity? I am very scared.

Rofl very nice keep up the good work!

very funny

lmao, loved the ending! It was really funny
good work :D

This video is hilarious, do u think u will be able to add Axl, Sigma, X, or Dynamo

ive already reviewed your second parody of this but seriously make another one make an attkack of the evil tv part three, pleeeeeeease this series is hilarious.

I also love your stuff on deviant. Keep this funnyness going...HEH. Zero's a stoner.nice

OMG! Your movie is so awesome, hikari42. i am your biggest fan of this movie. The part with the mushrooms brings out how much Zero likes them and how much he likes salior moon. Rock has funn patrs too. Like when he turns into foamy's co-star, it brought out how girlish rock is. Blues is sooooooo funny, i love the beginng when he is singing. He is a really good singer, This movie showed how he thinks he is the best. Overall, this movie really brought out each character's personality, plus it is WAY funny. It CAN'T wait for when u make another one, hikari42!!!! Please hurry with the sequel!

I love mega man, and the fact that someone could come up with an idea like this, again AWSOME!!!

It's a stupid idea yet it's so friggin funny

Comic... Real Comic...

I Loved Zero, And the girly voice in Mega is Awsome.

Now, Lets' See...
Improvements... Improvements...
Improve the animations, aaand...

-[Runs away]

Scary TV People. Lol awesome flash. How do you get anime into a flash like that? I just thought ppl used computer drawings.

Lol I loved the tiny miniskirts fullmetal alchemist reference! Roy Mustang ftw. Hilarious episode, and hikari I LOVE your style. DO MORE.

one of my favorite all time shows!!!

the best evuurr!!!

watch it -_-

an oveis(LOL)10 of10.

this...is...better than 300

wait doesn't Rei-Lan wear this gownd?

this is the fucking greats fucking thing i fucking ever saw evil t.v. 2 is alot fucking better but this is still fucking awsome so keep it the fuck up!!!!!!!and srry for saying fuck so many fucking times but its to fucking fun p.s. if anyone rates this anything lower then 5 ur fucking crazy

nice job man part 2 was good too

Great animation and quite possibly the most orignal segment with Megaman in it Ive seen in awhile...or ever

poor guy getting fucked by a guy

I'm gonna add you to my favs! ^o^

as homosexual person, I found the screams... Arousing...

Word can not describe--- hahhhahhahah xD

My friend showed me this,and I loved it.Good job^^


particualry thwe way u draw it, not the shitty yugi oh way, the look like the were drawn with effort! i loved the parodies, but an explanation of the characters wud be nice, blues, rock ,zero? megaman maby? the \(>.<)/ was pure genius.

great animation, voice acting and multiple spoofs of tv shows! well done

dude this video is so funny man i almost fell out of my chair keep up the good work! hope you make a third to this man

oh dud that was messed up for real man but funny

wearing a dress in a porno is never a good sign

the last part made me laugh my ass off

Great Job! My friends and I love it!

im sooo keeping this on my favorites!1 just too hilarious! love the animation style and the girls aint bad either!

Wow. Kinda of anime (ithink). Still well done.

it gives us something to watch while we wait for a third

Freaking awesome

hahahah omg me and my friends watched it and we were laughing so much!!!!!!! \(>.<)/

the guy got f**k

"uh...aren't u gonna help them?"
"screw that this is goin' on repeat"

a fantastic addition to all things anime

I really loved that! Blues is my a time favorite! You really have talent, I couldn't make something like that ^^

Nice work. Poor Blues, but he had it coming. Also, why is it just now that I noticed that the guy on the loading screen dances like Aya in the opening of Tenjho Tenge?

Lol man so lol and awsum!!^^ YARR!

this is freackin' hilarious!!!!!!!!!!

i love the video man

that had me cracking up from beginning to end

Nicely done short, sure its off the wall but hey its worth it.
And the voices, excellent; its just pure fun. ^^;

When I first saw this I thought "THAT IS NOT ROCK!!!!!" but,then I noticed that he is,but without his helmet,and 1 more thing,is that Zero stoned?

ideas for aotetv3
1.both chick get trapped in the TV
2.Christ, the guy who say "he getting owned by that chick", gets the remote(my name for him)
3.red head chick goes insane
4.Dr.Light eats tacos in front of Lacey
5.they pop-up on big brother house
6.blues goes to confection room
7.they all stay stuck on TV

Wow, that... was so wrong....
but at the same time... So RIGHT!

thwomps, add ped to ra*** on your complement

that was funny how blues got ra*** at the end

i act just like blue dude and 9999999999 damage was hillarious

i watch this video every day it cheers me up knowing someone is making fun of megaman and using the japanese names

man this is good. no, not good, its great. it made my day. thumbs up to you!

You are The Best Hikari

but sitll good. Why you always gotta hate on blue though?

This was amazing, it has and will always be one of my favorite flashes. If you like the megaman series, Zero, Blues, or anime you need to watch this. It is just so freaking funny I guarantee if you don't laugh you are a communist polar bear.

first one of my favourite artists is you two nice graphics three loved the humor and four i made zero here :
[url=http://tektek.org/avatar/2115269 0][img]http://public2.tektek.org/img/
av/0811/d17/2004/418368.png[/img][/ur l]

Blues: wait isn't that a DDR pad?!
Rock: I would say so.
Blues gets PWNED and Rock runs away.

Honestly, first mega man (orginal) has a girly voice, and then Zero is accused of being a girl for having Shogun armor! It's a very nutty issue, and you hit that point and more with this flash, w/o any lols lost in translation. Voice acting and art style are top notch, so keep working on that AETV3!

sike i hated it it was not cool at all

that was really really cool! made me wanna actually lay knights so that i could get the joke!

and the Crossdressed mansex scene... was oddly amusing!

btw, amazing loading screen! i do some animations myslef.. and i understand how difficult that musta been to do in flash!

Gawd! that was awesome, seriously. alot of flashes have, um, lets see now, wats the word, sukish voices. that one rocked! did you do them yourself? the anime rocked too

If Blues kicked me while I was playing a game, I would lock him in the attic with a bunch of over-sized snakes. No lie.

the best

u r rly good at the art and it's hilarious, oh and the voices sound awesome compared to a lot of flashes:)

dude this is funny ass hell keep makin them

I love this movie I watch it a lot

Hey rock on keep up the awesome animation

Love the animation! just wish you had more, but thats life for ya.

lol, the tiny miniskirts thing was from FMA. I loved it.

"This is going on repeat... for like EVER"


I only have two words to say: FRICKIN' AWESOME!

A really good watch... If you know the characters than watch it!

the end is so funny, i loved the clip, can't get enough of it.

i frickin laughed my ass off at the end

If you're a fan of Megaman and anime, you'll find this hilarious. Props on reusing the DDR mat from your old vid. Keep up the good work.


\(>.<)/ omg w00t!

Loved it. Great Job.

Would you believe this video is what got me started at newgrounds?

i thought that the porn was his but he was the girl.
that whole thing was funny as hell.

the porn backfired sucks to be him

The Attack of the Evil Tv series is awesome.

What I'd like to know is who those 2 girls were. Roll and Alia I'm guessing, right?

lol thats my fav part

nice 10 stars lol it made laugh on the floor lol remote !!!!!!!!! is there another 1 plz tell me if theres a new 1 hope u make more funny as my bro make a new one rock kinds sound like a girl.

funny as hell ten out of ten Make a 3rd one why does rock sound like a girl if hes a guy

Is that a DDR mat?

"Are you going to help them?"
"Screw that this is going on repeat forever"
That part was really funny XD

"Zero, put my porn in" "NO MY PORN"
and many more. zero is awesome. plz make a new one. the masses demand more

"Blues, what are you doing!?" *battle*

great job

best peice of randomness i have seen in years.

As I said make MORE MORE MORE!!! I want to watch this with my shrooms they love to watch stuff like this.

funny i like it alot when he puts the porn part ahahaha lolz

awesome i lold when he got raped by that big guy

Funniest damn thing rated teen yet!

Poor Blues getting swamped down by a GIANT man... that's going to scar him.
Pretty good by the way.

Keep making Evil TV! It's epic funny! and I like the style of your drawings. ^-^ Thanks for the Subtitles, Helps greatly.


Keep doing the shrooms!!!111


your really good at drawing people, yo know it would be fun if you did something with the star fox characters, their personalities are fairly easy to create a prody with, like falco is blues, slippy is rock, ect.

i meann come on ttraped in a tv pleeuse it was the grreatest!!!!!!

Theres one person I would really like to be in attack of the evil tv series.........Axl he would be a great member of the AotEtv crew

P.S. Attack of the evil TV rocks

They kinda remind me of Ed, Edd, and Eddy. Zero is Ed, cuz the drugs make him stupid. Rock is Double D, cuz he's kinda the one who's sensible. And Blues is Eddy, cause he's a loudmouth and a dick!

This has officially become my favorite series!!! cant wait for 3!

this is going on repeat for like ever! nice!

man this shit was hillarious and im not saying that because im stoned! dude,0.0 i just noticed im alot like zero

this was the coolest show i've watched in like for eva!
oh and to answer dee all so mighty question as to wy we like it? bcuz it sooo hilarious ^_^

this was aswome

dude the porn tape scene was awesome and zero being a drug addict dude so fucking creative =3

GAWD This is hilarious, I can't stop watching it XD Nice job on animation n' everything btw :D

THIS IS SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*watchs it*
*watchs it again*
*watchs it AGAIN*

who would have known Zero is a stoner?? HA!! excellent

LOL Blues: Since there is no1 using the tv i must watchh asian girls in mini skirts!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

favorite quote: Blues look what you did now! youtouchedmyporn. lol priceless

that was to to to to funny 4 lif they need to mack a number 3

very funny! :D awsome animation!

This is funny and make a 3th and a 4th

that was just funny!

Man that made my day. I'm going to watch the 2nd one now.


it was good

screw tht this is going on repeat, for like ever!

this is the most hilarious flash ive ever seen


10 out of 10 is not a high enough hahahahaahahahhahahahaahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha hahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahah ahaahahaahahahahahahahahahaha

lolz mack a seris out of this lolz
evil tv people lolz

hey big boy haha that was the funniest the funniest thing ive seen all month haha

why are they both touchin MY porn?!

that was so unbelievably bizarre...funny as all get out though.

'ownage' is the correct term.

um one word to sum this up frickin hilarious..
i remember that DDR pad thing from another movie that i believe was yours as well lol i loved the end poor Blues.. >.>

it's just too funny!!!

I love this! I had to watch it over and over. I can't wait to see number two.

u r awsome

I FCKIN LOVE UR VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!!! U ROCK!!! [>.<]/ Ur anime chars are so funneh lolz.make lots more :P

OMFG love it hehehe
you will obay the master of the remote hehe
zeros a stoner

LOLZ! i laughed so hard i like the guys dancing at the begin and end it was so funny make more and if i could i would give it a 20 outta ten it WAS SOOOOO FUNNY i like Zero he funny 10/10 5/5!

This is fucking hilarious GIVE ME MY PORN!!Me and my friends almost pissed our pants

Lol this was hilarious!! My side hurts now. >,..,<

God that was funny. Make ten more!!!

that porn was really funny

make a third i had forgot my password so i couldn't rate it before

Poor Blues. Lol. Zero's a stoner. Hey, wasn't the preloader the same dance moves from the opening of Tenjou Tenge?

I can't believe I'm still alive I was laughing so hard

^^^ 'Nuff said.

omg this is so funny i cant stop watching it zero is so high and ... blues get ass raped haha

shorty than the 2nd 1 but who the hell cares its lol

MAN! This was harliorious (sorry can't spell correctly),

mack more i cant say much but that whos awsom 5/5 troma rools XD XD lololololololololololololololololllll lolololololololololololololololololol olololololololololololololololoolol not funny im sorry im jest wasting time bye you spin m rite rown like a canin bole

yessss streat of rage 2 ^^

halareyusi cant stop wochin this its just to funy nic werk on this vid its a good 1 and my new fave

you even did zero dasncec in end creds

super awsome *huggles rock*

no my porn LOL

Can I keep Blues?!

I always wonderd what it would be like in a tv with my friends.... and know I know its TOTALY ****ING AWSOME :D.

Good job :) make a #3 btw make the saga continue lol... Porn... Nice touch X3

not wonder why girl like to see both boy gone naked..... hahaha

That had to be the best vid i'd everseen! That was fantastic keep up the good work.

omg that shit is freaking so great! you should have one some award or something cause that shit is tight!!

\>.</ waaha!


i loved the part with that drug guy helerious and when blues thoughts turned back on him he ended up being in a gay porn movie

Funniest Shit ever!

lollllllllll make a 3

dude i have seen this like 20 times and it is still funny as hell!!

i am slightly confused... but its really funny and i thank you for this amazing video.

that blonde guy does remind me about ed from ed,edd and eddy.
the black guy is quite an idiot... (i would let him suffer him even worse if it was real)
and the brown one... is chush a bit scared... smarter and more why god doesnt hate me style ^.^ emh lol...

