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Dailytoon #205

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Today, I bring to you the second daily toon of the third season that i put together.

And to Nazi B Sorry i couldn't fix the bug in your movie about numbers.

But other than that. today is a lot better than yesterday and dare i say it.

as long as we keep up this pace. dailytoons shall remain immortal.


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Well another entertaining daily toon, i thought the animations were ok, but the "MENU" could use a better look like with buttons, other then that the flash was funny.

Menu needs work.


forever immortal

ah another dailytoon. three good authors poured their souls to create this masterpiece, now lets see what we have here...

j00bie chan adventures - gotta love cake. i love the awfully canadian j00bie, equipt with a hockey stick and a maple leaf. way to show that robber who's boss. nice work irg.
numbers - numbers loves #'s. he could dance to them all night long!
half life - meatspin is always hot.
hero with glasses - nice work jack. another hl2 movie, but a little better done :P again with the piclownjew :0

good work, another amazing cartoon :P



The main menu was pretty cool, and that clown head with the screaming noise is so funny (that's why I gave humour a 2!).


The whole thing about Half-Life 2 wasn't that great, and maybe add some Easter Eggs...? Just a suggestion.


DAILYTOON #205 zzzzz

TheIRG: lmao i fuckin loved that. Excellent work.
Nazi-B #1: numbazzzzzzz
Nazi-B #2: WHOA NOW
JackNicholson: lmao the title reminds me of AFRICAN AMERICANS with glasses. :(

I always look forward to yet another dailytoon. And I promise to try and send a bit more stuff, I just can't think of any shit right now.


J00bie Chan Adventures: i remember that story from the forums a while back it was good to see you make this into a flash short i mean you set it out quite nicely 10/10

Numbers: Well i hadnt seen Numb3rs and im glad that i didnt have to, to enjoy this. You set it up so easily with the shirtless man dancing and numbers scrolling by, i liked it 8/10

Half life: That was crazy, but i understand where you were coming from with this. I mean that scene was just so in your face all of a sudden and you chose a good song for the background 9/10

Heroes with glasses: You set the graphics up nicely i mean this looked pretty professional. I liked the clown joke too i cant stress how much i love that 9/10

(Hamy_jamy isn't even suppose to be here today)