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www.omglaserspewpew.com now open!!!

DONT CLICK REPLAY - just realized theres a little bug that I could fix... but flash is all the way over there ----->

Another day, another chunk of spare time wasted. Don't point out what could be better, because I'll read it, maybe reply saying 'okay ill do that' but I actually wont. I couldn't think of a title at the time, but now I'm submitting it I have one or two, but hell, just run with it -_-

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It has been done before, I was kinda expecting that to happen. The Letters saying 'hover over his mouth' were pretty useless and kinda ruined the joke. The sound quality wasn't that bad, the animation wasn't that bad either.

Come up with something more original next time and you'll be ok


well it was funny in a way but it also liked like your biting joecartoon's style - so i gave you just 1 point for style


is the bug on the replay button that your mouse dissapears and it don't come back? just right-click and click off, and hey-presto.
oh yeah. Did you try copying of Joe Cartoon or something?
Also, it's jibberish, translate it into English plx.

Boring and annoying

^^Good Points^^
The drawings weren't half bad, and atleast you took the time to move the mouth, which was animated pretty well. The ending was also pretty creative, I liked the ending.

^^Needs Improving^^
Everything leading up to the ending is just plain annoying. I hated the voice you used, and the voice is really hard to hear easily. I also found it annoying how if you moved your mouse just slightly, you would have to start all over again. The main point of this secion is to change the voice, because it really helped me to hate this movie.

hahaha great

there wasnt anything wrong with the replay, it actually added to it cause then it's like: Hey! he actually did f*cking eat the mouse!
haha birlliant. good job.

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2.74 / 5.00

Jul 4, 2006
4:11 PM EDT