P.S. there is a pervert in the movie try to find him. (easy to find)

hillarous man keep going. Its great. Made me laugh all the way through.

is the best if you say a thing

Never really played Megaman that much, but still, stoned = hilarity, and the reversal on Blues is so painful it's funny.

for ever.... woot ... that was awsom.
10 / 10
5 / 5

this flash is funny esp. the last part b4 the ending

Seriously, keep up the good work, I'm looking out for youre next flashes.

Make this into a series it's rly good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you can turn this into a series easily so do it plz this is good material

HaHa HaHa! Even Though the charaters are from mega man I think It's pretty creative
I can't wait for the 3rd one! Yah!

as hell thats for sure ive been playing guilty gear too its awsome.

This Rocks, its so funny, espesially the fact that there are random things in it.
Your videos are ausome!!!

this as yo be one of the funnest seris in history

"Shoulden't we help them?"
"Oh screw that this is go on repet for like ever"


this was so funny and zero owns protoman but who was those chicks at the end axel and iris?

this made me laugh soooo hard XD really good job man.

that was just hilarious.

"Zero put my porn in"
"No my porn!"

C wat happens wen u dont share

the last part whas kinda sad for that guy

"buls pot my pron in"
"no my pron i wont to wosh ben 10"
it is funny

"Zero put my porn in"
"NO my porn!"
Funny just plain funny

that was an awsome flash. very funny and unexpected

He has to put up with so much shit while having to save the whole damn world on a regular basis. And when you think of just how many times Z has died, is it any wonder that he would do drugs? excellent flash! Peace Out, One World!

This is funny but next time speak to a real microfon not to a simple computer. :)

=^-^= keep it up.

Keep it up!

toooo awsome i loved it!!

oh god thats so funny and its made out of win i couldnt even stop laughing

Your style of animating is absolutely PERFECT!!!
It's funny, and a real pleaser to all anime/gaming fans out there!


this is sooo funney how do you guys come up with this stuff

really funny and it has plot to

A funny flash with a fantastic plot, funny and different unique characters plus having video games. Fantastic.

Funny. This is goin on repeat. For like, EVER.

I smell great series coming. Keep up the good work.

pretty funny,one of the best funniest flashes so far,keep it up! =D

hay man i saw ur other 1 to.. plz make a nuther 1 i need to know if blus gets out.

p.s. just to give u an idea y dont the guy and the girls swap place and plz plz plz anser.

hahaha very funny keep the good work

Ha haha haa! Best movie I've seen so far!
''Hey! Zero! Put some porn in!''
''NO! MY PORN!''
But the second part didn't load.

1 of my favorites!!

PLEASSSSSSSS!!! not to worry you but PLEASSS mack TV 3!!!!!

What did i tell you about being nice to BLUES!!!!!!!????????

sucks to be blues back there.

Blues so had it coming to him. And who knew zero ate mushrooms? Nice use of voice acting and sound effects, good job.

rly funny 10/10

This wasn't as good as the 2nd, but it was pure awesome!
I thought rock was a girl at first, untill I saw the Author Comment.
He looks & acts like a girl! XD

Tiny Miniskirts! lol, I love that FMA sound :]

nice xXD



you touched my porn! *tackles*

great movie

The...the ending -laughs like crazy- oh god....so...so......-laughs more-

okay i'm done now >.>

that was the funniest ending I have ever seen! XD

the rest of it was funny too of course...they were fighting a DDR pad? XD

its cool but i feel like if seen it befor im not hateing its cool

You, miss, are freaking awesome!

Hilarious and great

i ...i... im just....spechless it was awesome but how did u find out what they would look like w/o armer

I love this!

it's great, just that one line...

"You touched my porn!"

and yeah, Megaman had an extremely Feminine Voice in 8.....

ha nice , streeets of rage 2 music , some good jokes in here , I loved the episode , and the anime. Joke at the end was good. good job.

It simply is funny as hell.

verry nice flash.
good drawing and pretty good animation.
I liked it a lot.
but altough it was good work on your animating.


Funny as Hell

"Tiny Miniskirts"-from Full Metal Alchemist LOL nice animation

Zero put in my porn!
Funny as hell!

What can I say? This animation had it all: good quality, awesome anime style, a well written script, and good voices. There won't be anymore room on my favs if I keep finding animation this good on NG. And did I mention that it was so funny it almost brought tears to my eyes? 5/5

Very well done on the humor. The only thing lacking was the animation, yet that was only slight. Keep up the great work friend.

This is great work lacey! this is one of the most funniest things ive ever seen this is actually tied for my Number 1 favorite video against TTA and Final Fantasy Day Care! Good work!

Good Luck,

Awesome, that was totally awesome.

please pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasep leasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepl easepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseple asepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplea sepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleas e make more

WELL since no one is using the television...i have NO choice but to watch asian women in...
>_< lol blues is the best nice job

that was great

I love Zero. Poor Blues in the porn. XD

zero rules

this is so friggn funny I watch it all the time (hey nice work dude)

How Effin funny that was I laughed sooo hard

"Oh screw that this is going on repeat...for like EVER"


Great job... Super funny...

Awesome Job. It was really funny

really awesome... but i made the second one my fauvorite... it's the coolest... ^^

GREAT WORK!!! I loved it!! With extra time, ill always come back to watch. absolutely funny and just wonderful.

Not that it really means anything though... /pout

Oh man... Funny, funny stuff. Very good animation quality, too.


the second one is awesome also!

gets funnier every time I watch it

why did you made Blues to be a pervert and Zero to be a druggie? Rock, Blues and Zero are my favourite character in Megaman so I feel a bit sad.

But I know that if they're not like that this flash wouldn't be so funny like this...Oh well. (>_<")

I like your drawing style. And I like how you made the subtitles too. Please keep up a good work.

why does rock aka megaman have a girl voice?

can u make 1 more plz it was so funny


OK here's the thing, me, my friends, and most of my family dig your video so much that we would like to make a real live version (not completely the same) of Attack of The Evil TV just for fun, my friend and one of my brothers has told me that just to be safe I should ask your permission even though we'll probably make a few changes in it, so it wouldn't be completely the same. So with your guys' permission we'd like to start on a live action Attack of The Evil TV, waddya say? pretty please? we promise it wont suck (no guarantee though) lol

hey that waz cooool

i love how its obvious you put alot into this, totaly overshadows alot of other stuff

great job!!!11!

omg i loved the end ing hilariouse!!=]

I just love this. You're an amazing artist! Everytime I watch it, I still laugh at full force; it's like it never get's old. You're simple a genius.

The end was so hilarious how he got mixed up in her role. Truly hilarious.

Therei s one good thing in this. I can't find anything better than this

this is just to funny


Rock:Blues look what you did now!Blues:You touched ma porn!TOTALLY HILARIOUS!!

um yeah i agree wit tall he does have a girly voice he reminds me of me at times when nothin bad happen to me around my 2 friends.

That was funny as hell anyways Rock has a"girly'voice in
Megaman X4 as well

Lol I laughed for days, still laughing.

Yes I already saw the 2nd one, and I loved this one, PLEEEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!! *gets on knees and begs* I ASK YOU FOR A THIRD ONEEEE!~~~!!!! T_T

LOL I say the second one first on accident, so I didn't get it until now.

Anyone who can make my favorite Megaman characters in Human form automatically gets a Gold Star in my list.

I loved this animation one of the funniest I've seen in a while you gotta make more!!!


The way you draw caught my eye submit something that teaches people how to draw like that!

this is the best one so far hell 10/10

I'm a big fan of these videos and Megaman. Can't wait till the next one. I've probably reviewed this millions of times. But! This time, I wanted to say, I saw a pciture of Miss cloud in a video, and I immediately recognized the drawing style! It was you! *high five*

its awsome i have to give a 10 to this and part 2

very nice....and shiny

Really good characterdesign :) Have to watch your over works! Nice Job :D

!! That was awesome!!!!!!! I think u should just mark down zero as shocked out of his mind next time cause personally, i'm a zero fan. (no, i'm not a nerd or geek. wthswt stands for WHAT THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HECK WAS THAT????????????????????????????????!

That was great.

I have watched this god knows how many times and it is just hilarious... Even to this day. Best bit is this:

Dude 1: Oh yeh I am getting it on the Reylin tonight!
~Sudden Pause~
Dude 1: Wait... Doesn't Reylin where this gown?
Random Guy: Hey there big boy.
Dude 1: OH MY GOD!!!

this is the best flash in ng!!!!!!

Nice, Full Metal Alchemist quote "TINY MINISKIRTS !!"

Just because of that, you get a 5/5 10/10


I'm just waiting for another one...this series has me floored! This series brightens my day.

i like it man its funny cuz its also anime

Shit man, my tear channels are bone dry from wathcing this, you rock, for gods sake, keep up the good work:D

OMG What the?! YES!!!!



This was absolutely hilarious!

Deserves this ten

this was hilarious!

funny can u make a 3rd of this

Hikari42 should be...no, IS one of the Newgrounds Kings! (Queen, if your a girl, sorry ^_^;)


this was frigging hilarious as hell. especially the end lmao : )good stuff good stuff

yes. we need a network anime show like this.

Funny as Hell

hahahahahahahaha make more it is funny

I hope Pt.3 well be done soon.

omg that was so funny XD.
"Zero! put my porn in!"
"NO MY PORN!" lol that made me laugh soooo much XD.
classic XD

Zero is just plain funny man.

That was funny as hell. I loved the art work and the story was awsome.

Great art work and funny story...I'm big on the art work.

This is the funniest shit out there. Keep up the great work

Screw that, this is going on repeat.. for like ever!

That was to damn funny, please make more.

IM KICKING ZERO'S ASS... He stole my shrooms. T.T MY SHROOMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was soooooooooooooo funny. My buddies and I watch this all the time. Dude, your one funny guy. It had a funny story line and a great cast. I liked eveything about it.


that was hilarous you've so gotta make more

all i have to say is that was bloody brilliant


everyone knows that plasma shot docent effect DDR mat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that shit was hilarious especially when he goes to porn and the guy starts fuking blues i was cracking up u rock dude make a part 3

roflcopter that is so hilarious.
i think its so funny when blues says why'd you hit me?
this makes me laugh...

hilarious dude i love tis show so funny

that was fuckin ace mate, i fell of my chair at the end that was just funny you win my vote 10/10 :D

I have no choice but to watch Aisan women in....


Okay, enough saying what you know I would do, awesome movie. I can't wait till #3!

i cant stop laughing either the porn was the funnyest part haha

i cant stop laughing!!

Megaman does hve a high pitched voice in 8 doesn't he?
Also in X4 his voice is rather high.
Anyway great flash.

u touched my porn lol

I saw this on Deviantart, and I just had to come here and comment on it. This is so frickin' funny! Rock sounds like a chick, and Zero is a stoner. *Snicker* I feel bad for Blues though...sort of... ^_^;; 10/10

funniest thing i have ever seen! im postin this thing everywhere!

its a good vid and can u make a custom char like ME? or at least put angry faic in it oh and i want his transform to be master chief and THOSE CHAIN LETTERS SUCK i read one days ago and nothing happend but the accedent part was right and i didnt post anything GO MADNESS!!!!!!!

i love it! its hilarious and has awesome animation. Two thumbs up!

you is awesome... i think like every aspect in this is AWESOME + i like the humor. I watch this almost every day lol...

Freaking hilarious. You can just watch over and over again, and its still funny. If laughter cures illnesses, this is the cure for aids.

that was hilarious, the only way to take the dance mat down is to step to the rythym of Waka Laka!

it seems so liekely Zero would get that drugged too

this is one of the most funnyest flashes ive ever seen... i could stop laughing! XD
i mean zer a druggy, blues a prv, rockman with a girl voice! i was dying from laugher!
i just wana know who were thoes two girls at the end of the flash? where they just random people or did they have to do something with rockman?

I laughed so bloody hard when I first watched this :) I've seen it at least ten times now, and I still bust out laughing! XD "I have no choice but to watch Asian women in TINY MINISKIRTS!" Hahaha! OMG, that was so incredibly funny! I've never seen anyone do Blues, Rock and Zero the way you have--it's truly unique, fresh, and simply hilarious :D Keep it up! ;)


good graphics, funny random stuff and 100% awesome

This flash made me laugh so hard the first time I say it, I cried. I want to see a thrid.

lol this has gotta be one of da best vids on newgrounds eva!

As the title says. I have always had fun watchin this video. 10ed and 5ed

super funny

megaman sounds like a girl...
Thats y its funny!:)

THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY........but........what the hell does this have to do with megaman?

I see the part that zero put his porn and blues qet raped... did you make zero gay

PD: in the final fantasy fight, why did you dont make rock transform into megaman like blues???

i knew zero was a druggy, just look at his long hippie hair (quickly hides own hair to avoid "hippie detection")

quite entertaining but i dont get the part where they talk about drugs or somtin'

TTxTT So beautiful... XD

love the ending,nicely drawn and VERY funny...too short...

Very original. I still don't get that! So much unseen talent! It proves that once you have seen the best, you can still see better.

