TooF Girl Problems

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nice job man ^ ^

what the fuck is a Vcam tho? never heard of it....

newho peace out n if u can respond cool if not... burn in hell! (naw just jokin) ^ ^ ( . ) ( . ) yay for boobz ^ ^

MACception responds:

Lol...nice bewbs! Here's your response, brah. I'm heading to bed after I play a little StarCraft!

To check out the vcam, search for it on the BBS...it'll be WELL worth your time if you're an animator.

Can't wait for the next one...

I've watched your whole Toof series a few times throughout the day. The storylines to me are stylish and kept me entertained.

Any word on the next episodes? I would love to see some girl toofs just for kicks. Anyways keep up the great work!

MACception responds:

LOL! Girl TeeF eh? We'll see, maybe someday in the future.

The next TooF episode? I'll keep thinking, but I have a few ideas in mind already. And...actually 3 really solid ones...it's just a matter of picking which one I want to do...

I may end up doing special things on my site forums though...like "Select which TooF episode you want to see animated!" or "Write the script for the next TooF!" or something stupid like that...We'll see how it turns out :D

Hillarious and interesting~

You got a great style... Great commentry xD

Keep up the work.

MACception responds:

Thanks and thanks again! I only hope I can keep it up...and, the commentary will be always on the NG versions of my TooF series, so, expect it!

made me giggle

I love the commentary, toof cruise, afro toof, man i love it all. And to be honest, the beeping out swear is kind of funny... tv been doing it forever.
One question... How can a toof have a afro?

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MACception responds:

Personally I like the beeped out cursing more too...but, you cant please everyone, ya know!

You see, a "TooF" is quite different than your average "Tooth"...they have many qualities unimaginable!


That was awesome except the swear word beeping was kinda annoying... other than that it was awesome.

MACception responds:

Eh, some people love the beeped out cursing, others dont. I don't bleep it in my commentary though, to please both crowds ;)

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Jul 5, 2006
1:19 AM EDT
Comedy - Original

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