Mech Cops PSA II

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i guess this is the sequel to "Don't Smoke Bitch" it's the fil festival version. a shorter version yet again wins 1st place in SkillsUSA, but that one didn't came out like i wanted it because it would've been too "violent". this one is not quite the way i wanted it to be. i might release a full uncut version.

Anyways two cops in robot suits Frank and Buck chase down a crazy-ass driver. what is making this driver drive like a maniac? we'll see...

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Very sloppy animation, but the sheer creativity and stylishness makes up for it. It's like the little flash that could.

I you seem to be more active on Deviantart instead of Newgrounds which I seriously don't blame you since Newgrounds is a cesspit of fapping retardation.

Ive had this in my favorites for a while now.

never realizing i hadn't review it yet.

this is so damn hilarious. the whole concept is ridiculous and over the top, something out of robocop for sure. I would like to see more done with these two.

Damn nice nice!!

Good short animation! you should of expanded on this, but seriously well done! Things that needs improving is your artwork and maybe could of been a bit longer, but anyways I actually enjoyed this well.


awsome vid just work on some details i only saw one they closed their mask wen they took off and then closed it again at the chase other then that awsome!
and god freakin true....

Woah, nice!

I wasn't quite sure what this was leading up to, but it was funny to see the conclusion. The animation was very impressive, especially the way the robots looked. Or should I say, how the guys looked when they put on their robot suits. It was actually kind of funny to see the lady get beat up. I also liked the music at the beginning and I could've sworn you were going to play that "Mr. Sandman, Bring Me A Treat" song. The sound effects throughout the entire thing were nice as well.

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Jul 6, 2006
5:58 PM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place July 7, 2006