I just cant stop laughing. That was great! XD!!!!!!

this rules!!! streets of rage...wow

Definitely make a series of this. Do NOT let the funny die out. Oh. By the way. 3 favorite lines in it were "TINY MINISKIRTS!", "You touched my porn >_<" and "OMG SCARY TV PEOPLEZ!" Truly funny. Definitely recommend you to make this a series, and most of all, KEEP THE FUNNY ALIVE! (Sorry if this review wasn't helpful. ^^" ")

Try making a series. and try making one not funny. mix it up. But it was awsomly funny! Rock was and is the best.

Kiby: This movie was extremely funny, I feel bad for Blues though.... wait no I don't.
The animations were great and the subbtitles made it easier to follow. The voices were better than what I expected. Keep up the good work. Lastly, the only thing I would improve on is how loud the speaking is, sometimes it was hard to hear what they said.

i love the little anime. man he did'nt see that coming...

I loved the articulate feel of your anime and I enjoyed the funny humor you put into it too. I hope you create more animtions like this in the future.

you sir can DRAW!

Dude, you gotta make a sequal to this or something.

it wuz great-almost better then my favorite thing-queen ^.^
5/5 10/10

Freaking funny!! i loved the references, that episode of FMA was my favorite.
the animation is great and the battle with the ddr pad is so true.
Keep up the good work!!

plz make more!!11

WHERE'S NUMBER 3???????????????????? You ROCK!

ur awesome i saw ur site u should submit "attack of the evil tv 2" also on newgrounds.

omg that was one of the funniest flashes i have ever seen! you guy are awsome..........ALL HAIL NIGHTS!

this is the most funniest shit i ever saw!!!!!!!!!!!!

and the animation is one of the best i eer seen mind telling me which flash you used????

WOOT this is..........awsome!!!!!!!!!!!! fucking make more!!!!!!!!!!! plz hmmmmmmmm lmfao!!!!!!!


One of the funniest flashes ever!!!

It would be funny if that happend to me, who knows what I would do in my TV.

alls i know is that its freakin funny

I know there's little violence and interactivity but I love this cartoon so much I couldn't give it any less then 10 for everything!

I love everything about Attack of the evil TV, I even had a go at changing my own anime drawing style occasionally to match this because they're so cute and funny, and have a lot of personality.

PLEASE I'm begging you to keep these going, They're both classics and deserve to be in the top 50 of all time! (I'm very biased lol)

I'll base this rating on both "Attack of the Evil TV" movies:

Graphics: Have you been taking art classes? Because that's some professional artwork and animation that you've done. Pretty detailed backgrounds, good usage of colors, and smooth anime-styled drawings are all reasons why I gave this a 10 in graphics.

Style: A comical take on the Megaman series. However, I do wonder how and why Rock and Blues from the classical Megaman series, and Zero from the Megaman X and Zero serieses are in the same movie?

Sound: Excellent choice of music and usage of sounds. That's about all that I could say.

Violence: Comical for the most part. The only time when it looked serious was when Blues was fighting Bass near the end of the 2nd movie, but that was still not as bloody or gory as several other videos that I've seen. I like what you've done in this category. Keep up the good work.

Interactivity: At least there's a button that I can use to start the movie and a replay button.

Humor: So much humor, so little time to write it all. I liked Blues's, Zero's, and Lacey's antics the most throughout both movies.

Overall: Excellent work. I can't wait for part 3 of "Attack of the Evil TV." Both movies are definitely going to my favorites section, while you've become one of my favorite authors. Keep up the good work. ;-)

That was awesome - seems similar to that 90's movie where the guy gets trapped in TV Land - "Stay Tuned" I think.

Very entertaining.

Loved all of that!

First of all I thought it was awsome. I have a few questions.
1)Is the dance at the beginning(during the loading)the dance that Aya does in the beginning of tenjou tenge?
2)who are the two chicks at the end supposed to be?
3)why were they sucked into the tv?

like seriously, you need to do more of these, the end was the icing on the cake :D.

Nice work on keeping characters similar to themselves...Rock still sounds like a girl just like in MM8 and Blues is more hardcore but you did a complete 180 with Zero and I loved it.

He thought he was going to be the dude in the porn and then.. that's great!!

dude that was hilarious especially zero as i said up there thats zero's best line in this flash Blues is pretty good too i feel sorry for him getting gay raped XD Rock isnt too shabby either

That was pretty funny. except I have one question.


Your drawing style is amazing! Keep them coming!

Your work is so awesome,I can't wait for the third one,and referring back to the last guy,first thing it's spelled NiGHTS,second,I don't think he's crazy,I just think he's stoned like Zero! XD

is nights very crazy or what i mean in this movie

i loved this! its frickin hilarious! it was funny how you put Paranoia Agent in there. and i realized that most of it had to do with music. one character is blues, the other is rock,they fought a DDR pad...it was and is an awesome clip

I love it............................
...........Thats awesome man make some more.

I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DUDE! I was laughing my ass off keep making more.

I almost chocked on my popcorn watching that! That was hilarious! Definately a 5!

Funny shit

XD ahahhahahaha OMg go blues kick zero`s ass and wait thats protoman?! awsome dude

Yay Zero!
Anyway, this is an awesome anime, probably the funniest I've ever seen!

I love all things megaman, but this one takes the cake.
please make more

that flash was cool funny and well animated. and to answer the
guy before me's quesion. blues is based on protoman

Gosh I'm sure glad I'm not blue. Who is blue based off anyway? What was the best was the ff fight. So cool. And who can Blue be so safe?

the best flash i have ever seen

My first time I reviewed one of your submissions, hikari. I have to say, you are awesome! I loved tis animation a lot!

Graphics: Where do I start? Nicely drawn and animated! I can't say much else.
Style: I loved your use of characters and plot.
Sound: Voice acting was great! Nice sound effects too!
Violence: Meh. Besides the DDR pad killing Blues, nothing really.
Interactivity: None. It was a movie.
Humor: I laughed from start to finish! Zero stoned? That was a classic! lol Random battle for FF was funny too!

This movie was awesome, even though I already said it. Great job! Keep them coming! BTW: You are now one of my favorite authors!

xD i almost puked cause i was laughing so much

i still watch this video since the day it was posted

This is going on REPEAT FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome - wow - love what u have done with the chars. The voices are well done... nicely voiced not sounding cheesey at all.... great job! Well drawn...MORE!

this movie was the best yet!

As my summary says this is Hilarious. hey I got a request try making a parody of Bass next tim kay?

This ROCKS! It is one of the funniest submissions I have ever seen!

This one of the funniest things I have ever seen. I would given you all tens but interactivity was one and its a movie. I liked Zero being a druggy.

Lol I swear i love yer stuff cuz this is hilarious and I loved how you made Zero a Druggy ^^ to bad you only appeared once on this flash tho :(

Can't... stop... laughing...


Ahem. Yea. Good stuff, good quality, although Rock sounds more like a kid than a girl. Or perhaps you were going for that?

xDDDDD i thought this was the funny thing i saw about megaman and blues with zero(wat a cooll mix cause zero rocks!)and ur an awesome artist/drawer(wat ever it is) nice work and keep it up....now...to....part 2!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the 5000th time I've watched this because its so damn funny... I've watched the second on more though.. XD

Here's my review on Attack 1, but you really should release at least a preview for Attack 3 on NG, cos not all of us wanna join DeviantART, or can draw good enough to do so.

Graphics are a 10, because of the clever use of many different games and mixing things up.

Style 9, because the ideas are very original, except for the homosexual rape scene, which kinda put me off watching flash for a while first time I saw it.

Sound also a 9, cos you recorded all your sounds and voices with only 3 people involved in production.

Violence, 10, cos it's good, funny violence, not the usual slapstick stuff either.

Interactivity, 0, cos it's a movie for the love of Jesus.

Humour, 10, obviously, cos it's so damn funn6y I nearly broke my diaphragm laughing my head off.

Overall, a 10 from me, and a 5 vote.

There's a good movie ;-)

That was an excellent hilarous anime flash,animation was great,voice acting was even better and the whole concept was just funny as shit,tons of effort was store into this beaut. =)

Lol this was really good has style and humor,yea awesome keep it up!

Well as I can see this was funny overall.

Seriously, you take this of the "female power" way too far, demon

thats the funniest part of the video they're complaining to Zero then boom MA DRUGZ awesomeness and still MAKE A THREE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

this was the best freaking video i have ever seen! i mean holy crap! i couldnt stop laughing!!! i almost crapped my pants! hurry with number 3!

seen this like 20 times nowand it's goin to my faverits

hey did you ever notice that zero (mushroom man)
has the exact same hair as zero (megaman charictor)

anyways awesom movie ......OMG I JUST GOT THE BEST IDEA EVER
make a game out of this!!!! yeah like ff eleventy

graphix: its japinese anime!!!
style: i should't have to explain
sound:you did the vioces good but put some background music
violence: blues got nocked in the head with a baseball bat and they foght a ddr mat.

i can`t stop laughing!!

what is a deal zero ,why does roak have a girl voice
but it was still funny


I liked Zero! He liked porn, and he was stoned! Thats the Zero that i kno XD Nice Flash dude!

you, you win the freaking prize!!

That was a great submission

@@@@ the loading, dude, i reapeat @@@@ THE LOADING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ha ha blues is gettin ass raped for eternity and is rock voiced by a girl?

This is the best Flash movie I've seen so far, hands down! It deserves to be in the Megaman Collection. Now for your second one.

Graphics: 10. - I can't imagine how long it took you to do the graphics.

Style: 10. - You hit my funny bone with everything. I love how you did cameos from different games.

Sound: 10. - Man, voicing Rock with a female voice was PERFECT! You're right, his voice in Megaman 8 IS horrible.

Violence: 10. - I'm giving it a 10 because even though there wasn't really that much violence, you made up for it with everything else.

Interactivity: 10. - Read above.

Humor: INFINITY. - Wait, there isn't an infinity? Crap. Anyways, this made me roll over every time I heard "TINY MINISKIRTS!". And don't forget: "'Hey big boy.' 'OH MY GOD!'". That was my favorite part, not to mention that you made Zero a moronic stoner.

Overall: 10. This is going down as my favorite Flash movie. Actually, it's hard to decide with your other Attack of the evil TV 2. Keep up the good work.



HALARIOUS! I played it, like, forty times. I cracked up with laughter. Looks great, may take a while to load, totally worth the wait. The music choice was good, and I loved how the p0rn the was played.
Great, I loved every moment.

THAT WAS FUNNY i loved every minute of it

Dude this movie was the funniest thing i had ever seen! i love the anime and megaman theme it was awesome dude! i've seen number 2 and im about to vote on it right now and trust me it'll be a good vote i love this movie

I really enjoy your work cant wait for #3

This is one of the best videos I have ever seen the part I liked was when NiGHTS was on drugs he said: Ma drugs common man I know you dat ideya on you fool I need dat ideya. Actually I like everything about this video

That was so funny! The bird in the window had such a funny expression! O.O

sweet man!that was hilarious carry on and make some more

i laughed my head off watching this XD

AWESOME FLASH! Oh, and the part where blues is raped is my favorite part, mainly cause he deserved it after being a A$$hole to rock. Good Work!

I've watched this about...I can't remember how many times...and I like it better each time! Only one thing bothers me...what's the first show that Rock and Blues appear in while inside the TV? I couldn't see because the credits moved too fast.

i think it was a great submission keep doing your best and things will go great.

on the other hand you could get lazy and realy screw up it's realy up to you.

"the journey of one thousand miles must begin with a single step"
-Lao Tzu-

Sometimes I wish things could do that , except the gay porn part.

Oh meh gawsh! This was such an AMAZING cartoon!!! I wish I can do things like this! And when you made knights act like a drug addict-- PURE GOLD! Such an amazing job!!! make more pleaZ!!!

that was hilarious lol. Blues and zero r my fav characters lol!
make more lol

Where the HELL do you come up with this stuff? Because, it's genius!, it goes wrong with a ramming, Final Fantasy DDR pad, then Nights...LOL! sweet stuff.

Dude this is by far the most funniest series ive seen in my whole life! Its so original and well drawn its fucking nuts man haha!
good job.

O: Zomg! Your Flash = Pwnage! Make Another One Like This! And if you need a voice actor, send a PM my way. :D I'll give it a shot <.<;;

HOpe your flashes continue to be awesome!

i gave the violence a 10 because the porn thing it made me hurt but it kicks assssssssssssssssssssss

HHAHAHHA I just watches all your submissions, and I'm only gonna leave one review :D but I'll tell ya cuz of the 2 evil TV submissions, you have definitely just been added to my favorite authors list! :D HELL YES keep it up!

....NICE..........NAOKI IS DRAW VERY GOOD....^0^.....

i love how when the channels changed they were in diffrent games and the porno thing made me wet myself! Make more dude that was great

I can't wait for more ways to torture Blues!!!

