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Dailytoon #204

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Author Comments

I have come back to help zero star put together brand spanking new daily toons dispite the fact that i may not be 100% supportive of this new season.

I really hope we can all keep this series fresh because it appears daily toons are here to stay for now.

Please make the movies as best as you can because i'm really want this season to better than daily2oons.

please send your movies to dtseason3@gmail.com

24 frames per second, 550 x 400 and white background.

Oh god, I'm gonna hate this new season.


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ah tv, how i love thee

a nice menu. some static and some alpha black and brush. also a hint of line tool for seperation. genious.

mighty ducks - who doesn't love the mighty ducks? ducks totally rock, what a great show that was. haven't heard this song in a while.
guts - damn i haven't heard this song in ages. look at them go! spill your GUTS!
invader zim - generic hot topic kids have been sent to give us a lovely message. wow, zim furrys? that's just strange. haha. saddly i love zim, but that's okay cuz i lurve you too.
family guy - know that time that i made that review of your movie when...

yet another lovely daily toon ;)


Here we go with multiple entries, loved the menu screen btw:

Mighty Ducks: Loved the snippit of the song, was that from the television show or a soundtrack from the movie?, anyways the music video you created, although short, was entertaining. 9/10

Guts: I have to say that i was a huge fan of the show when it was on television all the time, i thought you captured the feel of the show well in this short animation. 9/10

Invader Zim: I love how you had the whole interaction with the fan and the pictures that it was referring to on the right, i thought it came off as quite funny and entertaining. 9/10

Family Guy: Your making fun of one of my favourite shows on television right now but you still make a valid point with only two scenes and two sound bits. 9/10

(Hamy_jamy isn't even suppose to be here today)


This season is just more of the same, more useless loops, random JPG's and PNG's and some random music mashed together.
This still deserves to be blammed.
Next time, try to be more original. And not some random crap.


ROYMASTER - lmfao i watched this twice, j00bie is a dick for using a wooden stick

GUTS- ive seen something like this before wtf is this is this from the first attempt at dailytewns i hope it is. lmfao fucking agro crag.

ZIM - invader zim was a good show but not for its gothic shit because of fucking zim thats why

f guy - now i did see this during the first run of dailytewns and yeah its even better than time

TheStarSyndicate responds:



I am so glasd you guys came back. keep up the great work!

Happy 4th of july from Wegra2!

TheStarSyndicate responds:

You know fire works are illegal in the state where zero star lives.


Credits & Info

3.59 / 5.00

Jul 4, 2006
4:59 PM EDT