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This movie is junevile and puerile. You are warned.
Also, this is very old. It's, like, my first flash animation ever.I just love synchronizing things with music.And illustrate how ridiculous male genitalia is.And that Macs occupies a place of choice, inside my rectum.(Note: I dislike PCs as well)
No, I'm not gay.

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I lol'd a bit, yep!

I seem to stumble upon craaazy flash movies....

keeth33, we all know, from reading your comment that you'd watch this

XD made me laugh

I like it his face is funny. and I like how well he dances to the music!

not watching it

from the reading of the comments, ican tell that this is going o be.. just odd.... well, better luck next time!!

wth D:

this seriously scared the hell outa me o.o
the dudes face made me think he was gonna rape me or sumthin D:
the song was cool thou

Totally unfunny.

Nothing about this was funny... I just... couldn't laugh at it. :O
I think it's lacking what makes other flash funny. :( I don't know what it is, maybe it's a POINT. This must be your first video, and although it's nice for a try, it seems pointless to have watched it, let alone made it. Now a few minutes of my life is wasted... Shit.