I liked this! Make more soon! I GROW IMPATIAN WITH A RAGING FIRE!!!!!!! j/k

i personally thought that this little bit was verry fun but its verry case sensative humor.aneyone who dosent really know megaman wont think this is funny. because if that i had to drop the scores a tad, other than that its a great effort and a great cartoon. great work

NO MY PORN! lol awsome flash

tiny miniskirts from full metal alchemist

Like the title of this says...except i wasnt on the floor...
every thing was good except some of the sound.
Very funny!

I loved it.It takes everything that i love and rolls it into one awesome animation.I also like the way everything looks.

I had to rewind it just to see that part again. I can't wait for part 3 (if there is one)!

i really cant drag it our anymore........ummmmmm........
0 w8 i got nope lost it nvm carry on

This video was so funny. I have (at this moment in time) watched this video AT LEAST a dozen times.

By the way, Rockman Blues(man?) and Zero or the names of the heroes. The names were changed for the American version.

Here's a run-down:

Video = Japanese Name = American Name

Rock = Rockman = Megaman
Blues = Blues(man?) = Protoman
Zero = Zero = Zero

are Blues,Zero,and Rock based on Protoman,Megaman,and what's his face from the megaman games?

it's great. I love the "put mah porn in"LOL

This was really funny, great timing and voices. good work. poor blues

hey, remember me.well if you don't you need to read your "other" comments :) well i loved this episode and the other one XD keep up the good work.

You are officialy marked pwnsome.
Though why does Zero eat 'Shrooms?
Rock is aso cool, and...poor, poor Blues...

Where else can I see ur movies it be cool if u put them in youtube.

that was like so funny! i liked the end part with the 2 girls like saying: this is going on repeat for like EVER. so funny.

Very good job, nice humor and perfect graphics:d

this was great. one of my all time favorites on new grounds. when os a part 3 comin?

this was so friggin funny.i see that rick is megaman blues is protoman and the other is zero.i like when they fight the ddr mat.i wonder how they will get out of the tv!

my sister thinks ist gay but i dont its a great film

humor- 99 hey can you send me a copy to put on my myspace? i will give you credit for this TONS OF CREDIT!!! i mean this is the only flash that i love the most!!! its so funny i always laugh! i saw number 2 as well! aw man when ever i think about this and im on the computer i will vote 5!!! THIS FLASH OWNS NEWGROUNDS!!!!
( MA DRUGZ!!!! Come on man, I KNOW YOU GOT THAT iydia on yah!
I NEED MY IYDIA!)*did i spell idyia right?*

This Is FUNNY!!!!!Plus Rockman is my favorite video game character.

that was friggin hilarious, poor blues though, gotta feel sorry for tha guy.btw y does lacy h8 his guts? oh well, 3rd one PLEASE!!!11one! k thanx buy now

I usually don't like stuff like that at all. But it was actually pretty funny. Keep it up, freal! I would have liked to actually get to know the characters a tad, y'know? but it was still cool. Paranoia agent > ALL. And that little dance at the beginning from Tenjou Tenge was super cute and charming. ^_^ All in all, this owns.

Awesome, truly awesome, and just random things. That brought a tear to my eye. so beautiful, anywho it is an awesome flah.

It was Awesome!!!!! Zero is really disturbing, still I like better the 2nd part

I thought this flash movie was great. I enjoyed alot of it. The shading was exellent, and the character design is above-par. The charaters personalitys are very nice too. Zero the druggie, Blues the umm.. pervert, Rock the girlie voiced person are all hilarious. The movie flowed nicely all the way through. I thought the ending was great. I look forward to more movies from you.

this is definitly one of my favorites

dw about that last guy, he just doesnt know the jokes and satire that u had. I frankly think the voices could be cleaned up a little but besides that I loved it. I remember watching your first flash and knew that it had sooo much potential in it and am very happy to see the Attack Of The Evil TV series take flight, good on your team and I hope to see more of your work in times to come.

The jokes I've seen and heard here are very worn out. Porn? Dance Dance Revolution? Final Fantasy? I know everyone likes a pop culture reference here and there but Final Fantasy? And the animation. At the beginning, when Megaman or whoever's playing that video game, I only see his damn thumbs move around! That's it? You couldn't have put anything more subtle in there? I didn't see one subtle thing in this movie. I could easily predict what was going to happen next and what was going to fall into place. Sound? Weak. When you have actions that are hard hitting like "Blues" kicking Megaman in the head, you need a thump, I mean a real THUMP. I was hearing Mario sound effects throughout the rest. Insane!

Overall and CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM: I just don't see what the good is in making countless pop culture references. Do you not think you're funny enough to put your own little spin on it, your own hard hitting style of humor? Look, it's not like I'm trying to be a jerk, I'm rooting for this idea, and series. It's just that I wish you would put a little more effort into what you're doing. Put in more frames per second, or get another artist to help you out if you have to. You can never go wrong with more artists helping you out. That's basically it. I'd like to see more original humor and more fluency in your animation.

although this is attack of the evil tv 1 i already wrote a review for attack of the evil tv 2 so heres the easter egg in attack of the evil tv 2:

after blues gets the (gay) makeover move your mouse over the orange haired girl outside the tv (NOTE: this is what got number 2 its mature rating so beware)

this flash is EPIC...watched it about 20 times in a row and it never got old...

awsome dude!!!!!!

good job

Awesome but I like the 2nd one better because it was longer but this one was good to. I loved the ending LOL.

This is such pwn!! SUCH PWN!! The animation style is awesome, it's ungodly hilarious, it pwns so v3ry h4rdx0r!!! It pwns so much I just recessed into 1337! ;o Instant fave.


I LOVE THIS! This is an istant favorite. I love the plot and everything!

The part with Streets of Rage was my favorite, and the part with Final Fantasy was good as well. I do wish it could have been longer though.

For days, I've seen the sequel to this advertised on the front page but completely ignored it. Today, I just said, what the hell, and I went ahead and looked at this one. OMFG This was wonderful! Streets of Rage, Final Fantasy, Nights, Para freagin noia agent!? LMAO GENIUS!

Very funny but too short.

I Liked tis movie!!!

Both of you AoTETV were kick ass! Hope you make another! Your style is remarkable and clean smooth running is what got this a 10!
The only down side was the end with the yaoi. That gave me the heebly jepplies!

Very good its was a great flash im giving you a 5, anyway the graphics were great and so was the style and sound you got a 6 on violence mainly cuase of the part where blues gets raped *ouch*
and the humor gets a ten

overall GREAT

This was just plain brilliant. But why's Zero gotta be a stoner!? He was always the coolest character in the entire megaman universe. And Megaman's voice in MM8 was definitely a chick.

I love teh dancing preloader. You have great animating skills, m' boy. The porn thing was so wrong, Lol, but it made me happy not to be in his position. Great job

this is one of the best movies I have ever seen. It had zero, woohoo. Funny Funny Funny. Going to watch #2 now. keep up the good, no, the Great, NO, the awsome of awsomeness work.

That's have to hurt... A lot... AWESOME. I'm gunna watch part 2 right now!

my first review!(yay!). I've seen this movie umpteen dozen times
and every time the ending gets funnier and funnier! the only problem I have with this is:
1. why did u make blues(or protoman here in the U.S.A.) a total jackass?
2. why is Zero a shroom freak instead of the bitchin reploid warrior he is,
and 3. why is rock(or megaman(not X, the original megaman)) a total WUSS!?!?
other than those little humorous character flaws(I have nothing against what you've done, I mean,It's flippin funny) keep up the good work. :)

dude this has to become a mini series this has to be some of the best flash movies ive seen. the art is sick and i give you much respect on that (i draw anime as well but not anywhere near as cartoonie) i would love to see this boil over and come to an end or maybe not lol keep it up killer tv 3 lets see it.

Ha, I watched this one after the second and I have to say, not much more I can say. Your animating improved a bit though, from this to the second one.


HAHAHAHAHA! that was funny... and zer isn't a girl

Clearly I'm not the only one who thinks Rock sounds like a chick in MM8. Keep it up!

A most hillarious short. Please make more!

Great flash :)!! I really haven't laughed my ass off that hard in so long, and it was well deserved! Your style of animation roxors my socks off! The sound was a little crackly at times (could be me, I'm sorta deaf) but still it was pretty well done in context :). Overall, keep up the sweet work, I'm off to go watch Attack Of The Evil TV 2 'cause I just found out about it!!


Television stupidity combined w/ Mega Man... I am not worthy, I am not worthy, I am not worthy...

oh the agony

its so funny you can make it a series!!!

Very random but hilarious!!! You make the most hilarious films ive ever seen!! keep up the good work!

You make some of the best Flash's ive ever seen, I love the graphics and the overall style! I give it an overall 10. GOOD JOB!

this thing is amazing i loved it, one of the funniest thigns ive ever seen, thans for submitting it

awsome 1 of the funniest things ive seen in months. o this is to the guy that asked if rock is a girl or guy. if u played mega man games. expecially mm8 he sounds like a girl. and he sounds like a girl in mmx4. but neways cant wait for the 3rd 1


It's rare to find a Paranoia Agent parody on NG. That made me lol, I bestow upon this a 5/5. Good work on this and great porody choices.

so i can ride around in rollerskates and whack people over the head with it! XDXXXDDXXDDXXDXD

oh man that Paranoia agent reference totally made my day!
man if i hope my tv never suck me in while i'm watching porn >_<

Still the best! =] Just having another daily cheack on to vote a 5! =]

I loved this. I gave it a 10 becuase of the end. That was really good =P. I watched the second one, but I think this one is better just becuase of the end. Keep on makeing more.

that was to AZN for me to take a evil DDR board

Oh my god this is one of the funniest things ive ever seen, please, please, plz make a series, i love how u made the characters from megaman on it great job.

Title says it all...Though, seeing Blues get his ass kicked (among other things) is always amusing...poor guy just keeps setting himself up.

This is really good. You should make more of these.

nice work on this flash i hope you continu it past 2

Zero ftw :P

Lol nice, I couldn't stop laughing! it was just too funny...

Oh yea, why does Rock sound like a girl? Did he go through puberty yet? Or is he just a girl...

Oh yea(again)I recongnized something from the preloader, are you a Tenjho Tenge fan? cuz i am...

Funny stuff. Very much so. But I thought it odd that rock sounded like a girl. Isnt he supposed to be a dude?

lmao i thought it was funny

sounds like a girl... looks like.... im really not sure
also- if he/she is a guy- u really need 2 get a different voice actor.
loved it tho.

the only question of this animation where the shrooms come 0_0?
that was the best flash of this start of year,who i ever seen

OH MY GOD....... I was laughing so hard I fell outta my chair, no kidding, damn.
Zero just got another 2 points on the stoner scale :P
As for blues, heheheheheheh, poor bastard XD

Oh my god I loved that!

That was pretty funny. Now i'm gonna go watch the second one. Can't wait for more.

The BEAR things tha this is H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-ZZZZZZZ!

All right, so I hunted down the original Attack of the Evil TV to see what that was like. Let me tell you, it was awesome! This movie was so funny, with good voice acting overall and decent graphics, though you did a much better job in number 2. At least now I can get the plot, which was much more focused in this one. I loved it, and must say that you have a talent for weirdness. Keep up the stunning work!

That was great! I was on the floor with laughing!

well, its nice but i prefer a lot episode 2, its so nice but i cant put th elink and another thing to the guy who reviewed before:
bass is from megaman series, appeared in megaman 8 for snes and has nothing to go with zero, since zero is from megaman x the snes games and the playstation, and in the original megaman fron nes, snes and bla bla bla zero doesnt exist if u didnt know

way did the tv sed your mom is this a jok it is stil it was funny

I watcht it 5 times and cast is zero,blues and rockman.

but forte(bass) is zeros brotther I watcht megaman X in a episode

zero father was wily that makes the brothers but huo cares nice

flash and I vote 5 lol.

good drawings and animation, but I dunno, I didn't like it that much

How did you get daily feature and daily second place?

This has definately taken my five keep up and good work.

now i can use this flash to piss off my friends who love parnoia agent fans ^^ and uh it was uncalled for to dis that sega saturn game nightshade lol well good job anyways.

This Flash was probably one of the best done animations I've seen on Newgrounds this year, and since the year is closing out, I consider that a sterling achievement. Good job.

Your graphical style and the smoothness of every single animation in the flash makes it incredibly fun to watch, while the expertly timed humor pieces and great voice actors (Sound effects fall under 'expertly timed humor pieces') make this a treat for my ears. Low Violence and Interactivity scores are self-explanatory, but don't detract from the flash's shining quality and incredible sense of random humor.

I did have a few questions, such as, when can I be on the lookout for the second installment of Flash animation by you, that features these particular characters (and perhaps a couple new ones?) Or, when did you come up with those particular styles for the characters? I have to say that they're creatively drawn, considering how Capcom normally leaves them in armor no matter what during their games. Finally, why did you choose that particular voice for Rock? While I think it fits the character, I also can see where some people might consider it a feminine voice, and thus wonder if you perhaps hadn't joined your version of Zero in being stoned. (Not implying anything, as I said, I thought it was a fitting voice.)

Overall though, this Flash is definitely a favorite of mine and one that I will be sharing with my friends and random strangers for quite some time. Excellent job.

