Nightmare House

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This is the official remake of my classic 2003 game, Escape From Elm Street (http://newgrounds.com/p
ortal/view/81945) Elm Street was my first game, and I always thought it deserved better treatment than what I could do at the time.

All the graphics have been re-done, and now there are more rooms and puzzles! This is a must play for fans of the original.


nice remake

Awsome remake. The added parts are good but the part were u have to use the hammer on the plank of wood wasnt that good because it wasnt easy to hit them off (u had to click on a certain spot on the nail). Did u change the towel whip game or is it the same (same graphics) as before, im to lazy to check.

Afro-Ninja responds:

pretty much the same, I just pixelated them

A wondeful remake

I loved this remake the new puzzles and improved visuals (better coloring anyway) were just fantastic. I had a hell of a time playing this game again, it's nice and creepy and even has some humor at one part. Not to mention two endings making it replayable again. Nice work Afroninja, I really lookin' forward to the sequel of some sorts (though I haven't seen any news of it yet, darn) DON'T LET ADVENTURE GAMES DIE OUT! There my favorite. :)


Nice game dude...

Cheers :)


There were a couple bits that made me jump but other than that, I think the origional was the best. The music got on my nerves after about 2 minutes of being forced to listen to it. You should make an on/off button for it.


AWESOME MAN!!! Just one drawback... it wasn't... scary like it should've been. But apart from that..............................
good job.

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Jul 6, 2006
1:00 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click