Prelude to Badger 2

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Welcome to Prelude to Badger 2. Featuring Zekeyspaceylizard, Revrent, Bigarmybug, Psykotika, and myself. Flash 8 only, may contain a few loud noises and piclownjews. Also contains some graphic sexual material..such as hentai.


Animated porn, Nicely drawn woman having sex or posing.
To clear something up, it is NOT porn that only "geeks" jack off to. if you think about it all porn would be for "geeks" since Pixels are just colours and thats what an image is made out off, oh yes thats right I did just own a bunch of narrow minded pricks. Hentai and Animated porn is ok, but just dont get too attached, where else can you see Jessica rabbit's pussy? or some made orgy with good looking woman getting raped

Dude 1: Check Belle fuckin Jessica rabbit
Dude 2: errm, thats not hentai
Dude 1: true but this is
Dude 2: sweet, raped bitches.

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the only good thing of this shit is "The Sentinel" by Judas Priest


this sucked at no point did i smile
just do wat i did and make hentai galleries

Decent work here.

this had some good artwork like with the characters, and you also presented some nice backrounds and good effects, this has to be one of the better episodes, very nice indeed.

I think its fine as is.

Decent art and characters.


Two preludes, is that possible?

Not when they don't make sense or are not connected to each other or have it continued by a flash that also makes no sense or is not connected to the previous two. Don't be a hater when it's the truth man. the truth may hurt and I hope it kills you slowly.
The beginning is just the same running badger with a different hat on. Highly unoriginal. THAT IS WHY YOU FAIL!

i think u get it

although that made no sense, and wasnt really a sequel to "Prelude to badger" and had nothing to do with the badger except at the start it was pretty good. i thought i was wasting my time watching another flash by u but i gess i was rong. i didnt get that part just after the badger. Anyway very much improved in all catagories: it was funny at times, funny violence

GREAT JOB GOOD SIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!