Man The Part That Killed It Was When The Weird Guy Said I Need That Ideya! And The Porn Thing LOL Is The There Going To Be A Part 2? Respond plz!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111!

Everything was great, but why did you have Mega's voice a girl's?

Best...Megaman comedy/parody I've ever seen...I laugh every time I watch it, you've gotta make more of em' their awesome

THAT WAS SO DAMN FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

This was a huge file size which is ok because it had lots of hiquality content and neat music, but you should still try and make movies with much less, but glad you won some awards for it it was just abit large, anyways nice job.

Just some file reduction.

Neat flash abit big but nice music and effects.


That... was... so... PWNING... AWESOME!!

This has been one of the funniest i have seen. Great job with
the humor; and the final fantasy random battle scene with the DDR
mat, that was freakin' hilarious. Keep Up the Good work, and Keep
'em Coming.

You touched my porn!!

Zero a stoner i knew it annyway i loved it and were you get that gif at the end i want it ^.^

Dude that was awesome and funny!!! Anyone who loves manga and comedy should watch this. Could animating, and art too.

man that funny. you should make another. 2 thumbs up!!!!

But how come there dressed as humans? Oh well, that was fuckin Hallarious! And when Zero came in stoned, (not the mushrooms part, that was mean)! >:(

My favorite part is the begining and I <3 Zero. Stupid Zero -^_^-

I like how you used Roys line from FMA! It wuz so funny! Zero acted like Inuyasha. Just random funniness! Good Keep Up The Good Work!

That was, quite possibly, the funnies thing I have seen all night. If it were not 3 am, I would be snorting so hard, even after watching that three times in a row. <333

The voices were great, so was the fart sound for the actions in the Final Fantasy battle! xD Just brilliance

good work onthe graphics


I have been waiting for a well done, non-sprite, anime series for ages! This could seriously become a TV-Show, there's enough interest out there for this kind of content. Not that I expect it any time soon. Characters you should consider bringing in: Bass, Roll, Vile, Axl.

make this a series! This is one of the best flashes i've ever seen.

this is the one of the best flashes iv seen

This was hella funny! This should be a series if not already.

This is yet another good drawing skills that COULD petentionally be put to much better work but this is still a great movie, love the stoner, but im still wtf about the ddr pad. Guess great dance movies are totally poonage lol. also good copy of zero in the end, very nice.

My brother told me about this movie. It's, to quote Strong Bad, G-E-W-D-GEWD. I especially like the segment where NiGHTS talks and acts like a drug-frenzied gangster. (Funny connotation.) I also like your Flash drawing style. Keep it up!

but work on the sound

like the person before me that was awsomely funny and i hope it would be the opening to a series :D so yeah awsome ^_^

That had to be the funniest thing I've seen in a long while... Keep it up!

The Nights appearance was hilarious. For that other dude that was asking who the brunette chick on the couch was, that would be Arena, who happened to make her appearance in the other 3 flash movies along with Zero. ;) Anyways this has gotta be ur best flash! u got You Spin Me Round stuck in my head now! XD

That Fullmetal Alchemist sound clips was well placed (Tiny Miniskirts).
Well Done

True rock did sound like a girl, but i dont care about that. It is just that this animation shows what that, and all other preverts deserve. Anyway, the music was great, i even sat through the credits because the music was good there too. Keep it up, i love your animations. Goodluck!

1.Why does Megaman(Rock) sound like a girl?
2.How did Zero get in the T.V?
And 3.Who were those two girls at the end?

Omfg that was hilarios I think i'm gonna die that was so frekin funny make more of this.

that was shitty funny man xD poor blue, or whatever that guys name is, pooooooor guy......make more!!

soooooo funny!!!!! when is the sequel coming out?!?!?

(i counted the video games and the painfully rammed(XD) as violence for the ten)

This seemed like a fun project to work on. The dialog was a little crunchy-sounding, but other than that, it was a funny entry.

Dude I got one thing to say: All-time favorite!!!

That was f-ing hilarious!! Everything was great! The TV said Your Mom on it.... I'm not gonna go through everything, but this was amazing!

Finally, I remembered to vote on this one! Everything rules in this movie, from the plot to the TV that says "Your Mom" on it.

If you made a sequel, that would be awesome! This is the funniest thing I've ever seen on newgrounds, hands down. An instant classic, and OMG, I actually remember that game for the sega saturn! That's one really old game, dude. Still awesome. Keep up the great work! But if you have a life and can't really do anymore submissions, i completely understand, becuase I have one too. :D

Hikari42... this is... the funniest Megaman/Anime submission on Newgrounds. Also, when I make a movie about my own Megaman Series, don't think I copied you. I made it up a LONG time before I watched this.

Great work! Very, very hard to beat indeed.

This is maybe the best submission that I've seen in Newsgrounds! I loved the graphics most, Blues and Rock are just so cute :) I'm looking forward to a sequel.

Evn the crap bofore was fuckin hilarious i`ll give it a ten because theres nothing higher.........................................yup sOOOOOOoooOO high not that kinda high..actualy alittle high but thats what soda does to ya heh alot o soda

my god that was hillarious. i loved the FMA voice clip you added. the whole damn thing was a scream! i wish i could give a 12! damn i pissed myself!

i watch it every day but the only thing i thought was weird was why did rock sound like a girl?

funny shit

I swear, this has got to be one of the best anime flashes yet, mainly not too much time was spent on graphics that wouldn't make the time a waste if no one liked it. I love the humor in this one, and kudos to whoever lent his hilarious voicing skills for Blues. I love it, dude, and am waiting eagerly for the next episodes, if you plan on making any.

sure, 10 for graphics, because it's actually very refreshing to see some freehand-drawn flash here. and high-quality at that. it mixes real anime with kidlike anime (forgot how those are called). i'd be honoured if Hikari taught me drawing.
and yeah, 10 for style. it's just... unique. i havent seen those ideas before, like... it was unpredictable. and i dont know if it's a part of "style" or not, but notice the scrawls on the walls in their room, too. and the game they play, notice the number of lives left, lol. it's like a copyright or something.
sound is okay, but i recognized alot of effects from other places, and some were outta place (tho i loved them).
well i'd say "make more", but that's no fun. i'll just wait patiently now. keep it up!

can u plz make more of this

lol, that totally made my day. It just so happens my interest in Megaman X has been rekindled lately, so it was a wonderful coincidence.

I especially loved the Tenjou Tenge dance during the preloader. Nicely done!

It was hilarious, and the subtitles did come in handy, especially with that purple drug guy. The voice acting was good and the homoerotic rape at the end seemed...fitting.

Seriously. This is the funniest thing I've seen in MONTHS. We need a sequal. The RETURN of the evil TV! But yeah, this is a work of genius. I'm gonna go draw fanart eventually. Oh, and the idea reminds me ever so slightly of that Rockman OVA... Wishing Upon a Star I think? Anyway, great job.

"This is going on repeat for like... ever." hahaha that was hilarious. 5/5.

awesome style, plot, everything. i was laughing so hard tinsel came out my ears, and i dont even know what that means

god this is so funny this is one of the best flash I seen were do you git your Idels form.

Ca....Ca...Cant Stop Laughing So Funny Hahahaha Damnit you youve made it too funny!

that is so mean but so funny


I watch this alot, and it lightens up a bad day once in a while. Anyway, this is really good so... yeah. 5ness! w00t

that was a very good Flash deffanlty front page material i can only imagine all the billions of emails well good flash all my ten r belong to this

Awesome job. Loved the characters, humor, etc. "Oh my God!"
Terrific. I hope you make another one with these characters. The stoner on the couch was pretty funny.
Only crit is the pops and clicks in the recording. Example: "Put my porn in."

Would you happen to watch Ten Jho Tenge?

Good job, and it only proves my thinking that stoners are what make the world better. Asian girls in mini skirts, FF7, who can complain about that?

the biggest reasone this was funny was because of the stonner all hail stonners

This was very good, i liked it a lot. it's so funny it made me laugh even when i watched it for the 10th time. realy good work so keep at it.

that was very good .

but... wat about bass

like bass and zero are brothers .

That has to be one of the only things I can confidently put a 5-rating on any chance I get!
The graphics were smooth and well done, the style was awesome, the sound was a little off- when Blues gets into the porn and screams, my speaker makes things fuzzy- Violence...the DDR pad attack was hilarious.
Interactivity is a zero becuase its a movie (dur)
Humor is a easy-ten.

Overall, this movie is the most awsome, amazing, another-a-word-better-than-previously-stated, and cool.

Two thumbs up! I mean like heaven-high up!

asian women in tiny miniskirts woot
eskwaaaa i loved this as u can tell absolutely hilarious

not bad

its so funny my mom had to reset the computer to make me stop!!!!

zero is awome, cause he has shrooms, shroom r awsome lol, MA DRUGZ

great i liked the end where he puts in the porn then all the way to the end its going repeat for like ever

girl:"arent you gonna help them?"other girl:"screw that this is going on repeat for like ever"*screaming in the tv*lol!!make more!

So funny! That was freakin' awesome! THE BEST! The artwork was awesome. "My porn!" Hahaha. Keep at it! You rock. I expect more. A #2 would be great, too.

This was amazeing I laugfed my butt off ^^ X3

That was great!!!Awesome ! yes!!

This is the funniest animation I've seen since the maxwell edison story... and this blew it out of the park! You're fantastic!

omg this was the funniest thing ive seen in a while
p.s u couldve done something wit the girls

p.p.s lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

hey i love all your flashes keep it up and i'll keep rating all ur flashes a 5! XD

zeros my man i always knew hed be a stoner if he wernt in the megaman x's the roy line was hilarious TINY MINYSKIRTS!!

You did a great job on this.
Hope to see more in the future.

God I love this kinda stuff! This is TOTALLY going on my favorites list!^^

That was great. i love the final fantasy part, and the blues getting raped was funny too

lol i loved it...I dont see why people were complaining about the names...or the loud sound when blues was being raped (XD fun way to put that)...its just good...

This is BY FAR my favorite flash on newgrounds. theres not a moment im not laughingduring this flash and your other flashesare great to. you are very talented.

lol this is great stuff, really enjoyed watching it. Referrences were funny and so was the humour thoughout, and the animation style is fantastic!

I love this so much, I watch it almost everytime I come back on NG. thank you very much for making this. ^^

When will people learn that Paranoia Agent Owns them all.
Along with Cthulhu, the Crawlling Chaos, GaoGaiGar, Optimus Prime, Sherlock Hound, Kagato (from Tenchi Muyo, OVA), The PowerPuff Girls (and PPG Z), Phoenicx Wright and probably a lot else as well...
When I think about it, that must mean they all have a rather small share in our ownership...

But anyway, awesome work. I will be sure to check out your DeviantArt Page too. But the Paranoia Agent Reference made my day. And when I'm working on Gun:Showdown on PSP, I really need my day made quite often... Please make more...

OI! YOU! Yes You! The One Reading this Review!
Optimus Prime says watch this movie. And He, as stated above, Owns You.

Kill me now so I can die happy. That has to bethe best flash I've ever seen, anywhere! I almost woke up people from laughing so hard. I had to stop myself from crying! I'm pretty sure you're the first I've ever given a friend too. Oh, and... Can I have a pic of Rocks in that gown? >.>

This is one of the funniest videos I have ever seen! you should seriously make this into a series! you get a perfect 10 for this flash!

aww man that was sweet i mean this should be like a series i would love that zero is really funny

I looked at the other stuff this guy did and most of it was decent> I think pulling the evil DDR mat back was great.

damn funny! if i could i would add 3 more zeros (I didnt mean for that cheesy pun) to its humour!

lol XD that was soooo funny and its like impossible to find a paranoia agent movie


This movie is made of pure win. (Shoulden't it also be classified in the Megaman parodies, since you do use Megaman characters?)

It's just hilarious. It was great when I first saw it on the front page, but after remastering with a higher vioce quality and the subtitles, it was perfect.

The most funny part was the subtitle "*painfully just rammed*". Yes, I know I'm a sadistic SOB, but that's just too funny, even edging out "OH MAH GOD!"

You rock.

wow this is awesome good job dude


those mushrooms are killer. So is this like one of his delusions or something?? Mine right now is the Pico trying to kill Tarzan. Freaky..

lmao that was fucking funny. lol lil slugger

why is zero a pothead?

yo dude that waz amazing i loved it!!!

this flash is nuts, the end with the porno is hillarious, lol, final fantasy too

good graphics, and good voice acting, and it is pretty funny too :D

fap fap fap fap

good work!

here is your cookie
(tosses cookie)

yep liked the flash it was pretty funny but aisian woman thats kinda weird i cant spell aisian it was funny it was good i didnt make ur eyes hurt cuz it was drawn good so basicly im sayn FRICKEN COOL!!!!!!!!!

i wish i got suked into thew tv. i just woodnt put ant porn in.(waaaaaaaa). i would ask my roomate if he would leve it on like court tv and i would make a fool out of juge judy. lol. i like this video. nice work

the animation ROCKED!!!

Yes I signed up with NG so I could review this!

I love the flash and your style! The only bug is the final fantasy fight Blues got KO'ed but the status menu said Rock got KO'ed.

Please make another soon!!! :D

Doesnt rei lan wear this dress.... OHHH MY GOD!!!! AHAHHAHAHHHHHHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH man that wuz funny

i loved it,it was funny,it had great color,good sound...i say make more...plz

nice one here...

I like the style. The sound bugged me a bit, it was a biiiiiiit crackly when it came to the voices.

But when you put a NiGHTS cameo in it, who cares? XD

Seriously though, I do like this :)

Awesome anime style you have, only thing that bothered me was the blonde stoned guy who looked really really female-ish. Btw how did this get Daily Feature and Daily 2nd Place... and on one same day...

This is possibly the most funniest anime ive ever seen you've now got me looking at the anime section alot tanks for that and Dont touch my porn!

Graphics: While the backgrounds were normal flash art, the characters had some pretty good animation used for them. I'm not even into Anime and I found the characters to be drawn well.

Style: The pop culture references were OK, but it was extremely random. I got a good portion of them, but the randomness wasn't used in an over-the-top Arfenhouse method. Maybe make a slightly more important overarching storyline next time.

Sound: Voice acting was OK

Humor: Again, pop culture references are OK, but a bit overdone. Normally, combining PC references with a normal storyline is what makes them interesting... try that next time.

Anyways, overall good, keep improving. I'm waiting to see if a possible sequel would be any better.

hey this animation is really good any chance i can download this email me or leave me a message here thanks a bunch for making this entertaining movie

thank you

that was funny haha when the dude came in baked ..and final fantasy 7 kicks ass lol

i looked at the little promo and i thought to myself "why do those names sound familiar?" watching it answered my question, good job.

It was ok, I've seen somethin like this before though, was it on the Simpsons or Jumanji? (dunno how to spell it) Oh and sorry but laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Awesome flash


You gave this entry a 5, raising its score from 4.1677 to 4.1677!
^Is it me or does that look stupid?^

more i demand more more of my porn! XD

Incredibly funny......ecspecially how they slip in the occasional fast normal funny sounding phrase,such as,"NO! MY PORN!" He-lar-ee-us.

That was so awesome....... ><

That was funny idea to give random people megaman names. I really enjoyed the intro, I wish that girls would jump like that on me ;(. Anyway I like the idea with Blues as a girl in that porn movie ^^ poor guy. Why Zero has fangs?

Love the movie, can't wait for the next one.

Everything in it is funny. What's with the little tackling animation just before the movie? It's cute and all, but now I can't stop thinking about it. Oh well. Kickass movie, make more!

This is so cool.
i like the idea of evil attacking tv's
keep them comming.!

This was hilarious.I'd suggest you make this one a series.Want to see more "Attack of the evil TV"s!

i loved it, okay didn't know half the characters but it doesnt matter :P
no realy great job, looking forward to your next submission
i died at the porn bit, REPEAT IT!

peace, yolan

that was hillarious i never thought that would be put into a cartoon nice job looking foward to the next one

Hey, that was a very good flash, it was interesting on your concepts of the flash and I luved on how the characters acted, pls make more!

h4h4h dude that was s00000 l33t!!! You are totally on my fav authors list,you have some serious 5k1llz.I thought zero looked alot like kaolla from love hina when he was going on about the remote.....but thats proly just m3h.VERY N1C3 Flash dude keep it up
*btw awesome paranoia agent spoof specially your semi-corny scary voice*

me and my cousin loved this! but we couldn't understand what nights is saying, we even turned up the volume but we couldn't figure it out; but anyway we loved this and my cousin hopes you'll make more of these

I liked the portrayal of NiGHTS, very funny. Character continuities aside, the out-of-armor versions of the heroes were funny. Especially Zero. So high, man.
Great song to end with ^.^
The battle against the dance mat reminded me of SOMETHING, but I CAN'T QUITE put my finger on it.... *no sarcasm, AT ALL*
eheheh. Keep up the fine work!

Awe I loved it I love your style of drawing and it was funny goodjob!

Great flash. I wonder if anyone noticed this was actually a Megaman/Rockman flash movie...

final fantasy parodies are a dime a dozen, but i was pleasently surprised when you included nights in your flash. what was that, like the first game out for sega saturn or dreamcast? anyhoo, loved that game and sega should totally make another for ps3. although, it was kind of fucked up what you did to rock, it was good for a chuckle and i dug it.

how do you do it?! this is good stuff!

funnyest thing iv seen in ages...... heh soo funny

OMG! This movie was sooooooo funny. I was like, "Final Fantasy? What? DDR mat? Huh??ANAL RAPE!!! LMAO! You totally need to make more. The gay sex was the best part!

Wow this is the coolist anime I've seen on newgrounds. I love Zero, and the ending was great too!!

lol it was funny lol

Lmao to whoever made this, You did an unbelievable job at it. It was funny as hell how you put in games like Final Fantasy 7 and the ending is sick yet funny as hell. As the person before me said, you should make this into a series lmao. well keep up the good work.

Oh God, you ROCK! That was awesome and too funny! Great job! It was very well drawn! I love you for putting our sweet NiGHTS-kun in there, he gets almost no love. (They better come out with a sequel, they BETTER!) The FF scene with the DDR pad was great, and I love the yaoi ending. XD You know, this would probably make a great NG series! W00t! Rock on!

Old premise given a fresh life, and I loved it!!! Please Keep this up!!!

awsome flash dude, best part was the ending when they got stuck in the porno. keep cranking ones like this out :D

Rock and Blues, nive Mega Man references and nice flash! Keep at it!

For all you who think Hikari sounds like a guy. This Is what I think, I think she sounds like Darlene from Rosanne. I like your voice. And good job in all the game and anime references, on the FF scene, blues does die, and Rock uses chicken magic, that was hilarious. Can you tell me what NiGHTS said? I cant figure it out. Otherwise, I love your animation style, And I want to see more of your animations. I love the way you draw the chars with big heads and little bodies and no hands. I like The way you animated yourself at the beginning of the other movie where Blues had a sign, and then you popped up and said, " MOVIE!" that was cool. good job.

yay, Roy from FMA! "tiny mini-skirts!" haha!

Well, as I'm a fan of anything MegaMan, I thought I'd like this. But you put a new twist on it throwing everyone together. Very funny, and it looked awesome. I'd love to see more of this stuff, tbh.

The loading screen was even entertaining! You are one of the best artists I've seen on this site and trust me most of my reviews are negative. I'm not a big fan of the anime style but you made it unique in your own way and that just drawled me in, keep up the good work!

Your animation and illustration skills are at the professional level, in my opinion.

Very great. I loved the Paranoia Agent scene with Lil' Slugger!

I thought it was pretty funny how the guy was high on shrooms

While I have to admit, your submition is better then many I really liked your style and idea, the voice acting was really horrible. You really need to buy yourself a decent microphone and the hardware to go with it. Possibly download cool edit and works those before putting them into the animation. Also, choose people who know how to voice act. And don't choose women to do men's voices, and vice versa. It makes it seem less believable and its hard to enjoy it without thinking about it in the back of your sub-councious. Honestly, I think this work has a lot of potential, just needs some work with the audio.

Hope to see more :D

It's soooo hilarous at I'am still LOLing :)

Make another thing like this.

Explanation of my scores:

Graphics: Everything looked pretty and cool at the time they were pretty well drawed

Style: Never seen this before...

Sound:The voices have some weird sounds somethings,probably 4 being tooooo near the mic.

Violence: There wasn't much,but it's not needed

Interactivity: It's a movie :)

Humor: Pretty fun specially the part where they in FF world and one runs like a stupid

that was madness


Man i think this is great.Its funny.Very well animated and has a good story line

That was a very entertaining flash movie, I like how you put in random game/anime references, such as Final Fantasy, the DDR pad, and Rei-Lan.

Keep up the good work, hope to see more good stuff from you!

This flash is Funny as Hell make more like these.

Pretty alright, I got confused at some points but overall i laughed...

Only two words could ever hope to describe this flash, "BEST EVER!!!"

I loved the graphics and this kept me laughing. The sounds went right with the movie. Your movie made me wonder what was going to happen.

This movie was good, not great but it was really good.

Since the days of Tron (and Captain N, .hack, etc.) have there been a few miscellaneous sketches where someone gets sucked into a video game world...and until now, I haven't realized how funny that could be. The ratings say pretty much all I need to say; excellent job.

Unfotunatly this is another example of horrific audio, ruining an excellent animation.

The visuals were very stylish and flowed quite well, they fit the style and seemed like nothing more than random sketch comedy. I loved truly love the effect of two people being zapped/sprayed by something and all that can been seen are wide eyes. Very funny.

There is no doubt that this is funny. The premise of interacting with your favorite television programs and games is a fantasy of every nerd/geek, and adding the porn to the mix clinched it.

The audio was the true downpoint of this entire flash. I could not stand it in any way and most of the jokes were lost due to the terrible audio filtering. It was surprising to hear just how bad the audio was, when the visuals and humour were so good. I just wish people would take the neccessary time to filter their recordings and even play them back to ensure quality.

I really wanted to like this movie but, having to cover my ears at certain points to avoid the spine-chillingly raw audio runined my expiriance.


I would've given you much higher marks if I didn't have to keep adjusting the volume on my speakers. I swear to God, most of the time it hears like "Mmm mmm mm mhmmm hmmm " and then SCREEEEAAAM or BLIP!! with some stupid fucking sound effect that you made by increasing the speed of a sound on SNDREC32.exe a hundred times. Learn to do voice acting PROPERLY, get people to review it, decent people like ME. Redo this, repost it with BETTER voice acting. PLEASE, for the love of anime fans everywhere. Just stop making stupid noises and mumbly-fumbly voice acting! If you can't do that then at least give me some subtitles. I can't believe you didn't even add subtitles.
Just so you don't let it go to your head, I was being GENEROUS with my rating.

Dude that was radicore man, geez, keep it up, I wanna see more stuff like this.


I love it. Looks great.

every man's dream, to enter the tv and join in the action of a porno gone compleatly wrong. how i would have loved to join into the game they were playing, oh well, we can dream can't we?

where have i seen that preloader dance before...?

AHH!!! EVERYBODY RUN! THE GAY PORNOS ARE COMMING!!! lol very funny movie keep up the good work

I love this! its great quality entertainment, I just wish it was longer...

i want to no how u make stuff like thats so if u have any ways can u please tell me tebo5

now that was funny shit, the ending.. oh man that was great... oh god.. to funny man, to funny

The Movie was great, there were lots of moments were I started to laugh. Though I had to watch the movie a few times to hear what they were saying. I really liked this movie also cause it wasn't just violence. Subtitles would have made things easier. All and all everything was good. Just maybe make the voices louder or put some subtitles would have made it better.

I think this cartoon would have benefitted from subtitles or something. I couldn't understand much of what the characters said. I wouldn't say that they were too quiet (if I turned it up, the sudden assaults of music would blast my ears) but the words were mumbled and poorly enunciated.

Good humor, though. I giggled throughout.

that will be the last time i get high and wacth late night tv
ps i kewn that lil slugger was emo

i liked the graphics style, but the sound was someplace bad, but the whole movie pwned!!! lol it was just great....

That is so funny! Rock reminded me of my friend when he was watching Blue... well let's not go there, but I wish you submit it to YouTube! I definatly want your flash for my... Myspace! -saddens at the fact that I am the bitch to the overlord...- -blinks- Anyways.... keep up the great work!
"Aren't you going to help them?"
"Oh no! This is going on repeat like... FOREVER!"

I can sum this up real quick. Better than Perfect Kirby.

that was one of the funniest things ive seen in a long time the best part was the ending. this thing is going on repeat.....for a long time

i like the different refrences to final fantasy, nightshade [i think] and megaman. very cool can wait to se more

I like the drawings and animation and the tv idea was good.

Funny, i liked this humor, was amazing >.<, can u make more like this plz pl0x pl3z pls??!!!111oneoneleven

awesome flash...one thing though, how come the other guy got a girl's voice?

Nice , much humor ,^_^all around GOOD! lol keep making flash cartoons

Something original and funny :) I like it. Only two problems that my eye caught. For one, there was no way to tell Rock was a girl except for the voice, i said guy when i first saw the character. For two, was hard to hear what that purple guy was saying to Blues in that crazy land they were in. All i heard was, "Come on man I know you gots some eeeeerie."

Pretty funny, sound quality wasnt the best, but still good. Im sorta confused tho, i thought that blues, was the one in the scarf, but in the FF parody part, when he got killed by the DDR pad, it said rock died... and also.... is he based on Cyborg 009? Watch this!

almost crapped my pants from hilarityness. i laughed out loud

it was cool!!!

That was pretty good, although story was a tad cliché and some of the references weren't particularly funny that can be forgiven, especially since the art was so good. Crisp clear and consistent, but what else would one expect from somebody from Deviantart?

The thing that really took it down a few pegs was the audio, I don't know what was wrong with it, perhaps you sacrificed quality for file size or you had to lower the bit-rate to import it properly, either way it was bad and really detracted from the flash.

That was awesome, realy well done. Bit low quality of audio at some points but it still one of the best I´v ever seen.

For those who wonder:
Blues = Protoman (Japanese name)
Rock = Megaman (Japanese name)
ZerO = ZerO
Girl on left at end screen = Animator of this Flash.
Girl on the right = Night (Sega character..only time I saw her was in one of the sonic games)

This was AWSOME. I never laughed so hard in my life, hell I was surprised the guy from Nights was put in here..that game was so old.

Anyway I hope you make more of this.

Funny as it was, it just doesn't seem right.
Anyway, is Zero a robot samurai, or a robot ninja?
Oh, yeah, the Flash..Great work.
I'm gonna go try to figure out what Zero is now.

that has to be one of my favorits it was sweet man uve gotta make alot more of this series
i also love the manga graphics basicaly its good show

no matter how many times i watch this it never gets old its always so funny any ways 8er im gona watch it again >.>

Woot that was funny, it was soo funny when nights asked him for drugs lol and that girl who put it on repeat (i dunno who shes supposed 2 be im gunna look...)

any ways.. 4 thos who dont know

Rock is Megaman(who is named Rockman in japan)
Blues is Protoman (japanese naming again)
Zero is Zero (LOLZ i love teh dancing zero at the end!)

OMG Zero as a stoner... and poor poor blues... lol oh man that was awesome.

I really like your videos, they are wierd, but really funny. but as I can see, you're a megaman fan... just like me =D

nuff sed lol

it funny nice work

this is your best work yet!

it's funny not much more can be said lol!

well that wasant all that funny, i mean refs to games that only a select few of us remember thats just odd(and makes me feel old:( ) but oh well,, you got front page so someone is diggin it, congrats on front page

that was cool


i havnt seen anything good on new grounds in a long time,
nice job.

Wow good anime, i having seem anything good until now
keep up with the good work

that was great :D
i really thought that they would dance on the DDR path to defeat it !
anyway gave your sounds a 1 cozz the quality was low.
first try to figure out how to get high recording(it sounds like you ppl pushed the mic on to your lips)

anyway make more!

Dude that was the crzyest coolest funnyest video ive seen like omfg u should make a number 2 of that movie!That was awsom like that video pwned like teh_pwnerer cus like that was like awsom u know like pwnage pwnage!!!!!!!That is the firs time i ever gave a movie a 10 for overall like that movie was the greatest!!!!!

This is one, if not, the best flash I have seen yet, I can't get enough of this I've watched it like 20 times and still laugh my ass off!

I think you screwed up on the FF scene.
I only say that 'cuz i beilive that the black haird person is Blues and the Brown is rock but still wen he to the 9999999999999999999 damage it showed rock dead not blues.

Good flash tho i like the ending and those two girl were perty good lookin. :)

great work! i love your drawing style! great animation too! the sounds aren't great though, but this is still great, is that anime paranoia agent? lol, loved the ending though, with the porno, great work! looking forward 2 seeing more fo your work!

It's just an average submission, I don't see why they put in on the main page really... What annoyed me most was the sound quality, and slews of stolen sound bits. Roy mustang saying 'tiny mini skirts' for example, and the ddr narator at the end saying 'nooo!', along with many others. Also, that girl on the left on the couch at the end sounded a lot like a guy in real life >.< Other than that, average. "omg u dont make movies u cant jude em" Actually, as a newgrounder, it's my job to judge flash cartoons, ESPECIALLY front pagers. I only do constructive criticism so... Keep up the good work and all that, and try to make a lot less static in the mike next time; it made it seem even more unrealistic ^^;; all I could picture was some guy screaming into a microphone at the end there...

This WAS SO F!@#ING COOL where did you come up with an idea like that. you should make a heap more.

i dont know what wasnt funny in this movie, one thing i want to know.. what was with nights from sonic adventure DX.. werid ending.. "arent you going to save them?" "oh screw that this is going on repeat for like ever" lol , i couldnt stop laughing on the paranoia agent part when rock hit blues it said powned and it said emmo above rocks head. Blues got his in the end >:)

This movie was ok.. but good laughs its all good.. so yea.. later..

this was great. it was funny (kinda gross at the end). the only thing i didnt like was it was to short could have added more channels before the pron(ewww)

that was so funny, and brought back such fond memories...er besides the whole male pron bit >.> no no memories there thank you. other then that it rocked :) Good job

Wow! hahaha that really maked me laugh!
I think this is really original! Loved the artwork (thou at first I thought Blues was a guy ^^U) Sound is really good, concept and story where simply.. awsome!

I really look forward to see more of this! x3

Have a nice day -

i LOVED all your references to paranoia agent, FMA, FFVII, and everything else was stylishly funny and awesome. great stuff.

if only for the Bomb a Head Dance in the beginning.

YEAH your Bomb a head
Youre Body time!

where did you think of this this is so funny *cant quit laughing cant breath*

i liked this flash but there was one thign i foudn strange about it, if that one guy was changing the channel, how would they be in final fantasy?

and thats ok cus FMA rulz! "TINY MINI-SKIRTS!" lol and it reminded me of Robot Chicken with the random kinda thing goin on. that was hilarious, i laughed too loud tho so my mom got pissed off, o well, it was worth it

you just earned your way into my favorites this was an awesome flash and i hope that you make more great ones than this

I don't personally know this person but he/she and his/her friends can do some great work i got to see the next

I really liked it, but there were a few things wrong. The sound was horrible. Really bad. REALLY BAD. And the graphics were kinda choppy. But other than that it was enjoyable.

that was great XD ...come ere big boy! XD LMAO...make more >:3

This thing is great i love the NO MY Porn line and all that other shit.

HAHA this is the best manga flash Iv'e ever seen
well done


wow.....lmao that was fucking hilarious ........but the end scared me ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that was awesome :)

(and also...i saw that at the preloader he was doing the dance to tenjou tenge (forgot how to spell it)) lol

Thats was pretty hilariouse, great job

i love this flash, i really do, but the sound is a little harsh. some fine-tuning could help. but other than that, this is a great flash.
"i'm putting this on repeat... for like, EVER!"

favorite line.

i liked the FF7 bit the best though. it was great! ^_^

5/5, fav. flash, fav. artist.

dude that was sweet make more

I thought this was one of the funniest things i ever saw!the art was incredible......i just love it keep it up

ahahah brilliant. Great style and humour loved it. hilarious a DDR pad lol. keep up the terrific work.

I loved it! Funny as Hell! The ending, HAHA! I watched it like 10 times! Voice acting, graphics, and humor, GREAT!

Keep it up, maybe a sequel. ;)

this is the best thing i had ever seen on newgrounds cant wait for more plz make more^_^

this was pretty funny, creative idea. It was a little hard to hear the voices but nothins perfect. If you wanted you could even make a sequel where they eventually get out of the TV.

Why is this still on the front page? It was ok, but not anything special. Just same old jokes to the same old poorly imitated style.

Not perfect but very well thought out. Kind of a Monty Pythonesque humor!

This was the absolute best movie I have seen to this date [Sunday, July 17th, 2K6]

It was great I watch it 4 times and its still funny you were born
to make Flash cartoons.

Nice flash....keep up the good work...oh aint the guy with long yellow hair Zero?

Paranoia agent yey! great flash, really good animation, keep up the good work. The voices sounded a little crackly but that was really the only problem and it was absolutely hilairous

Heh that was very awesome.

this is now my favourate of your movies and is class, i love all your submissions and *sigh* unfortuatly i have done my 5 submissions today but ill give u a 5 on all your work tomorrow

this is really good!!

the graphics in this are the shit!!

i can't wait for the next one!!

Peace out,

i wanna see the next ep of this !

My god this is funny, I like the ending ^^

I found this pretty amusing. The only problem that I had with it was the sound. Some parts were quiet then quickly got loud and then quiet again. Over all audio sounded a bit muffled as well, but the look, and animation were good. I loved the jokes in there. My favorite part by far was in the FF7 world fighting the DDR pad and to run away he used "chicken". So a little work on the sound, but overall great job.

LMFAO!!!This stuff is soo funny!!!! I laughed forever LOL!!!!! Infact...... I'm still laughing!!!!!!!!the ff part was the funnieest I thought

The brunette chick at the end kinda reminds me of Shelly from South Park.
And what does the purple guy say? I couldn't understand him.

Overall, it's the best thing I've seen in a long time!

OMG, this is friggin hillarious, very well done, 10 in all.

Lol, I loved it!
It was funny, it was well drawn, the voice acting was great, and it was even related to megaman, yay!

this is so funny...final fantasy and ddr...lol...keep up the good work...

But then I saw them playing Streets of Rage 2 and decided not too, since it's the pinnacle of American action. I'm not a fan of otaku content.

I'd definitely recommend this though. Funny as hell. Didn't come off Japanese at all, it had more down to Earth humor.

Oh, and while I'm at it: NiGHTS Into Dreams for the fucking win, I'll forever love you guys for making a reference to that. And the porn scene was godly as well.

lol i see a patern here what the hell is with you and fighting ddr pads ???? leave ddr alone...
anyways it was a great flash anyways hope to see more
ps street fighter is my altime favorate....sega game...

that was funny!, i like it. :)

You have incredible art skills. You might want a writer though.. or something. You made me hate the characters. Way to weeaboo also... Hmm.. whatelse...? Oh yes, didn't laugh once. But again, incredible art skills. Annoying sounds too.

great movie, great graphics, amazing character design.
you have a relly sweet animation style and i loved it, and i am allso a big conole fan and im not sure i got them all but here is a small list i picked up
1. the first music on tv was streets of rage
2. then ofc backround of the megman to nes
3. fight was from ffv7 and the enemy was a dancepad
4. they was later in a sonic world

if missed some plz tell and ill look again for it ;)

love to see more of ur work, and thnx for puttig down the time to make nerd like me happy XD

This movie is great! It looks awesome, and I envy your style. I also like the "Paranoia Agent" reference. Loved it!!!

Wow, that's awesome right there! This is so funny!

Funniest thing ever!

i feel great after watching that lol i love the ending keep doing what you do man its great

lol this was friggin hilarious

It was .....funny.....

haha blue and rock r the best the animation ruled and voice acting was great any way i have seen all ur flashes and their great keep up da work i'll be waiting for ur next flash

This is awesome! Blues rocks!!!

Brilliant work. I haven't laughed this hard for ages. I thought the voices were really well done. I look forward to seeing more of your work. ^.^

That was pretty awsome. Voices were a little wierd in certain areas, but I must say, I love the way Blues says, "Tiny mini skirts" and "Better not touch that remote!". Wierd, but I found those to be voiced very well.

Um... what else... oh yeah. When they're fighting the DDR Pad, I think you mixed up Blues' and Rock's names... um... yeah... ya did. Not like it matters though. It just made me giggle.

Good job!

I found the concept of going into the TV interesting, but the sound was a bit rough to make out at times and I found the humor to be other than what I find funny. But I'm not the only person who viewed this submission and others seemed to like it more than I, so good job overall. Keep it up.

I thought it was plenty funny, but I do get incredibly sick of this style animation.
I loved the final fantasy part, wish it was longer.

The is one of the best things that has ever made frontpage,
The part where the guy is in the room with the dress was classic.

thats was freaking hilarious man!! that part at the end where the protoman guy got raped was awesome and the DDR dance pad thing, AHAHAHAAHA!!!!! keep up the good work man.

p.s. was that a girl who played rock??

That was really good. The animation was better than most as with the voice acting. Thought it was great the way you incorporated actuall series like "Paranoia Agent" into the storyline. Good work.

Great work, aspecially Zero...(((= very funny

I enjoyed it so much i now feel like some mushrooms myself

I loved this, it was hilarious to watch these characters in diffrent video game worlds. The choice of music in the end was genius it made me laugh. Of course the drawings and animatiosn were great.

I really think you should try and draw in your own style, though. Anime style is deformed and unoriginal. And why did that brown haired dude have a girly voice?

However, I thought it was pretty funny. Recycled idea, though. I guess it's okay overall.

it was pretty cool but not supercool ha i liked the guy that was high

This is hilarious and great, the art's good, the sound and voices are good, so kudos to the voice actor/actors.

Also very interesting personalities for Zero and Blues that you gave them.

Blues=Porn obsessed
Zero=Drug addict

keep up the good work on flashes, this and you is going down in my faves


I'll admit, I don't really care for anime but this was great! The characters were awesome and the high guy kind of reminds me of...well ME! Not that I'm a stoner or anything! *Eyes shifted from left to right and coughs* Well anywayz, great job, hope to see more!

That had me laughing! That was brilliant, and your animation skills are great! The voice-acting was a little under the par, but, still fit perfectly.


5/5 for the Porn!

But u TOTALLY ROCK! Omg, what a flash... u get my 10! Keep it up!

Pretty much a good movie to watch, not too long and it was funny. Though I couldn’t understand why it got two daily awards, must have been some mistake with the portal bot, never seen it happen before, congratulations, you broke the portal bot :-P Graphics were alright, nice motion and good look, the snow on the t.v wasn’t the best, still characters were well drawn and animated. The style was definitely a comic relief sort of thing, pretty funny idea, though it has been done before in a real movie I believe. Still, a good idea for a flash and was well executed. The voices were alright but I’ve heard much better. You need to clear up the sounds, voice actors need to have a strong voice that is heard through a microphone. These were alright but not very professional. AS far as buttons go you only had the play button, but in a move like this I’d recommend a few more buttons like quality control and a pause button as well. All the usual things a high level flash movie is expected to have, you are playing with the big boys now. It was of course pretty funny, the part with the guy in the night gown was predictable but still funny, seemed the chicks enjoyed watching it, suppose it’s no different guys watching when two women are at it. I’d say that part was the best in the movie, of course a couple more cliché jokes would be nice. The idea has been done before in the means of a movie I recall where a family was stuck in a magical evil satellite dish. This is similar but a bit different none the less, not the most original idea but at least it was well done. Diversity was ok, nothing was ever really shocking or something like that, but it was just fun to watch. Of course it took a lot of work to make this but you could try and add a few more buttons, and have the voice actors speak a bit more louder and more clearly, as well it perfect the voice synchronizing. Still a very good movie despite the few problems I mentioned.

As for suggestions, I already mentioned that you need more buttons to help improve viewer control, and overall work on sound. As well as removing one of the daily awards ( I’m guessing you’d like to keep the first place one ).

Now for my usual detailed report of all the statistics from the reviewing categories and some more (taken from the audio review categories…):

Graphics: 8, Well drawn and animated. Characters looked pretty good, animation was smooth and fluent, there isn’t much more to ask except making something instead the odd snow screen you got, maybe that old t.v error message with the Indian guy instead, or fix up the snow because it didn’t look that good.

Style: 7, A funny, not too long movie, plenty of jokes of various kinds, not really offensive ones. Remember, offensive jokes are ok only if you offend absolutely every one.

Sound: 6, You need to have the voice actors improve a bit, maybe talk a bit louder, also synchronize the lips with the sound a bit more. Though I know it’s hard, it would be much better with that included. For now they spoke a bit weakly and I had to increase the volume more than I thought to actually hear the conversations.

Violence: 5,The only real violence was the unholy sodomy of that poor guy. It was funny but still, poor guy. The rest was video game violence, nothing big.

Interactivity: 4, Sadly, a play button alone for this kind of movie just isn’t enough, a pause button and controls over scenes, volume, and quality would be very helpful.

Humor: 7, Very funny movie, the whole idea isn’t new but was well done this time around, a bit short but still very funny.

Originality: 6, It was alright, not new since it was done before and possible inspired from it, but it was good never the less.

Diversity: 6, It was refreshing, not high pace action or anything, but funny enough to keep things going.

Effort: 7, Must have taken it’s own workload but voices still need work.

Overall: 8, Very good movie overall, keep up the good work.

It was a bit random but i thought it was good.....going into the tv has happened a million times but this flash had some orignality in it which made it fun to watch ....well done

I saw this cool video and decided to sign up to NG. That, and I finaly got something better than dial-up. This proves that animation can be awesome and not be bloody and raunchy. Good job and good amimation!

fifteen times and im still laughing my ass off(almost forgot it was rockman tilll i saw zero high)

I liked it! The sound recording was a little off though, but the voice acting was great. The artwork and animation, however, were excellent.

I like ur art style...very well done...only thing i can mention is that you might need to rework any spoken parts. They seem to have degraded? slightly during the upload...other than that good flash...i look forward to viewing more....

Till next time

I found it pretty funny,sure some of the sounds was bad,but overall it was great.Good job

Finally something else for my favorites... I just could tell the sound wasnt quite well...but it didnt matter much...it was really fun... th edrugged Zero and the end..haha!

I was laphing ssssoooo hard. You are just a fucking....I don't know, but this is brilient!!!!

i loved it dude(dudette...wutever).i liked the art,and the fact that u had FF7 music just made me wanna dance!

that was awesome!!!! it was by far one of my favorite movies i have seen on ng in a long time i love the ending although i have no idea who the charecters are

Alot of stuff ive been watching have been lamo recently, but...


I really liked the scense for sure....@.@' *SCREAM* ^^ I had to watch it again!

this is officially being added to my favorites it is so awesomly randomly cool. where else can u see a cartoon man vote for porn to then be raped! Muwhahahahahahahaahahahahaha!

fun fun!

That was so fucking funny! I loved it when the porn channel came on!

Paranoia Agent and Streets of Rage! :D

Could've had more thought to it. But it was a pretty good movie overall.

wasn't bad funny=)

that was cool. neat

Well you get extra points purely because i'm an anime fan but that humor was well planned out and hilarious...Great job

that is some great stuff keep up the good work!

a real funny flash, the voices where a bit crap though

man this was funny as cheese tht ws good stuff keep em coming

That's great! That was just too funny for words!

i really love megaman, im a huge fan of the franchise, and it was funny to see my fave characters wearing casual clothes and engaging in there everyday activities until evrything goes wrong,

Fave part: when proto says : Get away from my porn!

i also thought it was funny that protos only costume piece was his friggin scarf! lol

good work buddy

oh and if you ever need a voice actor for you next megaman based flash
you know where to find me

I love the Final Fantasy fight. Boss battle music yay! ^^ The sound was a 6 cause their voices was a little hard to make out to me. But overall this is very good!


so v v v v v funni

I like the prelolder that dance is from.... tenjo tenge correct.
Ohhh and lets not forget the allmithy frase "my porn"

that was funny. Rockman (megaman) charatcers and Paranoia agent sounds that was awsome

Believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Ugh, more and more I find the illogical atmosphere on here somewhat daunting. I can’t grasp why this movie has the score it does. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this movie should be blammed; its not bad- I just can’t comprehend the popularity.

The graphics are a little dirty, but passable. Although there were some weird anatomical quirks. The animation isn’t great, but FBF takes time and effort, and for that, I salute you. However, I had a hard time telling what the characters were talking about. The plot is well-worn, my friend, and if there are no hooks to distinguish it from the rest, then its unoriginality is most palpable. As for the jokes, they were both original and funny, "but the funny ones were not original, and the original ones were not funny."

So why this movie Newgroundians? Why this movie instead of hundreds like it? Why the awards and high scores? Is the line “you touched my porn” really that funny?

A Great and Hilarious flash. I just didn't like the gay chat lingo at the end.

that was awesome, the style is good and the humour was top notch, you could improve like the artistry a little but its really good already, keep up the good work

That was awesome!!! i liked the fma miniskirts part, clearer voices would have helped or subtitle but other than that it was top!

You're awesome!

I liked the part was when he said You touched my porn (i gave it a 10 for violence since he was getting raped by a man! ho!) lol poor blues jeeze you trapped him in a never ending cycle off rape thats cold lol but who cares it 10 except for interactivity across the border and Paranoia agent is the most F***** show ive ever seen or maybe it bobobo-bo-bobobo god i hate that one too. Anyways good job keep up with the good work and no Yaoi is not hot its ignerant to men FREEDOM!!!!!1

I luv it, the animation was awsome humor was great as well as 4.......well......everything else, i cant wait 4 the next 1 !!!!

it was a good short but the interactivity could use some work

now that rocked... you are now in my favorites, perminatly

Very Nice, Nice graphics and such, you still got sum violence points becus of the fight with the evil dancemat.

NICE! I can't wait to see more of your work, but the sound was alittle rough around the edges in some parts, thats probably all you could do to fix anything though. keep up the good work!

This is awesome. I loved all of it. Especially the end!

Man that was ridiculous. That was the best i've seen in a while. just keep it up dude.

That was cool animation, and the Paranoia Agent refrence was the best part!

This is one of the greatest movie i've seen on NG. Keep making more great movies!!!

LOVE IT LOVE IT i realy love the preloader danceing thing and the style and the story woooo remote * dives for the remote* haha i control the tv now if i was near one but hey if i culod i wud rate this infinity out of infinity

Anime stile rulez plz make some more ...

One of the best Ive seen, Love the style.
Sound is a bit crumby but otherwise its brilliant.

One of the better Flashs here on Newgrounds. Graphics are very nicely drawn and I like your Style ^^

P.s.: You like Tenjou Tenge, eh? xD

Nice idea. Voices could use work. I like the Paranoia Agent part best. That was an awesome show.

This movie was very good, i have nothing bad to say about that. Idea was good, and some scenes were like "what the...?".

But this movie has one thing what i hate a lot: bad voice acting (or microphone is so shittie like that voices arent the best - get better one!)

can't stop laughing, "going on repeat forever", is funny but wrong at the same time

AWSOME DUDE KEEP ON this flash is super good man its very good i hope you could do more of this shit

i love this submission,one of the greatest submissions i have seen,also,scrw u wonchop your not my favorite animator anymor

Well it had alot of funny moments but just wasnt long enough. Other then that it was a good attempt. Make another.

I really enjoyed your flash! It was a little... wrong, but then again that's what made it sooo awesome! It was also pretty cool near the beginning with the anime action sequence-style "I have no choice but to watch..." scene. And yes. Miniskirts is one of those funny words. For me anyway. Heh, heh... miniskirts.

Only two issues I had with the flash: first, I couldn't hear what Knights was saying. Not that I would get it anyway. I never played any of his games. :D The second one is in regards to Rock (or whoever it was in the gray sweatshirt): is he/she a guy or a girl? I never got that. Ah, well. It's not really an issue.

That is hilarious. I need the spell chicken for ff7... Besides the voices being either to hard to hear or to loud it was perfecto.

I liked that! The final fantasy was the best, but the voices got way too loud at the end. Anyway, that was a really funny movie and the animation and timing was perfect! Good job!

good animation stoner guys funny

that stoner dude was freekin hilarious

the voice dubbing was excellent, and the animation was great i think this is one of the greatest animations about a tv ever lol

I wish I had TV like that only with a ejection seat if a problem arises.

man, that was funnyashell! do another, man, that was cool

Dude! That was kick-ass. XD


this is so dAMN FUNNY. more like this pleASE

That was great there was not a single moment of it i did not enjoy
Keep it up

Neat movie, I especially liked the druggie Zero, kinda fits with the long blonde hair. The sound kinda sucked, but the end scene was HILARIOUS.

Try editing it with a better microphone or something.

Loved the art and stuff but voice acting needs some workin. Sometimes the voices were really lound and then sometimes really silent.
New microphones and some sound editing perhaps? Or just subtitles.

I am now off to watch your various other productions! Welcome to my favorites list =D

Awesome. Loved every second of it! Of coarse I love the manga style, and the voices were appropriate for each character. Hope to see more submissions.

Oh my god, I was watching this over and over and always laughing to tears. This is great! "Screw that, this is going on repeat! For, like, ever!" great!

I didn't get that purple guy after Final Fantasy though. What's that from?

now this is some good stuff. I hope to see more of it in the future. laughing is the best medicine and i love to see more of the same. Just no more of the guy on guy action. that would turn anyone off. lol but seriously this kick ass!

That was the most hilirious movie I have ever seen, especially the part with the porno and the Final Fantasy battle scene! Great work! =D

I enjoyed it. And for including both Steets of Rage 2 AND NiGHTS, you definitely "rule"!

Unfortunately you didn't spell "pwned" correctly otherwise it would have been perfect. ^_^ Keep going!!!!

i loved it XD but is the one playing the game a girl or a guy voice says girl but the way he/she was made... guy :/ ......or im nuts all 3 will do as ansers lol

this is going on repeat for like.. ever

*ponders* sounds like me lol

I think that was a pretty damn good submission! You're really good with a mouse, eh? I can't draw shit with a mouse, and forget about me even ATTEMPTING to try that. Your style of animation is very good, if I had anything close to that style I'm sure all of my submission would be frontpaged :)
(That's a compliment..)

So... great work, looking forward to your new submissions!

I almost didn't review, but I had to...just to say that this was hilarious....very funny, indeed. I'd recommend this to someone who needs a quick pick up, or wants to laugh for a while. Good job!

My god...never seen such a great animation...I WORSHIP YOU! Hope to see more of this stuff soon. It's AWESOME!

That was really funny and creative. Wish it had been longer though, there is a lot of potential humor with that storyline! I look forward to more!

i loved the animation,and dude lol so funny,its like my faviorite video..."is that a ddr pad?"
hilariouse..."no my porn"
please please please make more!

I thought that was okay. I liked how the DDR mat whooped those guys asses FFVII style......lmao rofl Omfg that was funny......:-D

I thought this was a great flash it made me laugh alot, and i watched it about 9 times.

i haven't even seen it yet but i know it's gonna be great just from the preloader

dude i thought this was a freaking hilarious!!!!!!! MY PORN just put it in zero just put it in. that poor blues getting raped by a big mucley guy but i guess he deserved it for kicking rock. zero was high lmao!!

That was good, man. I liked it. Keep it up.

Dude the lil slugger joke was awsome


Awesome! Hope to see more. Sound was a little scratchy so some points on that.

This was pretty good, funny and random hope to see more of these flashes or at least more made by you lol.